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  1. My first dealings with the DAV have been pleasant. When I decided to change my SO from the county to somewhere else, I first tried the Am Vets in Winston-Salem. They never returned my calls or answered any emails. I then called the DAV office in Winston, and a receptionist answered, I talked to a real person and they were courteous and helpful. So far they have returned my calls and answered my questions. I received more help in one day with the DAV than I received from the Cleveland county VSO in two years. wapiti
  2. My new VSO with the DAV called me the same day he received(1/28/08) the copy of my last C&P exam that I sent him. He immediately filed a NOD, stating that I meet or exceed the criteria for an increased evaluation. I myself was impressed with how fast he called and filed NOD. I called Senator Burr's office in Winston-Salem,talked to Garth, and he said he would begin working on my case from his end. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions and I will keep you posted on whatever or whenever I hear anything. Wapiti Berta bring Lone Wolf with you down to Cherokee, beautiful Smoky Mountains and also Harrah's casino if you gamble.
  3. Thanks Berta, this is great info. I have a Vietnam buddy in NH, when we drive up to see him we drive across NY, upper part of NY is beautiful country, I was pleasantly surprised. wapiti
  4. The DAV is in the same building as the RO. I mailed him my last 2 C&P exams, the first a GAF of 45 and the last with a GAF of 35, also the denial letter from the VA. He should get it on Monday. I will keep you updated. You need to come down to the mountains in NC and visit the Cherokees. Thanks for the support
  5. A DAV SO called Monday, after I talked to him a few minutes and told him about my last C&P exam with a GAF of 35, he said that he couldn't believe a denial of a rate increase, he sent me a form to give the DAV power of attorney to represent me. He said to send a copy of last exam and a copy of the VA's decision and he would find out why I was denied a rate increase. He sounded very positive, but said he couldn't do anything until they got power of attorney. I don't remember getting a VCAA letter, I have looked for it. Thanks for the help
  6. Yes, Wapiti is our Elk. There is now a small herd in the Great Smokies, right at Cherokee.
  7. I received my acknowledgement letter today about my Voc Rehab file. As soon as I get everything assembled, do I write a short letter asking for DRO. Any examples of how to write the letter and how to arrange the new evidence. Thanks
  8. Berta, I called Sen. Burr's office today in Winston-Salem. I talked to their VA rep. and he told me to file my appeal to the DRO, and as soon as I do, I should call him back and then he will work on it from his end. He said I should fill out a form 9.
  9. No I haven't contacted him, but I will call his office Monday, Thanks Berta
  10. Congressman Patrick McHenry will be giving a seminar in Lenoir this coming Monday. I am going to hand deliver a copy of my C&P exam along with the VA's denial letter to him. He may not read it, but I am going to give it to him.
  11. I applied for Voc Rehab in 08/2006 and that is when I was turned down. I mailed a letter today asking for my file and the reason for denial of voc rehab. I don't remember who my counselor was, but it will be in my files. I may ask for for your e-file when I get my records. I also sent an email today to the Am Vets office which is located in the VA regional office building. Also good luck with your claim.
  12. I must have followed you footprints here Christopher. I was really depressed when I came across hadit, my vso was no help, and I had no idea how to continue. After reading many posts in hadit, I got the nerve up to ask some questions, and I am glad I did, lots of suggestions. Thanks Wapiti
  13. Happy New Year everyone, I have the ph. # for the Am Vets in Winston-Salem which is in the same building with the VA, I am calling them in the morning. I am also thinking about sending Elizabeth Dole my C&P exam to see what reaction I get from them. I am no longer going to use the current VSO that I have, she just fills in the forms and sends them in, offers no suggestions or directions, Well this is like the preacher talking to the choir, most of you already know the problems with vso's. Wapiti
  14. Thanks Berta, Everyone of you who have dealt with the VA maize before me have great info. I never make new year resolutions, but this coming year I am going to fight for my VA benefits, and as I learn the ropes, help other vets. Yes, I will get a copy of my Voc Rehab records and the reason I was turned down. Wapiti
  15. Thanks John, This gives me courage to carry on when I feel like giving up. thanks again!!
  16. I will look at my folder from Voc Rehab. I haven't filed for TDIU yet. I am going to try to get a new VSO next week Thanks
  17. No DRO request form yet. I will have to look the other one up thanks, wapiti
  18. Thanks Pete, Berta, and Nam Vet, As a Nam vet myself, I appreciate all of your suggestions and help. I was up all night going over what all of you have suggested. All of this stuff is really overwhelming, I am realizing that the VA is not really our friends as we would like to think, but seem to be our adversary. I just happened to get a card from the DAV yesterday, I think that I will call them and see if they have a local rep. I forgot to mention that I applied for vocational rehab last year and was turned down. I had my hopes up, went up to Winston-Salem for 2 days, did all kinds of tests, talked to the local shrink, went back up a couple of weeks later to talk to the same shrink and from my interpretation of what he said is basically they were not going to spend money on an old worn out 60 yr. old vet. He told me before I left that maybe I should be a locksmith. I wanted to beat the shit out of him but I was good, I just told him thanks for all his trouble. Boy, what a crock Voc. Rehab. is. Should I mention that I was turned downed for Voc Rehab when I send the letter to the DRO? A guy from VVA called and gave me the name and number of a private doctor in Winston-Salem that works with vets and uses the same methods that the VA does. Thanks, Wapiti
  19. What is a DRO review? Do I write a letter asking for a review? I am not sure what you mean by asking for a full statement of the case to refute the VA decision. I'm sorry guys, I'm lost with this stuff.
  20. I have a copy of the C&P exam. They only referred to a couple of items in the exam. They mentioned the items in section C. They did not mention D. DSM-IV Diagnoses at all, didn't mention about Axis I,II,III,IV, or V.Didn't mention effects of PTSD on occupational and social functioning. They did not mention suicide attempts, my VA mental health doctor wanted to confine me to the hospital to adjust my meds., but I begged them not to because I felt being confined in the hospital would make it worse, they did not mention my unemployment for 3 years. They didn't mention B. Medical History. The doctors summary of current psychosocial level of functioning: The veteran is severely impaired in occupational, social, recreational and familial adjustment. I could send you the whole C&P exam if wanted and the VA's response, they seem to come from different parts of the world. I am thinking about finding a new vet rep, the one I have is a nice person but when I asked for suggestions on what I should do, she said she could not make any suggestions and that she would fill out the paperwork when I figured out what I wanted to do. Do you just write a letter and ask for reconsideration? Attach the C&P exam? Mention my years of unemployment? My drugs and their side effects? Should my wife write a letter? What else should I send? What is a DRO? I appreciate the suggestions, because this stuff is really confusing. Thanks
  21. In 2006 I was given an initial rating of 30% for PTSD. I asked for a rate increase and had my C&P exam on 8/15/07. The doctor gave me a GAF of 35. He stated that I was totally impaired in occupational adjustment and capacity, as well as being impaired in most areas of social functioning. His current level of adjustment requires continuing psychotropic medication. The VA sent their reply on Nov. 7, 07. They denied my claim for a rate increase keeping my rate at 30%. Their reply was as if they did not read or look at my C&P exam. I talked to a VVA VSO and he told me to go to a private doctor for the PTSD exam, and then file a NOD. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed next ? Thanks for any suggestions
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