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  1. Hello All Hope All Is Well Been difficult Year Had TKR Sept Last year recovery horrible sorry have not been part of or participating as much as I should also melanoma twice this year but I am here recent events increase in rating from 50 % to 90 % it helps but would rather have my health I wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday with there Loved Ones
  2. Please Forgive Me Hello All Hope All Is Well here is the link http://www.militarytimes.com/blogs/broadside/2012/02/24/there-is-a-price-we-will-not-pay/
  3. What the heck is a bb code? any way I have been waiting for 5 years already.
  4. Hello All Hope All Is Well. This may be a ridiculous question but how does one actually know which Priority Group they are actual in?
  5. Hello All Hope All Is Well. 15 Years as our time goes by new veterans shall seek our wisdom and assist with there new concerns. Congratulations this is your GREAT CREATION. I THANK YOU
  6. Hello All Hope All Is Well. Ibelieve this may shed some light to LAW. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode05/usc_sec_05_00000552---a000-.html (1) Civil Remedies.— Whenever any agency (A) makes a determination under subsection (d)(3) of this section not to amend an individual’s record in accordance with his request, or fails to make such review in conformity with that subsection; (B) refuses to comply with an individual request under subsection (d)(1) of this section; <a name="g_1_C">© fails to maintain any record concerning any individual with such accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and completeness as is necessary to assure fairness in any determination relating to the qualifications, character, rights, or opportunities of, or benefits to the individual that may be made on the basis of such record, and consequently a determination is made which is adverse to the individual; or (D) fails to comply with any other provision of this section, or any rule promulgated thereunder, in such a way as to have an adverse effect on an individual, the individual may bring a civil action against the agency, and the district courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction in the matters under the provisions of this subsection.
  7. Hello All Hope All Is Well. I liked all of you have made request from OIG ,General Counsel, amendment of record to General Counsel.VISN . My Point is this they all have stated to address your concerns FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT. And I have assurred them to include Regional Counsel and General Counsel see you in Court Counseler. They are very much aware of there short and long commings but just another avenue to redirect or deter your effortts.
  8. Mcafee

    January 2012

    Hello All Hope All Is Well. May this year be the year of resolve and not desolve of ones claims have a safe and Happy and perhaps a some what prosperous year. I thank all of you for your service and your help when needed and for just being here..
  9. Hello All Hope All Is Well I was in court today to settle a workmans compensation claim pending injury since Oct.2004 After enduring all this time a bankruptcy my wife left me.But my kids stayed with me. A gleem of light has come through the lady Judge was more than polite and concerned for my health and well being since she knew I was a disabled Veteran and in the past year the events in my life Prostate Cancer and TKR. I won the claim and for my remaining life between the State Attorney General and the Insurance company are obligated for sustained injuries while I was in Washington DC I was a Trade Show Carpenter amazingly enough it was a Military show when I got injured.any way I thought to share this with all. And lastly due to the current events I truly believe this will have a great impact on TDIU as well which is pending 5 years now. My claim is before a Judge in BVA status file is in storage no time frame. Thank You all and have a Safe and GREAT HOLIDAY with your LOVED ONES.
  10. Hello All Hope All Is Well. I recieved a call from this individual today as from someone in Washington DC forward my concerns and issues as to no care provided by the East Orange VAMC. On october 4,2011 less than two weeks after TKR I had gone in for revaluation for medication with a new PCP upon going through this the PCP became rude an arrogant I got up to leave his office and he proceeded to restrain me I ask him twice to remove his hands from my arms very LOUDLY said EXCUSE ME and left.Needless to say never got my Medication nor the CPM unit for flexion rehab. Went up to the administrative office and voiced my concerns and left. Recieved a call 2 weeks later from VA police told him what happened he said no assult occurred. IMAGINE.Did contact OIG no reply.MedicalINSP. Any way I have been on this roller coaster for to long I will be filing my FTCA due to denied by Regional and general counsel already advised them see you in Federal District Court counselor.Between Prostate Cancer last year and total Knee replacement and the Progress notes available of the Record is more than enough. My Counsel also filed 1151 claim for negligence.
  11. Hello All Hope All Is Well. Pending my 1151 claim and an FTCA claim as to which I am going to file in Federal District Court due to denied by both Regional and General counsel looking forward to it. I am also recovering from Cancer and TKR it has been a very interesting year to say the least.Otherthan that I feel great.Present for December
  12. T-Bird I think that with you keeping updated with the technologies of website is better for the site as for ease will just have to get schooled. GREAT JOB.It has more of a MAC look I think.
  13. Mcafee

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Ssi Secondary Pettion Fund

    Hello All Hope All Is Well. I have had a workmans compensation claim pending for 8 years today the case was decided. The decsion is favorable for me,my question does this or will it affect my claim to file for TDIU and permanancy for my VA benefits?. The other Attorney and State Attorney Genral met with my counsel and he advised me of this no trial they settled. I Thank You All.
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