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  1. Thanks for the info will get with my VSO tomorrow and request a reconsideration.
  2. Just returned from a Short Cruise to the Bahama's and the BWE from St. Petersburg Regional Office was in the Mail box. The granted me 100% P & T with Chapter 35 Benefits but they used an old C & P exam from 2012 to rate my neck condition. I had a new exam by the Bay Pines VAMC in Jan 2014 and it would have granted me 30% instead of the older exam which granted 10%. Do I need to request a reconsideration based on the new C & P findings? I think it would have resulted in me being awarded 100% 8 months earlier than what the date that issued in the decision. The back pay has not been paid but there is no mention of the Jan 2014 C & P exam in the decision. Please advise if anyone has had this happen before?
  3. Just as a time line they received my NOD on 11/25/2009. So its taking at least a year for DRO Review. Longer for me just the way its been for me since I first filed at St. Pete.
  4. I tired out the secure messaging here in Tampa at the James A Haley VA Hospital and its working fine. Appointments are also listed both past and future.
  5. Thanks for your insight I am ok if it takes awhile as long as there is a chance it can be service connected. I will start to look for an orthopedic specialist here in the Tampa Bay area in order to get a medical opinion that is positive for service connection. If anyone has suggestions leet me know. Thanks again
  6. Since I have been awarded for Lumbar spine disk disease (DDD), bilateral limited motion of ankles (DJD). I have been diagnosed with bilateral arthritis of the hips (DJD). I have been looking for a link for this being secondary to my back DDD and bilateral ankle disability. I have searched on google but have not found anything that would show a link. Does anyone else have a similar medical condition and if so what reference was useful to you in order to prove this is linked for service connection? Thanks
  7. I was awarded 10% SC for IBS and they never did a C & P exam. I remeber the PA stating that It was not requested that he evaluate me for IBS. Now that I have been rated would a NOD or request for re-evaluation/reconsideration be appropriate as the symptoms I have are daily like the 30% written about in this string. It was even written in the rating decision but I just got awarded after a 3 year fight.
  8. Its fine i think that since its so busy its going to be hard finding parking until the garage is constructed. I am on the Delta Team
  9. Yes in my case in the DRO Decision she went 100% with everything that Dr. Bash referenced in his IMO as he established the nexus from my SMR. She quoted his IMO word for word. I think 1 claim was lowballed but for now that it was granted is sweet.
  10. Started this claim in 2006 after getting of Active Duty in 1995. I was granted 10% and filed NOD for the 5 Denied Claims. No nexus since I had been out of the Army since 1995 till 2006. Started PCP at the VA Hospital Tampa Florida. Filed Notce of Disagreement DRO review that was rubber stamped: Denied. Filed Form 9 and requested DRO Hearing. Requested and obtained IMO from Dr. Bash. Hearing delayed as the C-file took almost a year to obtain. Rescheduled DRO Hearing. DRO Hearing completed 04/2009. Contacted by VSO by e-mail on 6/8/2009 rating completed by DRO. Submitted Dependent claim 6/11/2009. Regional Office St Petersburg Authorization Completed 7/8/2009 for all requested claims and dependents also. Letter received 7/11/2009. No Deposit in Bank as of 7/11/2009. Thanks everyone for your help in getting this claim completed I would have had to settle for the initial 10% if I did not have you and your years of experience to fall back on and learn about the VA system. Now at 60% thanks again guys.
  11. I am at the St Pete VARO and my VSO got to initial the rating and send it back he said upstairs. That was 6/8/2009. He said I should get the mail copy in 3-4 weeks. Its hard to wait but that's the game the VA plays. I hope the post determination team in Houston works faster for you. You never no its the end of the month they may need some quota for their bonus to get it done by 7/1/2009. If you have a VSO he or she should be able to tell you what your rating was as they send it to the VSO before it goes to the post determination team where it gets authorized. Hope this helps.
  12. I got my Stimulus pay of $250.00 by direct deposit on Monday 6/22/2009.
  13. The VA Practitioner has access to your computerized record called CPRS. As Bertha mentioned they do not have access to your C-File. The question you asked is will they be aware of your request for increase. The answer is no unless you asked them for a medical opinion in order to file for the increase. Or you had a C & P exam at that facility. Even then they would not explore your medical record unless there was something specific that the practitioner was looking for. Your C & P exam would be available if there was a need for the practitioner to know but usually It is not looked at unless you ask the practitioner to.
  14. Thanks Bertha your right about the IMO and there cost but without a nexus I would not have prevailed in this claim. I agree they are low balled for a couple of my problems right now but I can file for increase and will based on what has happened to me over the last 3 years since I started this claim. Thanks again for your helpful posts.
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