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  1. I asked my private cardiologist which part(s) of my heart condition is ischemic heart disease. He said, "It all is. You had a clogged artery which caused your heart attack. Your heart attack caused damage to your heart muscle and irregular growth of your heart which caused one of your valves to no longer fit. You had surgery to repair that valve. You also have congestive heart failure. Everything started with and was caused by your initial artery blockage". I filed my claim back in October. My cardiologist gave me some notes to send in with my claim that basically said the above in a
  2. I have been on Klonopin for about a year. It has really helped cut down on anxiety attacks and the severity of those I still have. It also helps me sleep. I take it twice a day and it made me groggy in the mornings at first but that stopped after a few weeks. I currently have no side effects that I'm aware of. Of everything I have to take I think Klonopin is the most effective. I carry xanax with me at all times but don't take one unless I absolutely have to.
  3. When I was in Vietnam in '69 (Army) they were sending a few NCO's to a 3 week sniper school in country. I know because they asked me to go and I told them I felt I could be of more use as a squad leader in an infantry platoon. It was voluntary. They took another guy from our company and I never saw him again. I think they were working in 3 man teams. I'm sure today's sniper schools are more sophisticated and intense than the 3 week course in Vietnam.
  4. There is a special place reserved in Hell for those that would harass a disabled vet. Do as "vaf" suggests and keep your cool. You have received some good advice here on how to handle this situation. I have a bad case of PTSD and would have already taken a baseball bat to somebody which is exactly the wrong thing to do. I can reason until I lose my temper and then anything goes. I am glad you are not as ignorant as I am. B)
  5. Thanks LarryJ. Those are all good points. I did have my wife do a statement but like you said I don't know how much weight that will carry. My VSO suggested I find at least one of the doctors who treated me for headaches after leaving the service. Even though medical records will not exist at this late date, a written letter from a treating physician might help. One of them is a family friend. I am going to pursue that and see where it goes. If the IU thing is approved, the headaches issue becomes much less important. It is more or less the principle of the thing to me. I am already
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions Berta. I appreciate it. I think we came pretty close to doing as you suggested. We pointed to specific language, attached old forms that proved they got the information the first time around and used some fairly strong language. As far as TBI, I did not file a claim for that. I have done some research on it lately and I believe I likely have that sort of injury. I have quite a few of the symptoms. I do know I have had headaches since the day I was wounded and had maybe two or three in my life prior to that. My problem is the time lapse is now 39 years. I may
  7. John, I agree. I think they are just hoping I will go away. They are badly mistaken. I won't say my application for IU is iron clad but it is close. The Va's own C&P doc that did my exam for PTSD stated in his exam write-up, "The veteran has lost the ability to work", and SSA awarded disability within 10 weeks of application using VA medical data. I never even saw a SSA doctor.
  8. Thanks for the advice vaf. What you suggested, the vso and I have done. We resubmitted the evidence and highlighted the important parts. We also showed they made the decision by not using all of the evidence which they had, but denied having. Apparently the parish representatives in La. receive information back from the VARO in New Orleans showing they received whatever the parish rep submits. Thank goodness the parish rep (vso) was able to show the VARO they were mistaken as to the evidence they should have had on hand.
  9. On May 9, 2008 I received a favorable decision granting 70% for PTSD and 10% for residual of shrapnel wounds (70% by va math). The letter said the issue of compensation for headaches secondary to shrapnel wounds was deferred and Individual Unemployability was implied but deferred pending further information.They said they needed me to fill out form 8940 for I.U. My VSO and I sent in form 8940 on June 6th and also a letter from SSA saying I was disabled on July 1, 2008 retroactive to July 1, 2007. The SSA disability was based solely on service connected issues. The SSA information was sent
  10. Clonazepam works well for me for anxiety. I take it before bed and in the morning as well. I carry xanax with me at all times but very rarely take it. I haven't found anything so far that helps with depression. Have tried Paxil, Celexa and Cymbalta to no avail. I see the shrink at the end of this month. My lack of sleep is beginning to become a problem again as well as frequent nightmares. I hope they can do something for that. I hate taking drugs but like most here have reached the point where I have little choice. Sure wish I could find something for the depression though.
  11. As usual, Pete is giving you good advice. Hire a lawyer or someone like Allsup to represent you. You will only have to pay them if you win. I got mine in 10 weeks using Allsup and it was based mainly on PTSD. A company like Allsup will review your information for free and will only take your case if they are almost certain you can win since they are investing their resources for nothing if you don't win.
  12. Sbrewer, I was approved for SSDI in 10 weeks and never had an exam from S.S. They based their decision on VA and other medical records. All of the medical records were fairly recent. I was using Allsup and they filled out all paper work from S.S. after consulting with me on the answers. So yes, it is possible to be approved without an exam.
  13. Joe, that is great. I got mine in 10 weeks and thought that was fast. You may have set a world's record! Congratulations.
  14. Shreveport does the same thing Pete. Like you, I would probably miss something if they didn't.
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