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  1. out_here04

    Ptsd 100%

    Congrats, sgmdae
  2. I was rated 100 percent temporary schedular for anxiety/depression 2 years ago. after my recent follow-up c&p was rated at 100 percent p&t. Am I done or should I pursue tdiu? When I got 100 percent temporary the decision letter said tdiu is a "moot point". would this also apply for 100 percent p&t? I'm thinking it does.
  3. out_here04

    Got The P&t Decision Envelope

    I looked back at my hadit membership since just over two years ago thing in my profile. I joined when I came in here rated at 60 percent, 50 percent anxiety/depression and 10 percent tinnitus. Through your support and guidance I was able to cognitively pursue this recent award up to 100 percent anxiety/depression p&t and 60 percent additional qualifying me for the other schedule award of $300 a month. I COULD NOT have done this without your patience, guidance, understanding and even putting up with some of my worst moments (many that I hid). Good luck to any who are starting on a similar journey or are facing setbacks you can't understand. There is light at the end of some of these VA tunnels.
  4. out_here04

    Got The P&t Decision Envelope

    another question is, should i NOD the decision based on the date being just recently and i had actually applied for tdiu about three years ago, would that be some backpay issue? i have been rated 100 percent temporary schedular for anxiety/depression for about two years with backpay to about three years.i also get statuatory housebound for having other issues totaling up to 60 percent in addition to 100.
  5. out_here04

    Got The P&t Decision Envelope

    wife finally brought in the mail and in it was the decision envelope from my dreaded c&p examination ...and it says i have been rated 100 percent anxiety/depression has not changed and that i am now rated permanent and total. this was followed by: "basic eligibility to dependents' educational assistance is established from (feb. date of exam)." the blue pages with the rating decision reads: "basic eligibility to dependents' education assistance is granted as the evidence shows you currently have a total service-connected disability, permanent in nature. we have granted an effective date of (feb. date of exam), the date the evidence shows you are permanently disabled." so, i have that to celebrate, i guess. other questions now coming up are: as far as DEA, my wife could use this but we would really like our daughter to use it. but she is married and turns 26 in june, the last year (if she qualifies as a dependent)., there are waivers i've heard but would the experts please repost the applicable va regs dealing with this? thanks for all support, out_here04
  6. out_here04

    May Roll Call

    and I am, too
  7. out_here04

    Near Augusta Ga Vamc

    http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/governme...ed?v=1271806197 an Augusta Chronicle story on the issue.
  8. I sent this news item to tbird already: Tbird, I'm just the messenger, but I heard something on the news this morning regarding a proposed home for homeless veterans, I believe near an existing large building near the Charlie Norwood VAMC in Augusta, GA. I can't find it yet on their website or in the local newspaper, the Augusta Chronicle, or the other affiliates yet. The "Uptown VA" in the following report is the Charlie Norwood VAMC in Augusta, Georgia, off of Wrightsboro Road. This short report doesn't go into whether the VA, itself, is behind the plan. From NBC Augusta, Channel 26, Morning News, April 21, 2010: "Last night Augusta commissioners put talks on hold for a project that would provide a home to homeless veterans. Commissioners heard plans to re-construct an old building for homeless veterans on Maryland Avenue, near the Uptown VA. But some neighbors oppose the plan. Opponents say the area already has too much traffic and the plan could pose a safety issue for children.A decision should be made by the commission at their next meeting which is in two weeks."
  9. i got 50 percent for sleep apnea based on complaints documented in my service medical records of "lethargy, lack of concentration", associated with my anxiety/depression issues and was also not put on cpap until after i retired: first through tricare and then through vamc.
  10. "I had all of the symptoms of sleep apnea while on active duty and was seen several times and prescribed multiple medications for sleep problems." not seeing the vagueness here if this, as it should be, is documented in service medical records.
  11. out_here04

    April Roll Call

    late but here, waiting to hear on follow-up to 100 temp award c&p
  12. truth to light is a natural occurance. the pen is mightier than the sword, brick by brick. there are many other reasons, parceled in such analogies, which support such a story, even it is carried by what some say is a biased network in the first place. good luck to bronco or any who choose to go forward to tell the story of many veterans by example of their own experiences.
  13. thanks, climbing off of the ceiling now
  14. A year or so ago, I was granted 100 percent temporary schedular for service-connected anxiety/depression. This was back-payed to about two years before I was scheduled for another c&p exam, which was about a month and a half ago. 1) Is two years about the time for a re-evaluation of an initial 100 percent decision (up-graded from an original 50 percent)? 2) Should a regular re-evaluation via the c&p be termed on the paperwork from QTC, the contract that does these c&ps, as "re-open"? 3) I guess I'm paranoid that VA would have a reason/red flag/etc., to schedule a c&p so soon after the initial 100 percent award. For example, maybe I was too "normal" during some VAMC visits. This although a recent VAMC psychiatrist said I should definitely not work and was going to put in appointment notes that my condition is "static", supporting TDIU, I suppose. The 100 percent temporary-granting decision packet said the reason I was not granted TDIU (which I was claiming for) was because I "may improve". I intend to forward the VAMC psych notes to the VARO deciding on the c&p results. This is in case the appointment was later than when they possibly requested any recent psych info from VAMC. The c&p psych examiner said my anxiety is the same, depression is worse and that he would annotate that. Is VARO likely to favor award of TDIU with or without the VAMC psych notes or would I probably have to NOD? 4) During the c&p exam, the psychiatrist examiner asked seemingly prying questions about things that seemed from in my service medical records regarding my talking with military psych doctors about childhood issues during sessions/group therapy: "rate your relationship with your parents", "you've always worried even back to childhood", to which I told him "to some degree". My thoughts on this are, I have always reacted to negativity -- who doesn't? I entered service, gave a blank check for my life and any baggage I experienced in childhood were not psychological in nature when I entered service. In other words, the military "broke" me, not my childhood. Of particular note, a VAMC psychologist screened me as PTSD from viewing some things on active duty which are documented with a "buddy statement" from a previous OIC. My mention of anything of childhood nature was during when I self-referred myself to mental health (as encouraged by the military system) with military career-related concerns in order to be a better troop. In other words, I was the "brave warrior" who sought mental health treatment (despite the continued stigma attached) instead of the alternative of acting out or worse. If VA used that (childhood experiences)against everybody, quite a few would be (and probably are) denied claims, but I could see it as a tactic to deny claims or even charge fraud. I completed 23 years of active duty, despite any or all of this. The c&p examiner sort of apologized and said he was not saying that my anxiety/depression was not service-connected. He actually said it just before he admitted he was not supposed to suggest meds (which he did suggest, telling me "if you were my patient..."), so he may have just asked the question as a compassionate doctor. He did sound "vet-friendly" at the conclusion of the c&p, saying "I'll get this out in about an hour." Your thoughts? 5) During the c&p my wife and I agreed that I have trouble with keeping up with finances, income tracking. Would this have me deemed "incompetent"? If so, is this being Baker Acted? 6) About how long does it take for a decision on the c&p to be decided? I apologize for the confusing nature of this post. Thanks for any insight, suggestions.
  15. c&p tomorrow. rescheduled to this one. whatever comes of it comes of it. thanks for all insights.

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