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  1. Probably one of the hardest diseases possible to service connect. I just had a c&p for tinnitus, hearing loss .vertigo, and meniere's disease. I have documented in My final service exam. tinnitus and hearing loss. I also have records of in service dizziness. (and there is the key) according to the C&P examine its not in my service records of vomiting. She said she had examined my SMR's and my C-FILE and found nothing related to Meniere's disease. She admitted I had meniere's and in her summary said that it was severe enough that I needed assistance doing anything at home, and my Wife had to assist me in walking while at my appointment. Funny thing is the audiologist that did my hearing test said she had examined the same records and my final exam showed hearing loss and tinnitus that was not there when I entered the service. According to her C&P, the numbers from my hearing loss and speech discrimination = 30% and 10% tinnitus. She also made mention of severe vertigo in the history section. I have only seen the C&P results from these two people to this point and am awaiting a decision. Betty is right about this disease. You have to have it to Know how it affects every aspect of your life. Those who have it know, Those who don't will never fully understand it's crippling affect. My advice is search your SMR's and document anything concerning tinnitus, hearing loss, and especially episodes of dizziness, and or vomiting. Again, dizziness associated with vomiting is the key they are looking for. Its really stupid because as serious as mine is, I have vomited only a few times through the years, but have spent uncountable hours on the pot. If you don't have your SMR'S file a claim anyhow. get the clock started. You may be surprised what you will find. I got out of the Military in 1964 and never requested a copy of mine until 2004. I had another claim pending for ptsd. Boy was I surprised at all the things I was treated for and forgotten about, as a matter of fact I still don't remember much of whats in them. File a claim and good luck Jim 501st
  2. Thanks for the response Rentalguy1 I also had a c&p for meniere's disease vertigo. The Lady told me the Dr. that normally did these exams would' be there today so she was called at the last minute to do the c&p. She said she was a Dr asst. It is not possible that she examined my c-file very good, because my final audio exam reads as follows. Right ear 500-10 1000-10 2000-10 3000- x drawn through it. 4000- 15 Left ear 500- 10 1000-10 2000- 35 3000-x drawn through 4000- 40 underneath this graft was a hand drawn graft drawn in. right ear was the same as above. Left ear 500-10 1000- 10 2000- 20 3000- x drawn through it. 4000-30. In her comments she wrote discharge exam was normal. In her physical exam. ( question) Are there signs of staggering gait or imbalance. (answer yes) Veteran has difficulty getting up out of chair. He has a noticeable gait disturbance and leans to the left His Wife was with him today. summary of all effects on occupational and daily activities Diagnosis Meniere's disease Effects of the problem on occupational activities: dizziness, Are there effects of the problem on usual daily activities: Yes Describe others: This Veteran has a gait problem and this would prevent him from performing many of the daily living without assistance Medical opinion A review of the medical records was done. This veterans current Meniere's disease is not caused by a result of his military service I don't know how a decision will go on this as it is clear in my smr's that I complained of dizziness at least twice and had a definite hearing loss in my left ear that she denied. When I filed this claim I sent in with it an IMO from a local M.A.,CCC-A. FAAA that once did c&P's for the VA. In her opinion she had my medical records while in the military to date. She had my audio grams from my final exam, and others starting in 1985 to date (12 in all). As well as being on antivert from 1980 to date for vertigo. She showed a natural progression from dizziness and hearing loss in the military to full blown Meniere's disease today. It appears my dear C&P Dr. asst didn't read much from my c-file. Thanks for letting me vent and opinions please. Jim 501st
  3. My hearing was good in both ears when I joined the service. ( hearing exam verified) I had a significant loss in my left ear on my final exam. I have been buying my own hearing aides from 1985- 2004. I didn't know I had hearing loss in my left ear until 2005 when I got a copy of my service records. I have received two sets of hearing aides from the VA since 2005 after becoming 50% for ptsd. I filed a claim and was sent for a c&p a few weeks ago. The results were right ear Average 51.25 puretone, speech recognition 72. The left ear was puretone average 58.75- speech recognition 44. Also positive for tinnitus. If they rate bilateral it is a 30% disability. If they only rate one ear it will be zero. My question is did I need hearing loss in both ears when I got out to get a bilateral decision now. I only had loss in my left ear on my final exam. thanks Jim 501st
  4. Josephine A puzzle is nothing more than a lot of pieces. When put together it can make a beautiful picture. I hope this will be the case for you after your visit. You can make the trip and perhaps this will be the last lag of your long journey. Jim 501st
  5. Well I had my hearing and tinnitus C&P yesterday. The Lady who gave it to me has done my last two hearing test for hearing test for hearing test for hearing aides. Believe it or not it was on one of these visits that I took my discharge separation hearing test and ask her if I should file a claim. After one glance she said I should have filed thirty years ago. I had significant loss in my left ear. It has progressed to ninety on the pure tone with 32 percent speech discrimination on my last test eight months ago. She told my Wife and me that this test was nearly the same as then. On my last test she wrote on her report that I also suffered from tinnitus, vertigo, and meniere's disease. This had been diagnosed by an eye ear and nose specialist at the VA. I had 70 on the pure tone in my right ear and 70% speech recognition in my right ear then. I didn't have a loss in my right ear when I got out of the service. I think it was 20 on the pure tone, so I guess I will only have one ear service connected. My wife and me couldn't believe how open she was after the test. She even apologized for the pain she put me through with the air induction test. She said she knew how painful it was for someone who had meniere's. She was correct, I nearly came out of the booth when she raised the noise level the third time. You have to have Meniere's to appreciate this. It nearly floored me when she told us that she was going to write in her report that that my hearing was service connected. I go for another C&P tomorrow morning for the Meniere's and vertigo. I hope since I have documentation of severe vertigo dating back to 1980 and a diagnosis by a VA specialist of meniere's disease that I will have the same results. Wish me luck. I think I will take the twenty pages of records from 1980 to date of treatment for vertigo from my private Doctor, as well as the written record of the VA specialist's diagnosed meniere's disease with me tomorrow. It's all in my c-file, but you know how that goes. Maybe he or she will look at it maybe not, but I'll take it just the same. I have studied the work sheet for this exam tomorrow and in all honesty my symptoms are worse than what they are looking for. Oh well wish me luck. I don't post much but was asked a while back to keep you Guys up to date. I know Josephine, and 1968 vet and others can associate. take care and God bless Jim 501st
  6. This an IMO from a reputable Audiologist in our area. she did have my medical records, and every thing else I sent with my claim. Is this enough or do I need more. Dec. 22,2006 Mr------------ has hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo. Fact: Mr---------- complained of hearing loss while actively serving in the military as evidenced by his records in May; 1962. Fact: Mr. ----- first complained of dizziness after 18 month in the militaty during an exam 20 September 1960. Fact: :Mr. Persinger exhibited hearing loss at his separation examination. Fact: Mr ------------ was exposed to noise while in the Army at levels that could cause hearing loss. Fact: :Mr. -------- was diagnosed with Meniere's disease with symptoms dating back to the Army. Fact: Mr---------- hearing has continued to decrease as evidenced by his audiograms which is consistent with Meniere's disease. It is highly probable to this claim of the nexus between service and his current medical condition. In my opinion, the currently existing medical conditions of hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus and diagnosed Meniere's disease are related to an injury, disease or event occurring during the veteran's military service. ''? ~ M.A. CCC-A Jim 501st
  7. 1968 Nam Vet Berta and others. Meninere's is a tough disease to handle, only yesterday I went to a local Walmart with my wife. As I made a left angle turn I almost landed in an old ladies lap who was in a wheel chair.( If looks could kill). I apologised and told her I wasn't drunk, but she was so old she couldn't hear. The Lady pushing her was familiar with the disease as she has a friend who suffers from the same thing. It is a more than a once a day occurrence with me, so I just laugh it off. However you can't laugh off the constant sickness. When someone ask, I tell them its like being on a carnival ride and can't get off. I'm sure you know what I mean. My hearing was good when I entered the Military. Its on my service record. When I got out I had significant loss in my left ear. ( Final exam) It's also documented I had dizziness. I filed a claim and was turned down, Reason, Not service connected. In their decision none of this was mentioned. I also had an IMO from a audiologist (that by the way used to do IMO's for the local VA., before they had their own department) that showed a nexus from the time I got out to date. I had lots of evidence from 1980 to date. Including a diagnosis of Meniere's by a VA eye, ear, and nose specialist. All of the above was admitted in their denial, as well as exam from the local VA showing loss in left ear dropping to 95 with 35% speech discrimination. Right. 75 with 70%. and much more. Like a dummy I appealed it, and then went to see my rep. who's office is in the ro's building. He couldn't believe they omitted the service connection, and said he would take it up stairs and see if he could get a reconsideration, and then he noticed on the computer I had already appealed it, so it was already in the appeal system and probably be 12 to 14 months before it would be looked at again. This was in September. A few days ago I received a letter from the local VA. I have a C&P in audio on the 5th of Jan. and one on the seventh with a Doctor for ear disease. I am not sure what got the wheels turning so quickly, but am glad it happened. I also got a decision on a knee injury (Document) and a report on my records that showed it was still swollen and giving me problems 14 Mo's later. The rater missed the latter report and said I had no documented problems after the injury. This was on appeal, so now I have to filed a form 9 to the BVA. However before I file the form nine My rep. is going to see if He can point out their error and get it reconsidered since my case is still at the dro. I am suppose to call him back wed to find out. I can't believe how unprofessional these people can be, but following 1968 Nam Vet's case I can believe anything. I did get 50% ptsd on the first round. ( I guess they blew one) take care all and a Merry Christmas Jim 501st
  8. I took my discharge hearing report to the va audiologist, and ask if I should file a claim. She advised me I should. The tinnitus is severe, The hearing in my left ear is profound with speech recognition in the 20s. My right ear is seventy on the pure tone test, speech recognition 80% The left ear is the one that showed hearing loss when I left the service. I was diagnosed with Meniere's by an eye, ear and nose specialists at my local va over a year ago, but have piles documentation from the early eighties for treatment for vertigo and dizziness. The tinnitus is dreadful in both ears and has been since my first vertigo attach in 1984. I have been treated at the local va for all the above for several years. I have had good insurance through the years and sent in med records dating back to 1984, including eight hearing graphs that shows a steady hearing loss to the point I am now. I have sent in c-scans, mri etc that eliminate tumors. All the above should be in my c-file. I have a c&p coming on 6 Jan. 08 for the hearing and tinnitus. I have another on 8 Jan. 08 for Meniere's. I don't have a clue as to what to expect at these c&p's, but I know many of you do. Perhaps someone could enlighten me. It's time for the big game and I'll admit I am antsy. Thanks to all Jim 501 (Old name kkp
  9. I am also amazed at the timeliness of this of this thread. I have a c&p 6 Jan. for hearing and tinnitus, and another for meniere's disease on the seventh. Its amazing. thanks Jim 501
  10. I havn't post in quite a while. The old ptsd bug ate my pass word, I must have type a hundred different words, but none worked. I always read hadit a couple of times a day, however I was gone a couple of weeks, and when I returned you didn't know me., I forgot who I was also (pass word) I am taking a new medicine called galantamine HBR. It has helped My memory some, and thats good I suppose, but I don't like to admit that I fall into the catigory of patients that need it. Keep up the good work and remember kkp is now Jim 501st---I think.
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