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  1. RSG

    Hi Berta, I have a few questions about some other healt issues I have along with what you already know about..Wondered if they might be secondary to the PTSD and depressive issues..CAn you help me with this or find info on hw the VA qualifies those.

    1. RSG


      Thank you...

  2. Agreed, 46 years of boot...But my CUE was established a 5/7/69 as EED.. It has now been over two months since the local VARO received the decision, and I have heard nothing.. That is what bugs me the most about this deal right now.. I guess the VA can just ignore claims and BVA decisions, until they feel like working on them.. Sure hope I do not have to file Writ or something now....Hope for the best, plan for the worst I guess.....RSG
  3. I would almost bet that your claim will go back to the BVA and be approved.. But from what I have read, any EED that has been granted by the BVA, means that the whole file will have to be reviewed again by the VARO, if it is granted to you...All I can say is it will not hurt to try to file for your EED.. Just be prepared to fight even more than you have already..RSG
  4. This is exactly what has happened with my claim.. I was granted 70% by BVA, I was granted 100% by VARO, and this, hopefully, the (last BVA decision) that I have to pursue,granted my claim back to May 7,1969.. With this as an earlier effective date.. It's been just over two months and I have heard nothing from the VARO about this latest decision..Bugs me...But I am trying to be just a little more patient now.. And I did file everything within a month of my discharge...RSG
  5. OK, my CUE was granted with an earlier effective date of May 7 1969...How long does it take for the VARO to get the info back from the BVA.. Then how long does it take for them to get the file reviewed by the VARO and finalize this Claim? I have heard it can take many months or years...Do I need to call general counsel or the director of the VA here in Wichita.. How long do I have to wait for these issues to be done....Is there phone numbers available for the people in this VARO? RSG
  6. Very cool, glad you won yours, after 40+ years I am still working on mine.
  7. I have found that there really is no fast way to get your C-file..I have personally requested mine a few times and have been totally ignored.The FOIA route, and the form used to request your file should normally work...Is the file you are looking for very large?
  8. I will never come back to haditb again....

  9. U can take all your coimments about my email and stuff it where the sun doesn't shine...

  10. I have tried 5 times over the past 2 years, filing the proper VA forms and they still have not given me a copy. of my c-file.
  11. I have been trying to get a copy of my c-file for at leats 1 1/2 years now and The damn VA won't give me a copy...What can I do....I have tried VSO, I have tried 4 or 5 written requests and they keep gining me excuses.... The SOB's have been messin with me for 40 years and constantly lying and I am tired of it... What can I do... These idiots have screwed up my claim so bad ,lied and have caused me so much hassle....I need to know how tyo get it. will I have to call my congressman od what... I am really gettin angry.....
  12. The VSO keeps saying they are six months behind in copying files But, I have requested it at least 4 times over the past year and a half.....
  13. IT's still at VARO, Yes I have all those copies. TnX
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