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  1. Thanks from what I read so far which made my mind twist sideways I so far understand I can have multiple ratings for the knees since they avoid the pyramid rating as they involve 2 separate joints ( I think I am right?) I also see it as the rating has to be the higher of the two ratings to avoid the pyramiding obstacle. I am just going to sit back and wait till I can see what the rating is. I think it is better than trying to get ahead of myself. I did go back and look at my effective date of 100% it came back to June 2.2009 my remanded claim was effective June 03,2014 5 years and 1 day if
  2. Thanks will check the link out. I had a fellow veteran reply to a post that concerned me I wish I had gotten some advice. I am P&T 100& for over 4 years SMC/housebound. I applied the knee issue back in 2003. I was told that my winning a remand of a 12 year old claim "might" be an issue with VA. Not anything I could do but fight it I guess. I will be calling my local VSO in the morning to ask. Never even thought about it being an issue as to the age of the claim. Well thanks for the link but I believe I will just wait till I see something either way from the VARO. I got tired of waiting
  3. My ROM for my right leg is 15-105, my left leg ROM is 20-105 per my last C&P exam. Am I figuring the % right is this 20% based on ROM and arthritis combined? I get confused on pyramiding anyway. I had a claim remanded from CVA and the claim was granted for SC for my right knee and left knee secondary to the right SC. I had this on a remand and since my last C&P was over 4 years old I am wondering if I will have to get a more recent C&P exam. I am sure a new C&P exam will be ordered for the left leg but not sure about the right one. I have Bilateral chondromalacia patel
  4. Hello I had fought with the VARO and after appealing and going through the motions I got the brown envelope today. Claims goes back to 2003 so it has been a long fight. This was a long remand from court of Veterans Appeals. SC for right knee disability 38 U.S.CA 1110,1112,5107(West 2014) 38 CFR 3.303,3.307,3.309 SC for left knee secondary to SC right knee 38 U.S.C.A. 1155,5103A.5107.7104 (West 2014) 38 C.F.R. 3.102,3.159,3.321,3.326(a) 4.1,4.3,4.7,4.10,4.14,4.20,4.21,4.71a (2014) I typed all of this listed above in the hopes someone could walk me through this or point me in right
  5. Thanks Tbird I am not sure I am going to check Tuesday with my clinic. What others may see as a person being sleepy and think it is not so bad if they have trouble falling asleep but when you can drink a espresso and go right off to sleep drives me nuts. I hope you all have a good evening/morning.
  6. Thanks I think in my area it is just the fact some of the contractors have to pay taxes on the money and be accountable to inspections. Some just do not want the paperwork I have drawn out the proposed plans and attached VA form 26-13 with all the contact information. Also I have to build onto my current house it is way too small to loose a bed room for a bathroom. I thank you all for your thoughts. It is just going to take longer than I thought.
  7. Hello Pete how did the grant process go for you? I got the SAH grant award but I have had a rough time with local lic contractors dealing with the VA. I am looking at having to add a room on to my old house so the walk in shower can be built. My house has no more room to let me put in a bathroom. My bathroom in only 4x6 so it does not meet the minimum space requirements. I wish I could get a stand up tub but I have to look at a walk in shower with a seat.
  8. Hey 2 questions does anyone know if the VA help veterans with sleep apnea by using along with the CPAP any medications to combat tiredness that CPAP does not help? I have had a civilian Doctor suggest Provigil but he said check with the VA but I am not sure if they have anything in their system to help. Also anyone had implants through the VA the dental exam I had last month the Dental surgeon looked in my mouth and said I was going to have to have my lower molars pulled soon due to the tooth roots exposed. I have to wash my mouth out with peroxide 2-3 times a day now. Thanks for any advis
  9. Hi saw this old post and wanted to add Oxygen helps me with my Migraines. I am SC for Migraines secondary to SC Hypertension. They hurt so bad it keeps me in the dark room for 1-2 days when I am not able to use injections and oxygen. Hope this helps it is worth trying.
  10. Hey all anyone here on the forum had trouble getting a contractor to do the adaptive housing grant to help with remodeling of the veterans home? I have had a rough time getting a contractor to follow up. Is it this hard for any of you veterans who have gotten approved for the grant to modify the house? Thanks for any advice or how it worked for others. Have a good morning
  11. I wish to thank her and you all for your help. Sorry to hear when anyone is sick but she has always been such a great help to all us vets. I hope you are doing better Carlie and hang in there and hope the break will do you some good. Adios
  12. Well first off good news for a change. I applied 3 years ago for the SAH program and was happy to find out I was approved to receive the housing grant. Here is my question I am not complaining at all but who would be my best person to talk with about using the grant? I need a better way to get in and out of the house if I hire out a local contractor is there a guideline to what it pays? I know it is for my Service Connected disabilities and I have a small ramp now but it was built smaller I would like one that I can get up to the house using my walker the one I have now you have to leave the w
  13. I am starting at the bottom and working my way up pasting is one thing I can do. Thank you all for your help: Did you file for SSDI when you retired from your job? If the VA knew this then they should have considered you for TDIU if your retired solely for SC reasons. Usually, the date you file for benefits is your effective date, regardless of what happened before that date. Answer yes I started in 1997 with Migraines which I had from my HBP spikes and got SSDI when I retired from my Job in 2001. I guess you nailed my original question on when the VA should have gone back to but the
  14. Hello Berta thanks I need to explain my question better. I was awarded SC for Migraines in 2005 rated at 60% and I had no issue with the claim my question is at the time I was awarded it was over 4 years since I was medically disabled for the Migraines from my civilian job but at the time I was not SC for them but I had been granted SC for the hypertension but not the Migraines. I had terrible migraines from my hypertension until I got my hypertension under control. I take 3 different hypertension medicines now daily and use Oxygen for the headaches now and the imitrex injections when the oxyg
  15. Thanks all, I was happy I was awarded the S ratting but my question is if it is the S ratting, is this the progression of a claim? I am not sure how the process works do you get a SMC award and then granted A&A or is the other way around A&A and then a S award? I have no idea how this all works but I do know it is slow going. I appreciate the help with this. My local congressman office was awesome helping me inquire about the status of the claim they told me it was A&A but the 1-800 call center tells me my claim for A&A is still pending. I will post if I get an answer this week
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