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  1. I don't intend to fire my attorney or do anything behind his back.I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced something similar. I am going to PM you my attorneys name. If you any feedback, please let me know. We got an IMO from a vocational specialist last week but the VA hasn't reviewed it. Listed below is an excerpt from the letter. If one assumes that Ms. XXXXX has the above mental health limitations, it is my opinion, on a more probable than not basis, to a reasonable degree of vocational certainty, that Ms. XXXXX would be,unable to obtain and follow a substantially gainful occupation. Competitive employers have very low tolerance for irritability and anger outbursts in the workplace. For instance, based on my experience, competitive employers will terminate a worker's employment after just one outburst of anger or irritability in the workplace, especially if such an outburst is unprovoked. Ms. XXXXXX inability to establish and maintain effective relationships would also cause her to be unable to obtain and follow a substantially gainful occupation because a worker who cannot accept or follow a supervisor's instructions on the proper way to perform a job or who cannot respond appropriately to criticism because she is unable to maintain effective relationships with her supervisor will be terminated, typically after the first or second time the individual refuses to follow a supervisor's instruction on how to perform a job or responds inappropriately to criticism. Every substantially gainful occupation also requires a worker to tolerate the presence of other co-workers even if the worker does not have to work as a member of a team with coworkers. Tolerating the presence of other coworkers necessarily requires the worker to have the ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with co-workers, which means interacting appropriately, at least on a superficial, casual basis with at least one or two other co-workers. Such interactions occur when workers encounter each other on their way to or from a bathroom, in a lunch or break room, in a staff meeting, or while walking to or from the parking lot to the workplace. An individual who has an inability to establish and maintain effective relationships with co-workers on even a casual, superficial basis is therefore unable to follow a substantially gainful occupation. Again, anger outbursts, irritable behavior, and insubordination are not tolerated and will result in termination. Lastly, it is self-evident that a person who has an intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living, including maintenance of minimal personal hygiene, cannot perform the duties and tolerate the stress inherent in any substantially gainful occupation as being able to take care of one's own self and activities of daily living is a prerequisite to obtaining and following any substantially gainful occupation. For these-reasons, as I stated in the above, it is my opinion, on a more probable than not basis, to a reasonable degree of vocational certainty, that Ms. XXXXX cannot obtain and follow a substantially gainful occupation if one assumes she has the above limitations given by Dr. XXXXX.
  2. The VA does have my former employer's contact information. I haven't applied for SSDI as of yet.
  3. I've attached letters from a psych doc and a vocational expert. Or are you saying that their reasoning is not strong enough.
  4. Good afternoon everyone, I was hoping that someone more knowledgeable may be able to provide input on my claim. Im currently rated a combined 90%, 70% PTSD w/alcohol use disorder and 50% cirrhosis. I haven't been able to work since 2017. I filed a claim for TDIU but VA rejected the claim after my C&P so I retained an attorney. I then had a virtual assessment with a licensed psychologist who assessed me and wrote up his findings. My attorney filed a supplemental claim and included the letter from the psychologist. I received another rejection from VA stating that the doctor's letter "does not constitute relevant evidence because it does not prove or disprove a matter at issue within your claim." If someone can clarify this, I would greatly appreciated. I'm not quite sure how that information would not constitute relevant evidence. My attorney then submitted an HLR which was also rejected. Last week, he submitted a new supplemental claim and added a letter from a vocational expert. I'm just concerned that they may not review this letter since they did not take the last one into account. Does anyone have any input, advice, tips? I'm beyond desperate at this point. Pysch IMO C&P Exam Rating Decision Vocational Assessment
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