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  1. That is why the veteran will require their doctor to write a NEXUS letter. Most doctors will not do it. You can also get a Nurse Practioner or Physical Assistant to write it as well. Better yet, you write it and bring in the supporting documentation. Have the doc's admin assistant put it on his/her letter head and ask them to sign it. If your going to have more than one provider sign the statement, have more than one NEXUS letter written up. If the VA believes it's a form letter, they will put little value on it.
  2. Here are more studies you can cite. All from docguide: t least one in three people with Type 2 diabetes mellitus referred to a diabetes centre has symptomatic obstructive sleep apnoea; Storgaard H, Mortensen B, Almdal T, Laub M, Tarnow L; Diabetic Medicine (Apr 2014) Tags: Diabetes Sleep Apnoea Read/Add Comments | Email This | Print This | PubMed | Get Full Text AIMS To investigate the prevalence of symptomatic obstructive sleep apnoea in unselected patients with Type 2 diabetes referred to a tertiary diabetes clinic. METHODS In a cross-sectional design, all newly referred
  3. I disagree with Veldrina. You can go to the web site docguide.com and set yourself up as an administrator and do a search between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes Below is one such study. You can then use this study to have a NEXUS letter written to show the link between the two. there are several studies out there that support the link. Impact of Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes Renee S. Aronsohn 1, Harry Whitmore1, Eve Van Cauter1, and Esra Tasali1 1 Department of Medicine, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois Rationale : Obstr
  4. When they say you don't have a current diagnosis, the last time you were diagnosed was over five years ago. Get rediagnosed with all your issues. Also you need to get a nexus letter done for all your issues. Have the provider site all the examples you say you submitted to include your service medical records. If an event took place during active duty such as a rape and you reported it, then you need to get a copy of the investigation or the report you submitted. The VA is reluctant to grant service connection on the basis of your saying it took place w/o any tangable evidence. You need t
  5. I would fax to 540-597-1792 that you request the claim be expidited due to age. Inform the DVA the veteran is 88 yrs old. You will need to put his name, Address, Claim #, dated and signature on it. If the man is near death, a letter from his doctor stating he has less than 30 days to live so the DVA can expidite the claim. He will need to have one of the cancers listed below to qualify for the radiation-exposed veteran. They might not have to do a C&P exam if you/he provided medical evidence he as an active cancer(s). If he is near death, he can have his claim adjudicated in less
  6. If you wish to appeal, I would write the following: I wish to file a NOTICE of DISAGREEMENT with the rating decision dated MM/DD/YYYY. I wish to appeal the following issues: I wish to have the Decision Review Officer (DRO) adjudicate my appeal. In support of my claim, I have been going to the (give name of the VAMC) since to present. These records will describe the nature and severity of my condition. In my denial, it states there is no current diagnosis of this issue. You will see that I have been diagonsed with the following for my feet (list the diagnosis). If necessary
  7. If your husband died of a Service Connected Disability or a Presumptive Illness, you should file for DIC. You will need a copy of his WD 53-55 or DD 214 or Statement of Service (if you don't have one, go on line to Google and type in DD214. Go to Archives and fax in a SF 180 requesting a copy). You will need a copy of the Marriage certificate, Death Certificate and if either one of you has been divorced, copy of your divorce decrees for each spouse each time they/you have been married. If your husband did not die of a service connected disability or a presumptive illness but you believe w
  8. Your husband is wasting his time filing for an increase for Tinnitus. The US Supreme Court ruled in January 2008 that the rating is only 10%. The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims was the only court that agreed with the DAV that it should be 20%. Between 1992 and 1999 you could get a rating of 0%, 10% or 20% but you had to have a head injury. Then in 1999 congress changed it to 10%. You have a better chance with an increase for Bilateral Hearing Loss. Best of luck.
  9. Rpowell, You should also look at filing for SSDI. If you were in OEF/OIF, let SS know about this and you will go faster. Also let them know about your VA claim so SS can use this information to help adjudicate your claim. Should you be turned down, get an attorney. They will not take the case if they don't think they can win. It is better to get 80% of something than have 100% of nothing. Best of luck.
  10. Westcoast, My record speaks for itself. I am sought out among all the offices in Northern Virginia. May veterans will not go to the DAV and are ignored by the VFW and AL since all they want to do is BDD and Quickstart claims. Having done well over 7350 claims and have very few claims come back totally rejected. I don't feel like I'm being arrogant by pointing out opinions listed as facts. Carlie went into to Hadit to see that I had not been log into it since April, yet their privacy statement says that no one will use my personal information. Yet she did. Fact is, with the best of int
  11. SPECIAL MONTHLY COMPENSATION isn't +!!!! You put down 100% + SMC. Again, giving an opinion not facts shows you don't know how to present information. As for getting people their IU back when they are working it was because it was marginal employment and if they get audited, the next person could state it isn't marginal employment. Also, it the individual works in the marginal employment too long, the DVA will state that is gainful employment. You have helped people w/o credentials. Try and do a 21-22 now if your not credentialed. It will be rejected. Look up the latest 21-22. Si
  12. Interests:I enjoy researching and debate of claims for Clear and Unmistakable Error (C&UE). Service Connected Disability: 100+ Branch of Service: USA YOUR RIGHT. So why do you state your 100%+?
  13. In January of 2008, the US Supreme Court ruled on a DAV suit that Tinnitus is only a 10% rating. Appealing for more is a waste of time. It is my experience that people don't know what is expected of them when they do a C&P exam and they talk TOO much and give out information that is determental to their claim. See the link below and look up every issue the DVA will do a C&P exam on. If you feel the exam was done incorrectly, get the local fax number to your RO (or fax to the Roanoke RO at 540-597-1792) with a statement from you as to why you should get a second C&P exam. Don
  14. You guys missed the point. I do this for a living. I used to do development for the BVA prior to the Appeals Management Center. I also have done claims since 9/2005. I've also worked for the Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) at Walter Reed. I've seen a lot and I don't give advice that is based upon opinion. Carlie does. If you read her profile it says so. It also says she is 100%+. There is no 100%+. Also, I stated, if you do your research yourself, you will find that the questions asked on this forum are repeatedly asked. On both HADIT and YUKU. Why not read these answeres. Y
  15. carlie You don't know what your talking about. As I have posted, you can also read the information that has posted on HADIT's sister site. You all really need to read the old postings. These subject keep on coming up over and over again. Really, if you read the old postings, you wouldn't get the same wrong answers from people who don't know what they are talking about. If you need to look up the CFR, go to google, type in ecfr, go to 38 CFR then Ch 3. Instead of asking baracks lawyers, why not do some research first, then ask the moderators (who USED to work for the DVA). When I hav
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