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  1. It has now been 12 years since I filed for a higher level of aid and attendance, been to multiple C&P exams and had my appeal sent back to the original RO for a bevy of reasons but I just can't seem to get an answer from them. They have since bought me a new vehicle and did a home improvement for my disabilities but still now answer on my higher level of AA. How should I best approach this. I am really limited physically in what I can do, I need the services to attendants to come in everyday to help me, I get no response for that, I mean should I just do the major check out and call it quits. This is killing me literally and I don't know what to do.
  2. bigmuny

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Back Pain Worsening, denied increase?

    jwesley... I would say this for anyone going to a C&P examination and that is to research the BVA Appeals both those that have been denied and those that have been granted regarding the same thing you have applied for, back, legs arms whatever and see how they made their determinations. PSRSLM gave the correct response in that they measure everything by ROM (Range of Motion). It's pretty much all done mathematically. When you first enter the exam area the Doctor immediately sizes you up and makes notes on how you appear, look etc. If he shakes your hand he notices whether or not you have a firm grip or weak one and whether you can lift your arm to even shake the hand. He watches you sit, get up and perhaps lay on the gurney. Then they ask you to do certain motions like bend over, not if you bend over and touch the floor without making a painful noise then in his eye's you are ok and have 100% ROM, but if you say bend 10% and it hurts like hell tell him you can't go any more and make disgusting looking faces of pain, same way with everything they ask you to do, can you walk??? How far?? Did you tell him "Oh about a mile"...well guess what you flunked your exam but if you walk and after a few steps you start to hurt, stop and say you cannot go anymore than a couple of feet, he will put that down in the review. Now when leaving be extremely careful..he may watch you leave or send someone to watch you get in your car and if you hop outside and bounce into your car like you don't hurt then he will make note of that. A lot of Doctors are skeptical to say the least and some want to catch a Veteran faking it or lying about their disability. If it hurts when leaving show them it hurts all the way to your car or else have someone get you a wheelchair and push you. Now do your research and look up BVA Appeals and start with 2015 and work your way back to 2014 etc. and put in the keywords C&P back exams or whatever it is you are researching. http://www.index.va.gov/search/va/bva.jsp Check this one out. http://www.va.gov/vetapp15/Files1/1500074.txt Disability Ratings Disability ratings are determined by applying the criteria set forth in the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities, found in 38 C.F.R., Part 4 (2014). The rating schedule is primarily a guide in the evaluation of disability resulting from all types of diseases and injuries encountered as a result of, or incident to, military service. The ratings are intended to compensate, as far as can practicably be determined, the average impairment of earning capacity resulting from such diseases and injuries and their residual conditions in civilian occupations. 38 U.S.C.A. § 1155 (West 2014); 38 C.F.R. § 4.1 (2014). Here, the question for consideration is the propriety of the initial disability rating assigned, evaluation of the medical evidence since the grant of service connection, and consideration of the appropriateness of "staged ratings" are required. See Fenderson v. West, 12 Vet. App. 119, 126 (1999). Where there is a question as to which of two evaluations shall be applied, the higher evaluation will be assigned if the disability picture more nearly approximates the criteria required for that rating. Otherwise, the lower rating will be assigned. See 38 C.F.R. § 4.7 (2014). Reasonable doubt regarding the degree of disability will be resolved in the veteran's favor. 38 C.F.R. § 4.3 (2014). Disabilities of the spine are rated under the General Rating Formula for Diseases and Injuries of the Spine, (for DCs 5235 to 5243, unless 5243 is evaluated under the Formula for Rating Intervertebral Disc Syndrome Based on Incapacitating Episodes). Under the General Rating Formula for Diseases and Injuries of the Spine, with or without symptoms such as pain (whether or not it radiates), stiffness, or aching in the area of the spine affected by residuals of injury or disease: A 10 percent evaluation is warranted for forward flexion of the thoracolumbar spine greater than 60 degrees but not greater than 85 degrees; or, combined range of motion of the thoracolumbar spine greater than 120 degrees but not greater than 235 degrees; or, muscle spasm, guarding, or localized tenderness not resulting in abnormal gait or abnormal spinal contour; or, vertebral body fracture with loss of 50 percent or more of the height. 38 C.F.R. § 4.71a (2014). A 20 percent rating is warranted for forward flexion of the thoracolumbar spine greater than 30 degrees but not greater than 60 degrees; or, the combined range of motion of the thoracolumbar spine not greater than 120 degrees; or, muscle spasm or guarding severe enough to result in an abnormal gait or abnormal spinal contour such as scoliosis, reversed lordosis, or abnormal kyphosis. Id. A 40 percent rating is warranted for forward flexion of the thoracolumbar spine 30 degrees or less; or, favorable ankylosis of the entire thoracolumbar spine. Id. A 50 percent rating is warranted for unfavorable ankylosis of the entire thoracolumbar spine. Id. A 100 percent rating is warranted for unfavorable ankylosis of the entire spine. Id. Hope this helps somewhat....
  3. John999 have you signed up for the UPS My Choice. Whenever you have a package coming via UPS you will be notified via email, phone or however you sign up for to be notified of where you package is and when it will be delivered. As soon as it is scanned at the VA it will show up on My Choice, most times you won't even see it on the prescription refill site but will on the UPS My Choice. Check it out if you haven't already.
  4. I have been on pain meds for the past 13 to 14 years with the VA, well longer than that but with the past years it has been with Methadone..the VA pain clinic in Albuquerque N.M. put me on them and it has controlled the pain to a tolerable level and it doesn't get you in that euphoric feeling. I haven't had a problem all these years then last year I receive a letter from my Doctor and the VA Hosp Dir at the VA Hosp in Fayetteville, Ark stating because of Vets overdosing and such and the effects of long term drug use the DEA has decided to reduce or stop pain medications of the Veterans VA wide. I have gone through the gamut with my Dr. and the Director, even contacted the Director of the VA Administration in Washington. I'll get a call from someone at the VA wanting to know what it is I want them to do. I tell them, I receive Aid and Attendance at the "M" rate and am eligible for the R-1 or R-2 because I am unable to walk or use my hands to any degree. I have to use Dragon to even type on the computer. I need help in everything I do, from bathroom to eating and it gets worse. They tried to get me to go to Florida to some in patient treatment to take a veteran down off his meds and try new procedures like acupuncture, chiropractic, swimming and a host of other things that I cannot possible do. I ask them how do I get there, they will provide the transportation and when I tell them who will wipe my butt down there, or feed me, who will push me around in a wheelchair or get me in and out of bed everyday. I tell them this is for people who can ambulate, not someone like me. They then wanted me to go to Little Rock Ark for a Steroid injection in my back..screw that, I already have enough problems without some drunk Doctor or anesthesiologist sticking a needle in my back, for what a week of reduced pain even if it works, BS. I ask them when you people call why don't you pull up my medical records and see what my problems are before you start suggesting things that you know I am going to deny. They offer me these things and it looks like I am denying myself treatment which is not the case. They then ask me why I don't have home health care from the VA..I said well if you knew your regulations and look at my record you will see I have requested that on several occasions only to be denied because I am on pain meds and they cannot send anyone to my house if I am on pain meds, go figure. When they grant me a higher level of AA hopefully, I will be able to afford someone coming in to help me, the last person I had she quit suddenly and then I found all my pain meds gone, go figure. I had to hire someone who was more of a nurse aid than anything else but my Dr. did re-write my pain meds after I filed a police report. Last time I went to visit my Dr. I got my brother to take me, most times they make appointments and I end up breaking them b/c I don't have anyone to take me, no one wants to mess with someone like me who pees on himself b/c he doesn't even know he is peeing. My brother came into the Dr.'s office with me and we went through the typical BS can you feel this, can you stand can you bend over..I just set there and look at him like he is nuts. This is the first time he ask me questions like do I want to try this or that and I tell him no b/c again Dr. I don't have the ability to get to these places, my brother is CEO of a large business and he just cannot take off and tend to me nor do I want him to but everytime this Dr. ask me a question and I would answer in the negative he would turn to my brother and say "You heard me ask him and he said no" this went on for the whole session until I ask him what are you so paranoid about Dr. you think my brother is in here as a possible witness, so just hurry up and let me get out of here..I am 64 and when I turn 65 I will get on Medicare and visit an outside Dr. as I am sick and tired of the VA. I did call a Methadone clinic and was told they could provide methadone for treatment of pain so I contacted my Dr. and he submitted to have the VA pay for it but that damn Director down there denied me saying methadone is not meant for pain, is this guy for real?? The friggin Germans invented this drug b/c they didn't have enough morphine during WWII. I am ready to hang up my spurs seriously, I am tired of being in pain and not having any kind of life. I am tired of living in my filth and having to depend on others. I can't even fire a pistol anymore as it takes too much strength that I don't have even to pull the trigger so I don't even have any home protection. They keep sending me Testosterone and a needle every month but I cannot manipulate the bottle or syringe, I need help but will the VA help, hell no, they want to come in and they will do it. BS is all I can say. Yes the VA under big O has taken a turn for the worst and I personally don't see it getting better. My Dr. will not even answer my Secure messages anymore, use to I could send a message straight to him but they have since removed him from the send to box. I have not once ever been inconsiderate to my Dr. b/c I know it is not him, it is the VA System and he is just a small time Dr. working in the VA system. I turn 65 in a couple of months, can someone tell me how can I enlist for medicare and keep my medication with the VA, am I screwing up if I take Medicare or do I have to take Medicare?? Who do you go with if I do take it?? I hope evefryone gets what they want or need as I am just ranting a little and telling my story. You guys take care and make sure you clear right!!
  5. I went to see my Dr. on Nov 6th and I had my brother take me b/c I am unable to walk or stand. Me and him have been discussing why he is weaning me down from my Methadone to a totally ineffective dose. I have been on this medication successfully for the past 12 or 14 years now and not once have I had any, not one problem with anything or anybody, never violated my contract, no unclean urines in all this time..took them as prescribed. Even talked to the Medical Director on about 4 or 5 occasions at the Fayetteville, Ark. VA and was told it is happening all over the VA system. I received Hydrocodone as a breakthrough pain reliever but never took them unless absolutely necessary, I could get my relief totally from my Methadone but when they started weaning me down I had to rely on them. They have a conversion rate of morphine to Methadone and also to Hydrocodone, personally I cannot understand it, but it use to be so much morphine to methadone down to 300 mg then it went to 200 mg, now my Dr. tells me what is coming down the pike is conversion down to 100mg equivalent of morphine, been on morphine does absolutely no good at all, neither does Fentanyl or any other narcotic except methadone. Anyway my Dr. when he said it was coming down I ask him not to take me down until it actually happens, then when I get home I see he refilled my meds on eBenefits pharmacy and the lying sack of **** took me down anyway. He kept asking me if I wanted certain things like an eye exam, ear exam or go down to Florida for a 21 day in patient pain program or go to Little Rock for Steroid injections. He knows I cannot stand walk or travel unlessI have help. I receive Aid and Attendance and have been waiting on my appeal for 6 years now for a higher level. I receive the "M" rate right now but would like a little bit higher to help pay for someone to come in daily. Last person stole all my narcotics but I couldn't prove it as I didn't see her but it was her. The doctor kept referring to my brother who was in the room with me stating, "You heard me ask him and he declined"..he must have said that about 10 times during my appointment, which accomplished absolutely nothing except lab work. I hate to say this but this policy is here to stay and nothing is going to change it. It's all politics I think but that is another story. Also, I just can't believe 22 vets are killing themselves everyday, that just seems way out of proportion, that is 7200 veterans a year, in 10 years that is 72000 vets, I say BS to that story. When I get my medicare I will be looking for an outside Doctor. Then my question does this apply to all Doctors are just the VA??
  6. Bottom line nothing is going to be done in the VA to get pain meds back like they use to be. I have been on Methadone and Hydrocodone for break through pain for the past 12 plus years now and I have been weaned down from Methadone and now Hydrocodone. I am 100% disabled from a serious back injury in a Helicopter crash in Vietnam and it is getting worse as time goes by. I cannot walk or stand, I am diabetic with a serious case of neuropathy, the pins and needles kill me, I need someone to help in the bathroom, fix my food, bathe me anything and everything. Now my PCP wants me to go 150 for treatment. I tell them I cannot drive (he knows this) I cannot travel unless I have help and I don't have help. They said I could go to Florida for an in-patient 21 day program, they know I cannot travel, who would take care of me there, no one is going to wipe my behind for me or feed me daily. I just cannot function like everyone else, so what is a Veteran to do. No help at the VA, I don't have medicare yet but will next year, still can't get to the Doctor's office. They have bought me two electric wheelchairs and I need wood flooring to use those in the house so I can't use them. Tried getting a HISA grant but I need 3 different contractors to submit these forms that are nothing but confusing as hell and just a roadblock. I even talked to the Hospital Medical Director at Fayetteville, Arkansas who tells me Methadone is not meant as a pain medication...I almost croaked, where does he think Methadone came from...remember WWII and the Germans and no morphine, they are the ones who came up with this drug and it works, for me anyway. I don't get high on this medication it just stops some of the pain to a level I can live with. Some Vet is going to get sick of this and do a Postal on his Doctor, when that happens maybe something will change, Like metal detectors and bullet proof glass where you see your doctor on your computer. My brother took me to see my doctor about 2 weeks ago and he was in the room with me, first time every my doctor kept asking me if I wanted this or that and I kept telling him no then he would defer to my brother and ask him, "did you hear me ask him if he wanted it and he said no"..kept covering his butt like I was setting him up. Talk about paranoid, obviously he feels guilty about taking me off my pain meds. No the VA will not change the way they have begun doing business, there is just not enough cohesion among Veterans as a group to thwart this effort. But, good luck to everyone I hope you get what you need. Me, I am going to a methadone clinic and tell them I have a dependency on narcotics and I need methadone, don't tell them it is for pain b/c they don't treat pain at a methadone clinic and you can go as high as you need to go to relieve the pain and you can actually get a 28 day take home after you have been going for a while and no positive urine for anything..and they will not allow you to use any Diazepams, so that is out for a lot of people, me I don't take them, I know methadone and diazepam are a deadly combination.
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    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] What Is The Definition Of ".............."

    For a SAH grant I am trying to find the definition of "residuals of organic disease or injury"...Does anyone know the VA legal, statutory or technical definition of this..in simple terms that is...??? I have an appeal in the works...somewhere, from a SAH claim filed in 2007 and a higher level of Aid and Attendance filed in 2008 and I appealed in Feb. 2012 but now the BVA says my claim was closed out on April 20, 2012 b/c of not filing in time..been through this with them once already and thought we cleared it up..but nay. I have all the paperwork and certified mail receipts and my VSO rep is the one who submitted it...so now the RO is writing an internal memo to reopen the claim based on it was filed in time. However, by some chance back in Oct 2010 a claim was filed for me by someone, maybe me, for a host of contentions..the only thing I remember doing was writing a letter to my VSO rep complaining why the RO in deciding my SAH and higher AA claim did not consider the Dr.(s) evaluation concering my present level of disability, for instance loss of use of both legs and arm, incontinence, loss of bowel control, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, loss of memory, depression and anxiety, edema in lower legs, varicose veins, malaise, weakness, lethargy, nausea, high blood pressure/hypertension..all of these things were evaluated by the Doctors who submitted their findings to the RO but the RO never heard any of these claims..so it is either the letter I wrote complaining about it or the VSO filed it for me or the RO took it under consideration as a new claim. Now I have my answer to that claim and they raised me from 70% to 100% for PTSD and raised me from 10% to 60% for incontinence, increased from 20% to 40% for DJD and increase my AA from an L rate to an L 1/2 rate..plus what gets me is they deny me for loss of use of legs but yet further on in their decision they grant me 40% for paralysis of the left lower extremity radiculopathy based on moderately severe incomplete paralysis....Now what does that mean??? That I can walk now b/c my paralysis is incomplete??? Then someone tell my legs...It's the jargon that confuses me. The VA has bought me Walkers, canes, wheelchairs and a beautiful electric wheelchair with a ramp and a wheelchair lift, only thing is I can't use it in the house b/c it is not equipped for wheelchair accessibility, hence the SAH grant. Now that I have a P&T 100% rating plus an independent 60% rating does that open any avenues for increases in anything else. Like an automobile grant, not that I would drive but it would sure make it easier to make my appointments, as of now I have to contact an independent medical transport to come get me and bring me back and they are cheap, but if I had a van someone could drive me and my wheelchair to my appts. Also, can I use this new claim and the increases as evidence in my appeals or will the BVA automatically see it without me submitting it?? Thanks for any assistance, advice or help anyone can offer..
  8. Last year I filed for a higher or enhanced level of Aid and Attendance and was denied...I am now in my 60 day notification to file for a DRO or Appeal decision and just recently filed for an extension of the 60 days certified mail return receipt requested. I don't know if I am interpreting the statute correctly or not...here in the Statute it states.... "Title 38, United States Code, section 1114®(2), provides for the payment of a specified monthly aid-and-attendance allowance to a veteran if, in addition to needing regular aid and attendance, the veteran: (1) needs a higher level of care; and, (2) would require hospitalization, nursing-home care, or other residential institutional care in the absence of the higher level of care. The statute further requires that need for a higher level of care be considered to be "need for personal health-care services provided on a daily basis in the veteran's home" by a person licensed to provide such services or a person regularly supervised by a licensed health-care professional. My doctor wrote a letter to the Regional Office stating...in part..."Due to his chronic medical problems patient requires assistance with his activities living and needs twenty-four hour attendant care. If he did not have twenty-four hour attendant care, he would require long term care placement." Now according to Title 38 1114®(2) I think I meet the needs that in addition to needing regular aid and attendance (which I have had for 10 years now) I meet the number (1) needs a higher level of care and (2) would require hospitalization, nursing-home or other residential institutional care in the absence of the higher level of care...In other words if I don't get the requested higher level of care I am requesting then I will need long term placement with 24 hour attendant care...am I interpreting this correctly with the letter my Dr. has provided?? Even though I have not been rated for loss of use of my legs they did state in my C&P exam that I have loss of use in lower extremities and weakness in my upper extremeties, long with incontinence in which I was given a rating for that and now my doctor is setting me up for catheters. In my denial I am pretty sure they made a few CUE although I haven't zeroed in on them yet. Am I interpreting the Statute correctly and will this letter from my Doctor be enough to warrant a higher level of Aid and Attendance??? I know from many things that I have read that the VA would rather a veteran stay in his home instead of in-patient care, for one it would be less expensive on the VA and two I would feel much more comfortable in my own surroundings but I know I have got to have help from others as I cannot make it much longer on my own, daily living is such a struggle for me that I wonder why I even put up with it daily. They did finally give me an electric wheel chair although I need help getting in and out of it so again it is useless unless I have help. Does anyone have any thoughts about what I am requesting?? Also, should I request a DRO or go straight for the Appeal?? Thank you all...
  9. bigmuny

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Aid And Attendance With Tdiu

    Thank you Berta and now that you mention I do remember that case coming out but don't remember the details of it, however I will...but cases that go back way before that with the BVA are cases where Vets have only TDIU...so I question this man's judgement and he states he use to be a Regional Office Rater..I just don't know but again thanks for the input and heads up..you are wonderful.. Best Regards.... Always.. Robert
  10. bigmuny

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Aid And Attendance With Tdiu

    I have a well known veteran on another forum telling me I should not be receiving the AA "L" award b/c I don't have a single SC rating of 100% and he states that is what is needed to get AA. I have filed and just had a C&P for an increase in my Level of AA to a higher award but now I am not so sure that was a good move b/c he said they may cut me off and I will be liable for an overpayment. I received TDIU in 1997 based on a 70% PTSD rate and since then I filed for and received 20% Diabetes, 20% Spine/Back and 4 other at 10% rating for each, plus I have the SMC K for ED. I went to the BVA website looking up Veterans cases and see all through there where cases like mine are awarded Aid and Attendance with just a TDIU rate and here is a classic case: http://www4.va.gov/vetapp05/files3/0514892.txt So what am I missing here with him telling me something that is contradictory to what the Appeal board is saying??? I need a higher level as I have no one to help me, the person I had stole all my pain meds and some other things but I need someone who has medical qualifications. I missed 3 C&P's b/c I didn't have anyone to take me and the lady in the CP office got a Special Services to come and get me. I am completely unable to care for myself, I have no use of my legs and the CP doctor siad I had diabetic neuropathy in my legs and feet and the Nerve Conduction test showed nerve damage. I can't control my bladder as I cannot tell when I have the urge to go, it just happens, I live alone I am miserable, depressed, taking prozac and a lot of pain meds, methadone 120mg, lortab 10mg Soma 350mg and diabetes, high blood pressure and other junk, I had an auto repo'd b/c I forgot to pay for it but I haven't been able to drive for quite a while now anyway but I miss other bills, I have direct dep but I tend to forget things, especially taking my meds, sometimes I have taken them twice a day but now it is hard if not impossible to undue to tops, I cannot undue a toothpaste top much less brush my teeth, I haven't bathed in weeks and I know I am one nasty person but I can't help it, i do the best I can, I call a taxi to get him to go to the grocery for me and buy me junk. I feel like the bottom half of my body is dead weight and I just don't have the strength to pull myself, my arms and hands hurt like hell, I have tried crawling, the VA can't help me and I don't have money to hire anyone at what they want me to pay. I called merry maid to clean up wash clothes and stuff but my god they are expensive but they did a fairly good job but I know they were glad to get out of here b/c they kept spraying room freshener. I need a hospital bed but don't know how to get one. someone comes to the door and no way I can answer it. I have a neighbor who will bring mail and set it inside the door, I had someone try to get in through a window and didn't hear them but I keep a gun in my bed with me a 357 that should do someone a number but now I don't have the strength to even pull the friggin trigger, pitiful huh..all I know it that there is a cure for all of this that cost about 37 cents and if I can't get, find help soon I may have to see about that. I am almost 60 years old and believe it or not I use to be a body builder, I rode horses, hunted, fished and camped out in New Mexico and Colorado, I was in a 4 wheel club in the NM Mountains, skiied on the water and snow but I know how Chris Reed felt, I am afraid of getting pneumonia or some other dreaded lung disease, I don't smoke never have so that is a good thing but my pain meds I know I am addicted to those but it's either addiction or suffer a fate worse than what I am, so I take the addiction. They don't stop pain but they alleviate it. I am really sorry for such a long whiny email, I know you guys are busy but if you can read that BVA url and let me know what you know. Thank you so much for reading this and your time. May God bless you and yours.... Best regards... Robert
  11. bigmuny

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    Oh forgort ot ask should I appeal any decision they give me? You mentioned an M rate but dont know how much more that is I have seen wher the R is the highest but what criteria or what must be wrong witha vet to get an R rate? They say loss or loss of use of legs or arms is q qualifcation and I have primarly both loss of leg nad arms.
  12. bigmuny

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    Thanks for everyobnes replies excuse me but it is ahrd to write I am not a bad speller just need glasses. But I am in Shreveport louisiana. The DAV cant transport wheelchairs but they have special services and I didnt find that out until the lady in the C&P ofice helped me. All I have are my medical records with the VA, that is all I had plus I had a C&P for the housing gnrant and now this one, both were the same, I had a nerve conduction test that showed nerve damage and they wanted me to do an MRI but they couldnt gibe me a open air mri and I cannot do the closed thing as I was put inside one of those concrete coffin for 3 days years ago and i have bigtime claustrophia. They did send me what I need for ahigher AA but like i Have told them I do what I can as the DAV doesnt ever respnd to me either mail,emial or phne call but I just tell them wht I am looking for which is the highest award they can giev me nad they can take it frm there as they dont do housecalls. How long does it take once they C&P is finihsed?? I need help yesterdy because if they give me a hgiher rateing I can immediately hire soumeone to come in and help. the last girl I had stole my pain pills and I had hell geting the VA to replace them, had to get the police involved and of coruse I did not witnews her steling them but I still filled a report. Well thnaks for everyones input but I am in pain guys gotta get off this comuter.
  13. bigmuny

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Aid And Attendance Help

    I have multble claimse at the RO.One a housing grant that is on Appeal. Two an increcein my presnt Aiand Attendance to a highr levl. I have been reciving AA fr the pas 7 year at the L" lvel I fied for the incease becase my conition has goten seveely wors and now I in need of totl care. I had a girl coming in to help me at $10 an our but noweit is spordic. I don't have any famly or frinds to help..no on wants to cme in and bath me or cook me. My sitation is realy bad and I do the best I can. I mised 3 C&P's because of transpotation and no on to tae me. I had them scheuled to come and piak me up but they nevee shoed so the lady at the C&P schduled Specil Services to come and get me with their whelchair van. It is embarasing to go out because I stink cant shave or shoer can't eat.it is noting that about 38 cents cant take care of but I m not realy redy for that. I have chroic acute pain in my back and diabetes neuropathy that is causing me some serious pain also. I am on 2 types of pain meds one is methadone 120mg a day plus Hydroodone 10mg Soma and other stuff I am rated at 100 and my rating is like 93 for seveal diferet problem, one is ptsd since I have recived that years ago my other problems have started manifeting ovr the corse of year. I have bei afraid to file as I didnt want to to go to the VA because it cause me sevre pain for days afterward and I end up losing conrol of my uine so I didnt file becase of the problem of tring to get there or finding some to help me. When I finaly get to the CP exam I thought the Dr would realy check me ot but I stayed in thre maybe 15 minute and she asked me some question about if I coud do ts or that, she ased me if I col and I couldnt get out of the wheelchair by myself anyway, she ased me if I could setup straght and I told her I cant do that either then she had me squeeze her fingers as hard as I could but since I don't have any feeling in my legs, feet or hands so I could not do to much there. This letter has taken me 3 days to write as I am pecking and I use my lapto in bed to have communication with others. My question is am I eligble for a hiher award than what I now recive at the "L" level. I need more money to hire someone to come in and help me 247 and that is expensive and I am not going to a nusing home or other fcility I am much more secure in my own home and I fear if I go to a home I will end up dying in there so if I can get a higher rating I can hire someone to come in fulltime. After 15min the doc told me she was not going to have me do anything else and was not gonig to reuqire me to do any other testing and that I shouldn't have anything to worry about, that comment there confused me as I think I understood it to me she would recomend a hgher level. Does anyone know what level I qould qualify for based on what is gong on with me and my cp exam?
  14. bigmuny

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Is Aa Only For Those With A Pension

    If I am understanding this you are not out any actual money and the VA is picking up the cost of the nurse's and aide but you only pay to have someone clean your home for $75 per day for the one day a week she cleans. You are saying I could have my Primary Doctor make the request to have someone come out and do some of the things I pay to have done, like prepare my meds, check my sugar, give me my shots, check my blood pressure. Will they withdraw blood for purposes of when my doctor will order blood work on me. I'm sure you know how difficult it is to go to the VA Hospital. When I am finished with that I am in such pain it takes days for it to subside to a tolerable level but if I could get a nurse to come to my home and take blood that would be one visit I wouldn't have to go to. I have a really good Doctor who will help me out on anything I ask him but I just didn't know that I could get some of these services. Seems like someone would have mentioned it to me when they see the type of trouble I normally have trying to get around inside the VA. I have someone to take me but the doctor doesn't see the effort it takes for me to get in and out of the car or other movements that are very painful for me. I mean I wish I could get an electric wheelchair but I don't have medicare and I am 59 yrs old sort of young for it I guess. If you have any ideas that may help me please feel free to pass them along but I thank you for the heads up you have already given me Pete53.
  15. bigmuny

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Is Aa Only For Those With A Pension

    Sorry I made a mistake..it should have been spouse and parent and not spouse and wife..that sounds dumb huh..anyway you have to look under the SMC rates under the "L" colum with a spouse and one parent as dependents then add the $96 for the "K" award and that will add up to $3693... Without the K award it is $3597. So I guess I am getting paid at the "L" rate for Aid and Attendance. I just recently filed for what they call a Higher Entitlement to Aid and Attendance. Basically due to my needs getting worse I have requested an increase to a different rate then when I started reading where it said only those on a Pension can receive AA I started to get worried thinking they may have made a mistake 7 years ago when I received AA and now I am going to be faced with all this overpayment..that would be a bummer of a day. I mean not to sound nasty but I have started wetting myself uncontrollably and my doc says it could be my meds or nerve damage. Being that I just had a C&P for an appeal that I have for a Housing Grant I unfortunately wet myself while I was being examined and my home health aide had to clean it up..damn you talk about embarrasing..that's why I refuse to go out any at all for fear of that and I sure don't want to be hooked up to a bag..if things get too bad I can always take the 38 cent bus ride...Berta do you have a home health care worker come in to help you and if so how much do they charge you??? Mine charges me $10 an hour..so what the VA pays me for AA I can get her to come in 2 times a week at 8 hours a day or 4 times a week at 4 hours a day..she prepares all my food for the week and cleans house and helps me shower, cuts my hair and toenails and other things..she lays my meds out for the week, all except my pain meds..I let a health care worker lay those out for me once and ended up missing them for some odd reason..swears up and down she didn't get them..yeah right..over 300 methadone tablets and 150 morphine ir tablets..I imagine on the streets those are worth a bit of money..someone said about $10 each so she stole over $4000 worth of pills from me. My fault trusting people I guess. But I don't do that anymore..Hope this answered you question..sorry it took so long to get back but I have been in some really bad pain the past few days..good luck Berta.. Without Children, SMC-L through SMC-N Dependent Status L L½ M M½ N Veteran Alone $3,327 $3,499 $3,671 $3,923 $4,176 Veteran with Spouse $3,477 $3,649 $3,821 $4,073 $4,326 Veteran with Spouse and One Parent $3,597 $3,769 $3,941 $4,193 $4,446 Veteran with Spouse and Two Parents $3,717 $3,889 $4,061 $4,313 $4,566 Veteran with One Parent $3,447 $3,619 $3,791 $4,043 $4,296 Veteran with Two Parents $3,567 $3,739 $3,911 $4,163 $4,416 K $96 Usually added to other rate or paid as the rate when percentage is zero.
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