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  1. Yes indeed!! I requested it from the archives at St Lou yesterday. Now, this cardiac problem was treated and tested in the military. I did not claim that because I forgot about it, tbh. Now of course I want to claim it as (possibly) service related. Do I open up a new claim or can I add this as a supplemental claim to the existing closed and denied one? As always, grateful for all of the guidance!! D.
  2. Really good news my fellow Vets, I found my entire medical record. I must have requested many years ago and in cleaning up and clearing out my behemoth of a desk. Lots of documentation of my complaints of back pain and (regular) xrays not showing fractures. They just kept feeding me narcs and muscle relaxers and put me on light duty each time I went to MSC with the same complaint. Coincidentally, pic #2 shows complaints of classic chest pain. I had a cardiac cath 3 weeks ago due to the LAD (“widowmaker”) being 80% blocked. Tonight, I drink to celebrate my find as a proper Scalliwag would. Tomorrow, I’m taking the VA to xxxxxxx church. Bonus points for me being a nurse and being able to read medical chicken scratch. D.
  3. The lung scaring thing - I submitted a list of 15-18 chemicals I was exposed to. When I had my VA exam for my lungs, the nurse practitioner did not even come out from behind her desk to even listen to my lungs. I asked her if she planned to do a pulmonary function test (PFT) and she said sarcastically that she would love to do a PFT, but, because of Covid…I didn’t get it done. Cervical radiculopathy was in my original claim, but I also claimed “radiculopathy” which lead to having a spinal fusion in 2020. It got worse from an initial injury while in service. I went to sick call many times regarding it. The numbness in bilateral legs was a result of this lumbar radiculopathy.
  4. Hi Shrek, as I looked at it more and used the “Blue Button” on the site, I realized that there were no diagnoses/ problems listed on this letter in order to send in the appeal. On the site, it said decision has been made but it didn’t give me a percentage rating, only a link to go to another site where I found this. Sorry I jumped the gun and thank you for clarifying this. I’ll keep you all posted! D.
  5. Hey guys! I’m back to provide you with my beautiful denial letter. I never did get it in the mail so I jumped through flaming hoops to download it. They don’t make ANYTHING Vet friendly. The letter does not mention the fk up they made by my claim of lumbar radiculopathy and chemical exposure at all. But here it is. Thank you all for your guidance!! D.
  6. Thank you all so much for your support!! I don’t have the physical denial letter yet, only the final result of my claim on VA.gov. As soon as it arrives or I am able to download it, ill post it sans personal info I have tons of post service documentation from civilian providers, radiology and lab reports and of course my last adventure with the cardiac cath last week. Also… my cardiologist is a retired Army doc and she is a fierce tiny tornado. I see her on 10/6 and I can ask her to write a letter. I’m sure she will - we totally bonded over the military thing and she knows the correct vernacular to use to write a formal letter to the VA. Thank you all again-I’ll be in close touch and happy to have found you all too!
  7. Good morning, new member here recommended by a fellow shipmate. We were all in the same squad at the same time as our admin @Tbird was. So you know it’s been a while since we were at 34 together. I was an AMS and worked in airframes. I just found out my disability comp was denied. Zero percent service related disabilities. I’m fn numb. My claim included lumbar disc disease, but someone in their infinite wisdom at the VA put cervical spine, not lumbar. I don’t have any concerning issue with my neck. The reams of documentation I submitted all said LUMBAR. It got bad enough to require surgery because of non-existent discs, so a fusion was done S1-L5. My second claim was interstitial lung disease. We all were exposed to so many chemicals - we were dumb enough to douse our skin with freon to cut the hydraulic fluid. When I went for my C&P exam (drove an hour to get there), I get there and the nurse practitioner is conducting the exam 10 feet away from me from behind her desk. I ASKED for her to do a pulmonary function test on me, bet she said she couldn’t because, Covid. She never even listened to my lungs with a stethoscope. I was out of there in under 5 minutes I keep getting worse every day. I had a cardiac catheterization because I bad an 80% blockage on my left ascending coronary artery. I never ever had a cholesterol issue and my lipid profile has always been pristine. Guys and gals, I don’t know what to do. Do I request to open up a new claim? Do I appeal? I assuredly will be dead before the decision. That’s what they wast, I’m sure. Thin that heard. thank you in advance for your recommendations! Disenchanted
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