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  1. Thanks for all the good info. The VA won't provide me the name brand meds Dr says I need so I pay for them and the fish oil, CQ10 and aspirin, etc. I'll check on the Nordic brand. Dr. wants me taking fish oil high in omega 3 EPA and DHA.
  2. Is anyone currently getting fish oil, omega-3, Promega or anything similar from the VA Pharmacy? They tell me they have not dispensed fish oil in over a year even though my VA doc just prescribed it. Thanks in advance.
  3. For affordable housing look in your community for senior and disabled apartment complexes. They usually limit residents to age 55 and above with nice one and two bedroom unfurnished apts. at a reasonable rate. He would be around people his age and older, many with medical issues so he does not feel like an outsider. Plus the complex usually has activities, swimming pool and transportation to dr. or grocery store. There may be a waiting list so get on it quick and at more than one place. For help with utilities and land line phone, check the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and/or the Public Utility Commission in your state.
  4. If she got an Instruction Form # 21-0510 with the EVR, page 3 under "Report under annual income:" says that IRA distributions have to be reported. Since VA "talks" to the IRS, I wouldn't leave it off. Good luck.
  5. Happy to be here.....happy to be anywhere.
  6. J.T.

    Aid And Attendence Question

    If you filed for pension on Form 21-534, section 9 asks for a list of unreimbursed medical expenses. Those expenses reduce your countable income which in turn determines the amount of your pension. You need receipts for those expenses in case the VA asks for them.
  7. I told both guys to pay up to avoid any penalties but to appeal with the appraisal district asap. Thanks for the input.
  8. The Comptollers Office referred me to: "Texas Tax Code Sec. 11.42. EXEMPTION QUALIFICATION DATE. (a) Except as provided by Subsections ( and © and by Sections 11.421, 11.422, 11.434, 11.435, and 11.436, eligibility for and amount of an exemption authorized by this chapter for any tax year are determined by a claimant's qualifications on January 1. A person who does not qualify for an exemption on January 1 of any year may not receive the exemption that year." Looks like they are stuck with paying 2009 taxes.
  9. I'll call the local county VSO and if they can't help straighten it out then I'll try the Comptroller Office in Austin. I read the bill and the Tax Code and can't find anything that says you have to be 100% ALL YEAR. You do have to own the house Jan 1 2009 and both those guys did.
  10. I have 2 friends who got registered letters from their Texas appraisal district last week to notify them that because they were not 100% all year, they are not eligible for the new 100% Texas property tax exemption on 2009 taxes. One made it to 100% in January 2009 and the other in August. Both are scrambling to find the money to pay now, before they get hit with penalties. Is that the way the partial exemptions work? You have to be at a percentage for all year to get the exemption for that percentage?
  11. I'm trying to help a vet who was 10% under 7005, Arteriosclerotic heart disease (coronary artery disease). He had a pacemaker put in and got 100% for 2 months and then the VA changed his code from 7005 to 7018 at 10%, Implantable cardiac pacemakers. He now has atrial fibrillation. Can he file a new claim to get the 7005 back for his coronary artery disease, and a new claim for 7010 atrial fib, and expect to keep the 7018? Or is that pyramiding and should he just file under the one which would give him the highest rating? His NOD/appeal time is past. Anyone with similiar experience? Thanks much.
  12. Filed a NOD and finally got it back but with a denial. They listed my original claim evidence but not the additional evidence I submitted with the NOD. Plus 1 number in my social security # was wrong. So is my only option to file a Form 9 and resubmit everything I sent with the NOD? I was hoping to save me and the VA some time. Tthanks.
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