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  1. Last friday I got another WHITE envelope.I am already 100 % with TDIU> So now I want the fastest way for the VARO to to follow the law as in FAST LETTER 09-33 and rate SMC -S , The latest were for tinnitus 10% and DEPRESSIVE DISORDER 70%.My legion rep isnt as smart as he thinks he is. (he even told me not to send signature and delivery conf. info to the va.) Who would be the right place without calling it a new claim. also got another white envelope about a month ago service connecting the HEART10% because IHD was caused by being FAT...So a week ago sunday I got out of the hospital after 4 days because of bad valves and 155 pulse rate.Its still at the 120s yet and put on warfhrin (rat poision) So any way to get them to pay the smc the fastest.This is done by the St.Paul VARO PAT & STEVE
  2. Remand went back to BVA now Im looking for comments on appeals sheet--- The medications are off and missing -like asprin, plavix,multiable bp pills,and 3 spring placement in heart in 06-07weight gain way back to 1970s from all the inproper va meds.It looks like even the bva didnt read the info from the heart hospital which they paid for . So Im getting information for my REPLY.THANKS FOR ANY HELP- GOT THIS LAST SATURDAY DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Appeals Management Center 1722 Eye Street/ NW Washington DC 20421 00000000000000000000 VA File Number======== Represented by: AMERICAN LEGION Rating Decision January 22, 2013 INTRODUCTION The records reflect that you are a veteran of the Vietnam Era. You served in the Navy from January 26, 1967 to October 1, 1970. The Board of Veterans Appeals remanded the case to our office on January 23, 2012. Based on a review of the evidence listed below, we have made the following decision( s) on your claim. DECISION Service connection for coronary artery disease (CAD) is granted with an evaluation of 0 percent effective March 8,2007. An evaluation of 10 percent is assigned from May 22, 2012. EVIDENCE Board of Veterans' Appeals remand, dated January 23, 2012 VA examination, St. Cloud VA HCS, dated May 22, 2012 Agent Orange inquiry notification letter, dated April 23, 2012 ~ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Page 2 REASONS FOR DECISION Service connection for coronary artery disease (CAD) as secondary to the service-connected disability of glomerulonephritis with hypertension (previously evaluated under Diagnostic Code 7101). Service connection for coronary artery disease (CAD) has been established as related to the service-connected disability of glomerulonephritis with hypertension (previously evaluated under Diagnostic Code 7101). We have assigned a noncompensable evaluation for your CAD effective March 8, 2007, the date your claim was received based on a condition without objective symptom(s). On your recent VA examination, dated May 22, 2012, the examiner opined that is at least as likely as not that your diagnosed coronary artery disease (CAD) is traceable to your active duty military service, to include exposure to jet fuel, herbicides, pesticides, ground water contamination, or any other in-service chemical exposure cannot be answered without resort of mere speculation. The examiner also opined that it is at least as likely that your diagnosed CAD was made chronically worse by your service-connected glomerulonephritis and hypertension. In the examiner's rationale he noted that upon reviewing your claim file, along with the literature you provided, he also had a discussion about toxin exposure and coronary artery disease with a cardiologist and reviewed the literature regarding an etiology of CAD online. The examiner noted that other than the presumed association of Agent Orange and ischemic heart disease (IHD), there is no authoritative medical literature that would support or deny an association of chemical/toxins and CAD. The examiner noted that such information is not available. It is also noted that the type and form of all the chemicals/toxins, the method and duration of exposure cannot be clearly identified and quantified in your case. The examiner noted that the National Kidney Foundation in 2002 and the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association 2004 task force have presented practice guidelines that include chronic kidney disease as a risk factor for coronary artery disease even if it is mild or moderate. It has been long known that hypertension is a risk factor for, and an accelerant of, coronary artery disease. Your service connected hypertension has been long standing and frequently in poor control. In addition, it is quite evident that as a result of your military occupation specialty (MOS) as an aircraft, you were exposed to jet fuel. The examiner noted that your exposure to jet fuel is a contributable.factor of your CAD. Your ~xamination results revealed that continuous medication (aspirin 81 mg) is required for your diagnosed CAD. The examiner also noted a METs of>3-5. But he noted that half of your METs level is as a result of your morbid obesity/deconditioning. The examiner noted no congestive heart failure, no arrhythmia, no heart valve or infectious heart condition and no pericardial adhesions. <' 000900000000000000000 Page 3 - We have assigned a 10 percent evaluation for your coronary artery disease effective May 22, 2012, the date it became factually ascertainable your condition worsened based on the requirement of continuous medication for your condition. A higher evaluation of 30 percent is not warranted unless there is: o Workload of greater than five METs but not greater than seven METs results in dyspnea, fatigue, angina, dizziness, or syncope, or; o Evidence of cardiac hypertrophy or dilatation on electrocardiogram, echo cardiogram, or X-ray. One MET (metabolic equivalent) is the energy cost of standing quietly at rest and represents an oxygen uptake of 3.5 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute. On January 26, 2012 we sent you a letter requesting additional evidence from you in support of your exposure to herbicide (Agent Orange) which you clamed caused your CAD. As of today's date, we have not received any response. All attempts were made to corroborate your exposure to Agent Orange during your military service however, we have been unsuccessful. As a result, no further herbicide development should be conducted. TIns rating decision represents a full and final determination of this issue on appeal. As such, this issue is considered resolved in full. REFERENCES: Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Pensions, Bonuses and Veterans' Relief contains the regulations of the Department of Veterans Affairs which govern entitlement to all veteran benefits. For additional information regarding applicable laws and regulations, please consult your local library, or visit us at our web site, www.va.gov.
  3. Here is a little information from the militarys own FLIGHT SURGEON HANDBOOK on the toxicology and other items such as fuels and carbon and cleaners. Its a good read .They know the results of using these toxic substances. Maybe someone can use this information. Then you can click on HOME to the right for other information, Click or type in your browser- http://www.brooksidepress.org/Products/OperationalMedicine/DATA/operationalmed/Manuals/FlightSurgeonHandbook/9toxic.htm STEVE & PAT
  4. DC APPEALS remanded the claim back to the VARO- C&Ps .Apparently they can read at appeals in DC.the hearing was a year ago last december at St.Paul a traveling judge. Up until now they have ignored connecting the heart and hypertension . I guess I sent to much on the contamination in GUAM. SO now i,ll send a little more on our nas well and TCE and as the crow flys we were located about 6 miles south of THE POLLUTED ANDERSON AIR BASE Hi all just a update on my heart appeal and how the government squirms around to NOT have to connect it to chemicals and all the other contamination in GUAM. I was sent for a heart cp and I will copy the medical opinion from the VA C&P. They will pick the lesser of 2 evils. COMPENSATION AND PENSION EXAMINATION MEDICAL OPINION ========================================= A NON-STANDARD MEDICAL OPINION WAS REQUESTED. PROVIDERS RESTATEMENT OF REQUESTED MEDICAL OPINION.THIS IS NOT THE MEDICAL OPINION ITSELF. RESTATEMENT OF OPINON REQUEST :The reviewer should provide an opinion as to whether it is at least as likely as not(50%or greater probability) that the Vetern's currently diagnosed CAD is traceable to the vetern's active military service,to include exposure jet fuel,herbicides,pesticides,ground water contamination ,or any other in-service chemical exposure :or in the alternative, whether it is at least as likely as not (50% or greater probability )that the Veteran's currently diagnosed CAD was caused or made chronically worse by by his service-connected glomerulonephritis with hypertension.The examiner must provide a complete rational for each opinion expressed. records reviewed OPINION: 1)It is my opinion the question of whether it is at least as likely as not (50% or greater )that the Vetran's currently diagnosed CAD is traceable to the veteran's active military service , ,to include exposure jet fuel,herbicides,pesticides,ground water contamination ,or any other in-service chemical exposure cannot beanswered without resort to mere speculation. 2) It is my opinion that it is at least as likely as not(50% or greater probability) that the Veteran's currently diagnosed CAD was made chronically worse by his service-connected glomurelonephritis and hypertension. RATIONAL FOR OPINION GIVEN : 1) I have reviewed the C-file including the literature the veteran provided. I also discussed the issue of toxin exposure and coronary artery disease with a cardiologist and reviewed the literature regarding the etinology of coronary disease on line: Other than the presumed association of agent orange and ischemic heart disease I know of no authoritative medical literature that would support or deny an association of chemicals/toxins and coronary artery disease as claimed by the veteran.The information to make an informed opinion regarding this question is not available.Further, the type and formof all the chemicals/toxins, the method and the duration of exposure cannot be clearly identified and quantified in this case.It is presumed this veteran does not meet the criteria for Agent Orange exposure as this is not a request for evaluation of a presumptive service connection for ischemic heart disease. 2) The National Kidney Foundation in 2002 and the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association 2004 task force have presented practice guidelines thatinclude chronic kidney disease as a risk factor for,and an accelerant of ,coronary artery disease. This vetern's service connected hypertension has been long standing and frequently in poor control. ========================================================================= . They dont want to open a can of worms in GUAM---- I sent enough information for two paths to follow.Lookslike they are choosing the heart and hypertension. They put the MET's at 3 - 5 so maybe thats the 60% plus a couple 10 %. sorry this is long - start another wait -this has been in the system since 2006 and 2007 ---------------------- STEVE & PAT
  5. The lstt stack of files the hospital wanted to charge for-last summer I argued with them to no avail . So I went to my county service officer and had him request them for the VA.from the hospital. So when the CSO got the files he copyied a set for me.and I got the whole stack about 2 inches worth. NO COST TO ME and VERIFICATION THE OTHERS WERE SENT TO THE VA. STEVE & PAT
  6. MIDNIGHT 340 After you had said the plane broke up when it hit the water- I thought that wasnt quite all. I was in the catwalk watching and saw it go over the front=== then the sound of the roosevelt cva 42 ,running over the plane- "On 26 February 1970 an EA-3B was lost while operating from Roosevelt (CVA-42) in the Mediterranean. The catapult system malfunctioned in mid-stroke, resulting in the Skywarrior “dribbling” off the bow and being run over by the carrier. Four of the crewmembers made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the accident, as LCDR Blaine Thrasher, LT Tom Walls, AEI Bond and an unidentified passenger were lost at sea. A fifth VQ-2 crewmember, the plane captain, Petty Officer “Rosey” Rozier, miraculously survived to be picked up by the plane guard." http://www.coldwar.org/histories/HistoryofUSNavyFleetAirReconnaissancePartTwo.asp Like I said I can also do a buddy statement if need be.. STEVE
  7. midnight340 Yes- for the fdr cva 42 you can go to there sight http://ussfranklindroosevelt.com/ and click on crew roster at the top of the page and you will find our squadron VFP 63 listed -names and etc.JUST select the right year DET There are also a lot of pictures.even our planes. A lot of info in there .More researching. You may have to type the address into your browser. PAT & STEVE
  8. CHRIS Now all you hav to do is get that 70% service connected and the unemployability has to be addressed. And there should be enough information in these TAD orders to place you at MIRAMAR. we will start photo copying so when I get the address can send them out tommorow. STEVE & PAT THANKS MISTIC for the RELAY I must of punched up the wrong ID when the wife sent and wrote the message. STEVE
  9. Got the Emails and messages- I remember you - always had to have a photo person on the flight deck. Chris after I mulled this over a while I got this- When we left for the cruise I took leave over Christmas about 2 weeks or so in Minnesota then I went to the FDR in Mayport from there after leave- thats how I remember hearing of the accident .in the news. That means the rest of our detachment was at our home base of Miramar.. Im sorry you did get caught up in that nightmare.It says we were to report to uss fdr on or about 29 dec 69 not later than 1600 31 dec 69. When the wife gets going we"ll do some more digging.You can send or call or email the address. I have you listed in here as - PH 3 CHRISTENSEN - DW B63 66 XX. I will e mail our address -E mail - and phone number in a seperate E mail. The stamped date on the crew list has the shake down as departed-1 nov 69 and reported (returned) 22 nov 69 then end of dec to the roosevelt. Also on the tad orders sheet it says- report to FDR on or about 0001,30 oct 69 not later than 0800, 02 nov 69 and under thatfor aperiod of about 21 days in connection with ORI upon completion there of you will returne to your parent activity and resume your regular duties. My sheet was copied from the ORIGINAL marked on that Orders sheet. That puts you back home at miramar untill the end of dec for the MED cruise. It seems when I did my check out at Mirimar at DISCHARGE after the cruise the officer who signed me out said- WHEN YOU GET HOME GO TO YOUR SERVICE OFFICER AND CLAIM DISABILITY ON ANY INJURYS YOU CAN REMEMBER___GLAD I LISTENED. LATER STEVE & PAT
  10. I had left before the crash in our hangar- got an early out after coming back from the med cruise late 1970s.I think I have a list of people on detachment on the roosevelt. On the shakedown out of mayport around cuba and the islands they lost a few planes-- not from our squadron tho. I think it was in the paper-the pilot couldnnt control the plane- he ejected and the plane went unmanned into the hangar and all hell broke out. Ill look for my list of crew members. Was there a black Chief George in your detachment. I was ADJ-3 at the time I think I finaly got all my NARA info on the 3rd request- that had the detachment members. I will see if I can find it. LATER STEVE
  11. I just got my 2 pair of diabetic shoes from the VA last week. 2 pairs a year- and I beleive the VA supplies my SOX 3 pair every 3 months the doctor said. This was the second set of 2 pair of shoes -last year was the same. STEVE & PAT
  12. If you will note this was the FIRST RATING DECISION WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF GETTING OUT OF THE NAVY.C&P and RATING. POINT OF FACT__S/C for both . ( So, you are telling me that you have in point of fact been service connected for both sinusitis and vasomotor rhinitis since this Rating Decision in 1971... is that correct?) THE RATING FOR sinusitis and vasomotor rhinitis ARE SEPERATE ratings . And the ulcer is a leftover from continued polyp growth and ulceration starting in GUAM in 1967 & continuing there on. And as expected the VA did not offer the complete SMRs from service .I think I got them all now last year from NARA . 6513 maxillary sinusitis 6501 vasomotor rhinitis STEVE
  13. I went for vit d deficiency but the C*P says not at this time-BUT I get a letter saying I need vit D now because my thryoid reading are bad- WTH that was after being on vit d. They say I have hypoparathryoid along with my hypo thryoid where my faulty kidneys destroy the vit d before it can be sent to your 4 little thryoidseeds in the neck. I would have them check your TSH hormones for the problem. Hope the kidneys arnt involved GOOD LUCK STEVE
  14. I beleave the ulceration would be as a early or late symtpon of the nasal polyps. Iv had all these problems since GUAM in 1967 The ulcer wasnt NEW---- NO it isnt a cold. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 6522 Allergic or vasomotor rhinitis: With polyps 30 Without polyps, but with greater than 50-percent obstruction of nasal passage on both sides or complete obstruction on one side 10 6523 Bacterial rhinitis: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- AND where is the one year rule ? If you have had rhinitus and sinusitis you will know this is an ungoing illness and one infecting the other.And of course these have been constantly treated by the va with steroid sprays and meds for the last 40 years . And now I do have deviation and obstruction from the continued infection and thickening from the scaring. Steve
  15. I came across this first rating decision of 2-2-71 that has this printed note on the top-- (for the veterans vasomotor rhinitis,because it cannot be distinguished from his sinusitis which was incurred in service.S/C for both ---then goes on to say service connection is denied for the ulcer of the nasal septum , because it was first noted after service. 10/1/ 70 I got out of service I believe the C/P was 1/5/71 I was only recieving 10% at that time so this could add another 10 % or more. This wasnt even 4 months after discharge.Didnt go to 100% till 1994 A lot of this first rating was screwed up. THOUGHTS thanks STEVE
  16. I had the two VA hospitals I go to re figure the the travel pay by google earth --- they are now withtn one mile now. but you have to remind them of the proper mileage when collecting your pay. Minneapolis put the mileage on a card I use when getting paid. I did originally ask if I needed to show them the chapter and verse of the three options. STEVE & PAT
  17. Back in the early 80s late 70s ,I got a notice from veterans affairs saying they were rechecking claims here in Minnesota due to not having the proper people on the rating board.(I believe it was not having a DOCTOR on the board.) We used to JOKE that they were using the Butcher, Baker and the Candlestick maker. I never gained anything from the re check- but then why would i expect anything different at that time. Ill have to keep watch while Im going thru my old records for that information. STEVE & PAT
  18. GO TO THIS VAOIG report from 1/24/2011 click on the hot bar and click onthe (Full report PDF) at top and go to page 7 OIG has already noticed this and the VA is supposed to be INSTRUCTED ON THIS ERROR THEY ARE MAKING.USE this like a FAST LETTER. http://www.va.gov/oig/publications/report-summary.asp?id=3738 STEVE & PAT
  19. I ran across this OIG report on 100 % claims and page seven also shows varos mistakes on total + 60. The whole thing is a good read. http://www.va.gov/oig/publications/report-summary.asp?id=3738 then click on full report STEVE & PAT
  20. I was looking to see how my thyroid disease is connected to all my other ailments and ran across this citation --maybe it mite help someone http://www4.va.gov/vetapp07/files1/0704128.txt STEVE & PAT
  21. ONE of the most UNSANITARY items in the hospital are the PRIVACY CURTIANS--- When w3as the last time those were changed.? Everybody grabs them in the same place JUST A THOUGHT. STEVE & PAT
  22. Got the 2nd cp for ED due to meds & nerve in back in june -got the papers last thursday ed approved $1900 in bank today back to 08. The fastest st paul varo has ever been. So I will send heart & diabetes II form 9.So that adds to the 100%, steve & pat
  23. JEFF--- The vA has me on PLAVIX now for 3 years,My nephroligist requested it, They are stonewalling you.See there pharmisist- then the PATIENT ADVOCATE and right up the ladder if no results. STEVE & PAT
  24. As in my fee basis podarity shoes- The patint picks his own supplier- as I did last week ,they called fee basis and told them I was there- they were doing it.Iv gone to 4 different fee basis last 30 days.I chose my doctor. Then I collect travel pay to these. STEVE & PAT
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