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  1. Thanks for the info! I called the number and spoke with someone. They told me they would give me a call back probably by the end of the day today, but no later than tomorrow. I will update as soon as i hear something. Thanks for handing me another lane to aim down.
  2. Wow, there is a lot to unpack here. I do realize that the VA “peggy” operators are poorly trained as well as their supervisors. I have been dealing with the VA since 2009. This was my last hurdle. I have spoken to enough folks within the system to know a few things: - at one time a few months ago the FIDHUB had some approvals they needed to do because it was a large backpayment, those approvals were done, as two supervisors on two different phone calls told me so. -i also know from talking to several “peggy” operators that there is a decision letter that was sent in March. I have yet to receive it. This was also confirmed by my VA Field Rep (who was also my 1SG when i got out of the military in 1998). He also put me in for a financial hardship about a month ago. -my “paperwork” or “file went from the FID HUB for dispursement on August 17. the main question i wanted answered was if anyone has the number or “A” number to the appeals management center or if anyone knew how long it usually takes them to initiate the release. I know they don’t give out timelines or definite dates, but does anyone know if on average it takes 30-90 days, do they make dispursements only on certain dates? Does anyone know? Lol. My wife called the supervisor the gatekeeper three days ago. The supervisor laughed and thought it was a joke while saying, “i wish i was the gatekeeper!” it sucks that the folks they put on the phone are poorly trained. It sucks that they just hire anybody that applies. I hate the arbitrary dates they give us: ”if you don’t have it by the first, call us”. If you can do something then, do it now! peace, love, and chicken grease everyone! Thanks for all the help and support!
  3. I got an SSOC in feb. in addition, my Va firld rep was able to tell me the amount my lawyer will get paid and how much my retro pay was. So i know something is going on
  4. I also wanted to add, my VA Field rep put me in for a financial hardship about four weeks ago. The Fiduciary hub told me they could tell where that had been done as well. Lucky for me my field rep was my last 1SG in the army and knows my situation.
  5. My wife is my fiduciary and has been for the past seven years. When I spoke to the fiduciary hub, they advised me (and my wife because they literally couldn’t talk to me)that everything that needed to be done by them had been approved on Aug 17, 2021 and was at the Appeals Managemnt Center in DC awaiting them to release it. thanks again
  6. Was approved for TDIU ON FEB1, 2021. I am having issues getting any straight answer from the VA as to when i will receive my pay raise and retroactive pay. I spoke with the fiduciary hub today and they told me that the funds were approved for release on Aug 17Th, and now its up to the Appeals Management Center to do whatever it is they do to make the deposit happen. does anyone know how long THAT could take, or did i just get another canned answer? Any advice, encouragement, or the number to the AMC would be greatly appreciated. Everyone i talk to have said that i shouldn’t have waited this long. thanks!
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