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  1. no I can not drive myself but still need a vehicle to be able to get from point A to point B that is reliable
  2. thanks for your answer I do have more info that I did not state with my post but was hoping that If I could find where it states whether or not you must be service connected for both eyes or not might be the easiest way to file. The second part of the eye story is (for the eye that is not service connected) back in 2014 I was diagnosed with 6th cranial nerve damage it lasted for 2 years(I am service connected for diabetes) I was also at the same time of the damage was diagnosed with MG . 3 doctors at the time said that the 6th cranial nerve damage was likely due to diabetes one doctor said it was likely due to MG. last year when I applied for a auto grant I got denied as I have already explained. after the denial I was given a C&P in which the doctor stated that it was more likely than not more than 50% due to diabetes.it took three months for the denial in which the VA stated that the doctor after having given his opinion wrote an addendum (after three months) and stated he gave the wrong opinion that in 2014 he had stated that the damage was likely caused by MG .I am not sure on how to appeal this. I was hoping to just be able to find somewhere where it states whether or not both eyes have to be service connected. I thought that might be easier than arguing the preponderance of evidence (3 doctors saying likely due to diabetes) 1 C&P doctor stating an opinion of both once in 2014 of MG then in 2018 during the C&P in favor of diabetes. as you can see I really don't know have a clue how to fight this.
  3. I am service connected in one eye. I have the documentation showing that I am legally blind in both eyes . My question is do I need to be service connected in both eyes to qualify for the grant? I can't seem to find any info that states both eyes must be serviced to qualify. I do meet the requirements needed for grant as far as being blind is concerned but was denied for only having one eye service connected.
  4. form 26-4555 under number 11 remarks: what am I suppose to write in that space? I know that is sort of a stupid question but I have never applied for SAH Grant before and I want to make sure I do it right the first time. I have loss of use of lower extremities and blind in one eye
  5. thank you RichT for your reply I guess I was told something different because my wife is like me a veteran LJ
  6. I found out the way to file is as Berta thought fill out form 21-2680 you have to have a doctor fill it out then send it to your regional VA office they will then make a claim file for it and then they will treat it as they do all other claims for A&A, is what I was told and for those wondering if your spouse qualifies for A&A she is paid anywhere from L to N depending on her condition this is in addition to what you the veteran receive in compensation up to the max. allowed by law. LJ
  7. OK I read the criteria and I think she qualifies she has loss the use of her hand and her arm below the elbow has already begun to atrophy it is one and a half inches smaller than her other arm she has already had 2 surgery's on her hand and is getting ready for her second surgery on her cervical spine The RSD is extremely painful and her hand stays purple and swollen all the time.thanks for your help Berta. LJ
  8. Hello I have a question. I am wondering if or how I can file for A&A for my wife. since her car accident a few years ago she has developed RSD among other things. I am rated at L. can she qualify for A&A? thanks LJ
  9. thank you I did not read your post carefully enough I see the link I need now thanks for your help
  10. is it written down any where I have a doctor who is more than willing to write it is as likely as not more than 50% probability that... but wants to see the rule for it first other wise wants to write it his own way
  11. is there a actual rule for using the "as likely as not" statement in a doctors opinion? thanks
  12. Dorothy, file a claim for loss of use, what you will need to win that is ,you have to get a doctor to say your loss of use is because of something you are SC for.If your loss of use is not because of something you ar SC for it will not be granted. you can also request a C&P for loss of use as I understand it from reading a bunch of BVA cases you will more that likely need a loss of use C&P it will speed things up a bit to just request one. sorry I can't help much just going thru loss of use request myself.
  13. thanks for your answers I don't have any one helping with my claims my wife did all the work herself.Been doing a lot of reading and I do meet the criteria for loss of use of lower extremities as I cant walk without the aide of a walker or cane with out falling just have to get a doctor to say loss of use is caused by something I am service connected for I have been a fall risk for many years have falls documented since 91 so that should not be a problem but then again who knows.and as I said I use a mobility scooter. I do understand a little bit about the step ups it takes a 100% to move up a full step and a 50% or higher to move up a half step.I have read and re-read all the C&P that I have had and I have 3 different medical conditions which the examiner said I needed A&A for my hands, CFS, and neuropathy cant feel my feet and lower part of my legs.also blind in one eye and severe tunnel vision in the other eye to only 10 degrees. I am SC for heart, copd, spine, knees, hands, neuropathy, diabetes, TBI, CFS, fibromaylgia, eye(1151) and the list goes on.I am T&P schedular.
  14. oldman273 Since you were in the military before you retired medically from work I would guess given the stressors you listed that your PTSD was caused from the military . Just because you were diagnosed with PTSD from the job does not mean that is were it actually came from it would be easy to argue and win PTSD all you have to do is a good write up detailing all your stressors make sure you give names of people you saw hurt if you have them and dates if you can remember them and since you have your med records most of that should be easy to prove. High blood pressure can be SC'd secondary PTSD as well as the heart if you have that problem .
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