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  1. I did send in the form to the appeals officer I did not send in the same form for dic because I received a letter on the 14 of July telling me I would receive Leroy's last check for the month of death and I would receive a check for burial benefits . I have received both of those things .The letter also stated that I would be receiving dic because he was rated as 100% T&P for at least 10 years immediately preceding death ,records indicate that Leroy's disability status at time of death meets this criteria and that I would be receiving a monthly dic check and how much the check would be.
  2. no I do not have a copy of that exam it was done by phone and I have no idea where to get it. I do have a copy of the 2009 C&P. The first appointment was to confirm the he did indeed have both PTSD and TBI . the symptoms of both overlap so even though the symptoms of both were separated back in the 2009 C&P, I guess that wanted a more current diagnosis and if the severity was still the same or worse. the doctor stated that Leroy did indeed have both and that they were clearly separated. the second appointment was to be for neuropsychological testing which the 2009 exam stated he d
  3. after several phone calls this morning I finally got someone to tell me that the VA mortgage life insurance is pending they don't know how much longer it will take before it will pay off as they just got the pending file this morning. They also processed his regular life insurance while I was on the phone with them. I am so grateful to all of you for helping me with this , I still have his pending claim for TBI . He was considered to have severe cognitive issues connected to TBI. according to a C&P from 2009. He completed one of the two examinations for TBI one at the end of June of thi
  4. thank you for your response . I don't know if I can recover any money from the estate. I was informed last week that his family has put the funeral home up for sale and I was thinking of asking a lawyer if it might be possible to recover some or all the money plus lost interest that would have paid the cost of a current funeral . It has been a hard month I buried him one month ago today on my birthday Each day has been a struggle to do what I need to do but I know in time things will begin to get better. I just worry the insurance wont pay off because it was a suicide . He got his first 1
  5. yes I am aware that I will no longer receive his benefits I was sent a letter four days after his death explaining what I would receive his check for the month of his death which I received this month and the letter also stated that I would be receiving DIC in the amount of $1624.71 the letter stated that his status at time of death meets the criteria I did not have to send in the form for DIC. I also received the $2000.00 to help with his funerial which I was very grateful for. Back in 2007 we lost our youngest son and when we paid for his funerial we also paid for Leroy mine and our rema
  6. I have a question and I am not sure if I am posting in the correct forum I am the wife of Leroy . he is no longer with us He committed suicide last month , he choose to do this in front of me. I not dealing with this very well and dealing with the VA paperwork has been hard. The question I have is about mortgage insurance we had thru the VA. Will they pay off the mortgage since it was suicide He was service connected with 100% for PTSD, 100% for his heart, 100% lungs and 2 other 100% ratings along with about 10 other smaller ratings. He was P&T since 2003 for PTSD. He just had a C&am
  7. no I can not drive myself but still need a vehicle to be able to get from point A to point B that is reliable
  8. thanks for your answer I do have more info that I did not state with my post but was hoping that If I could find where it states whether or not you must be service connected for both eyes or not might be the easiest way to file. The second part of the eye story is (for the eye that is not service connected) back in 2014 I was diagnosed with 6th cranial nerve damage it lasted for 2 years(I am service connected for diabetes) I was also at the same time of the damage was diagnosed with MG . 3 doctors at the time said that the 6th cranial nerve damage was likely due to diabetes one doctor said it
  9. I am service connected in one eye. I have the documentation showing that I am legally blind in both eyes . My question is do I need to be service connected in both eyes to qualify for the grant? I can't seem to find any info that states both eyes must be serviced to qualify. I do meet the requirements needed for grant as far as being blind is concerned but was denied for only having one eye service connected.
  10. form 26-4555 under number 11 remarks: what am I suppose to write in that space? I know that is sort of a stupid question but I have never applied for SAH Grant before and I want to make sure I do it right the first time. I have loss of use of lower extremities and blind in one eye
  11. thank you RichT for your reply I guess I was told something different because my wife is like me a veteran LJ
  12. I found out the way to file is as Berta thought fill out form 21-2680 you have to have a doctor fill it out then send it to your regional VA office they will then make a claim file for it and then they will treat it as they do all other claims for A&A, is what I was told and for those wondering if your spouse qualifies for A&A she is paid anywhere from L to N depending on her condition this is in addition to what you the veteran receive in compensation up to the max. allowed by law. LJ
  13. OK I read the criteria and I think she qualifies she has loss the use of her hand and her arm below the elbow has already begun to atrophy it is one and a half inches smaller than her other arm she has already had 2 surgery's on her hand and is getting ready for her second surgery on her cervical spine The RSD is extremely painful and her hand stays purple and swollen all the time.thanks for your help Berta. LJ
  14. Hello I have a question. I am wondering if or how I can file for A&A for my wife. since her car accident a few years ago she has developed RSD among other things. I am rated at L. can she qualify for A&A? thanks LJ
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