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  1. Hello, Not at this time, did it have anything to do with this particular CUE...I have, however done all the research on the Island and what was there, as well as where the majority of the toxic wastes were found and removed from.. I have a binder an 1 1/2 thick with everything you might need.. If you find you need more, I will help you research it..I was there as well and came up with Diabetes when I was 30..As well as other issues that could very well be attributed to the toxic wastes and such, found there... So If you need something ask me, I may have it already and it may save you some time... and you are very welcome...RSG
  2. 2. ok, the VA did not include this in my retro..Thank you. 3. In my original paperwork the VA and the navy denied any benefits of going to the VAMC for anything...In black and white..I did not know any better t the time, that they could not do this..So I was originally fighting for that.. until I found out that they could not do that..Did not find out until 2002..
  3. 1: va reimbursal for service connected disabilities back to earlier effective dates? true or not true, read a few cfr's that say yes. 2: Does va have to pay disability at a different rate if spouse and children are included in the retro figures and in evidence on file? 3: Does VA have to reimburse for all medications from non va when the disability is Sc'd? 4: does VA consider physical ailments as secondary to PTSd/depression, such as diabetes and spinal degeneration.. I think VA has missed a few dollars in my retro On the CUE claim I was granted....RSG
  4. Do you have any medical records from the navy, as well as all his duty station records (military? etc.), All of his doctors present med records and such? I have seen info about JP4/5 on the internet and it's toxic effects.. Might want to go there first...I did read that the airline stewardess union is filing a lawsuit against Boeing Aircraft for Toxic fumes from jet engines doing this identical thing, as well.. all the fumes leak into the airliners cabins.. Never a waste of time to ask questions in aid of a Vet, or yourself....Your and your spouses (VET) well being is important to us as well..
  5. Guess what I am asking, is that if everything is in my c-file that shows all the things I am referring to, it seems that the VA should have read all the hospital and doctors reports showing all of the stuff including the hospital and the drugs and treatment before they ever made a 10% retro decision on my CUE claim..
  6. Yes, Berta, the VA has had all that info from day one....No The POA has not talked with me about this yet...Hmmm, did not know you could file a CUE on A CUE....
  7. I was reviewing my first copy of my C-file..There is documentation showing that I was denied any benefits whatsoever from the VA.. When I was discharged with an honorable, I was told I had no rights to go to the VA for treatment...I did file 3 different claims in the period from 69, until 2004, when I started going to the VET centers and found that it was illegal for the VA or the NAVY to deny these benefits in writing.. Is there any way to call the VA on the carpet for this? The other issue I have is I was awarded only 10% on my retro back to 69...What I do not understand about this, is that the NAVY kept me in the hospital for 4 solid months and one month in solitary, for PTSD/Major Depressive issues,(even though I never did anything wrong, and always followed orders), The NAVY even made me take 400 Mg of Thorazine everyday for the period of incarceration.. The normal dose was 25 mg.. What the heck was that for, if there was not some kind of a serious disability was then discharged and not given any access to care.. So I want to know if this incarceration for four months qualifies for a higher rating than 10% at discharge? RSG
  8. Well, I appreciate this site...Since things with the VA are not working out as well as I would like, I guess I will not be able to make any substantial donations to the other veterans homes that I wanted to and I have done in the past...So I guess I will just have to make one for HAd it.. Within the next few days...Just very frustrating putting 47 years into this crap and they still try to screw ya over...Sorry folks, wish it could be more of a donation to all you here on Had it....RSG
  9. Thanks for these pages...I know I found from 72 on before, the others are here on had it.. except for one in the 80's and one in the 90's...Guess I can guesitmate those missing.. Thanks again....RSG
  10. I have not been diagnosed for TBI.But yes, your description of the MRI device is accurate..I have been thru many of them...They are extremely noisy, and claustrophobic.., and if you are getting a full body scan, your entire body will move in and out of the tube inside the MRI....Your head only, will bee much easier to deal with, only your head and neck will go in the machine..The CT scans, not the same..If the VA does this, you can request sedative prior too the MRI..I understand your problem, but it will be a necessity to do the MRI if you want to win your claim..... RSG
  11. All these things are floating around in the gray matter, requires more thought organization......LOL.. VA has ignored everything I sent them until 08 BVA decision, prior to then, constant denials since 69, for no valid reason for ever denying me benefits, that is why I won CUE with EED of 5/7/69....I hate the guys behind me being cheated, and myself as well...No matter what the attorney gets 20%, and is paid by the VA directly to him.. If it is determined I do not wish to use this attorney any longer, I will fire him and renegotiate a better percentage or try to do this myself.......I need to wait and see what this attorney says when he receives the letter.....RSG
  12. Hey Pete992, I have the evidence, it has just been disregarded, in B&W from day one.. Showing everything including dates of hospitalization medications the works...And they have had it since the day I filed for my claim within 30 days of my discharge....RSG
  13. Well if this is the case with the PCB's/dioxins causing diabetes...I have found that Treasure Island in San Francisco was a Toxic waste dump on the north side of the island..The Navy removed 750 cubic tons of contaminated material and all the schools, and Barracks wee built right on top of that dump...I have documentation proving it was there as well.. A 3 ring binder full and approx. 1 1/2" thick.. RSG
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