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  1. Present from Georgia; hope everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  2. Interesting information from this DRO's perspective. He makes valid points on numerous cause and effect of the delays as far as the lack of "trained" personnel are concerned. The two parts of his statement that caught my particular attention are: 1) where he mentioned appeals could get "loss" in the VBMS / VBMS-R system due to "who" is inputting and the office (or person) who is authorized to input them having no knowledge an appeal is in that system until the Veteran Representative inquire of the status or they go in the system about a different claim. 2) where management pulled all DROs to assist with initial claims backlog and for 6 months no appeals were worked in his office except on a "case by case" basis if it met the criteria of what they considered "priority" (homeless Vet, Wounded, financial difficulty, etc).
  3. i would recommend you go to the ebenefits "FAQ" page to see if that is one of the topics they have an answer for; i have gotten "certificate error" messages but haven't seen that message before.
  4. 11cvolley, the decision approval time could vary from 60 days to a year or more depending on many factors with the VA in my opinion and from my dealings with them. I don't know if it would be any faster, but if it was faster, it would not be the "norm"; again, this is just my own humble opinion.
  5. Congratulations; I always recommend this site to all the Soldiers that are in the process of transitioning (retiring or ETS'ing) from the military service.
  6. Congratulations and thanks for your service.
  7. Hello to all from Georgia. The weather is changing and that is great. Wishing all Veterans much success on their claims too.
  8. Present from Ohio visiting family. Hope everyone is enjoying summer.
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