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  1. I live in a city within 30 miles of VA clinic, in the Palo Alto VA service area. I quit using them because I am about 60 miles from Palo Alto VA Care, the traffic is always congested, or using the bumpty shuttle, tying up an entire day, etc. Mather (about the same distance) is getting hard as well, as the wife drives and she is having med issues of her own. Although an easier drive for us, less traffic. (Note this below) The local Clinic does not provide the specialty care, like a cardiologist, so we go to Mather VA. for my primary and specialty care. Yet if I had a local Dr. he would know my history when I am in the ER, I could be seen more often, I could make contact to his office eaiser. (Note this below) I am a VN vet, 71, and having heart issues, was in emergency 2 weeks back, passed out, etc. I would have to go all the way to Mather VA to be seen there for follow up, long delays, etc. I am told the Choice program for seeing local care is: Not eligible because you are near a clinic. Yet I read I could be eligible if,... 1. If the local clinic "RULE 40 MILE FROM SERVICE, OR OVER 30 DAYS TO APPOINTMENTS "lack of available specialists," long wait times, or extraordinary distances. 2. "You face an unusual or excessive burden in traveling to the closest VA medical facility" based on a geographic challenge, environmental factor, >>>>>>>>>>"medical condition,"<<<<< or other specific clinical decisions. https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/39882/10-things-know-veterans-choice-program/ While it seems I meet the criteria, the Choice manager seems to ignore the language written into the act. My Primary care Dr. said I should try and get Fee Based, but I feel Choice should be doing this. My cardiologist doesn't mind. When I pressed the Choice manager on those two issues, he finally gives in and starts telling how hard it will be to get local treatment, the hoops, etc. I feel like I am pulling teeth with that guy & he is unsupportive. Any ideas on how to proceed here? Thanks!
  2. l want to show you this important link, Wish well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl8Y8I_TsjI
  3. I am 100%, and VA Care has been excellent. Problem is I have a very bad heart, just got out of the local private hospital after an emergency and five day stay. I need a local cardiologist, not one 60 some miles away (I don't drive, ride shuttle), I need a local pace maker dr., not one half way across the state. I need local dental care as well. The primary dr. is 20 miles away at the VA clinic. I am getting to weak to make the trips, I need to be seen more often, and I need a dr. & cardio dr. that are local and available when I have an immedient problem, and who know my case, who can come to emergency with full knowledge of my med background. So is it possible to get this done, and how do I get it done? I have been trying for 4 years and meet resistance.
  4. I want to add this, not as a scare tatic, but it does sound like some vets claims are being shredded by the VA. I am sure we will learn more about this in the coming weeks. VA claims found in piles to be shredded By Rick Maze - Staff writer Posted : Friday Oct 17, 2008 8:02:15 EDT Department of Veterans Affairs regional offices have been ordered to immediately stop shredding documents after an investigation found some benefits claims and supporting documents among piles of papers waiting to be destroyed. http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/10/mili...edding_101608w/ Wishing the best to all our veterans, and Welcome Home to many of you veterans! Banchie 67' VN
  5. Hi! I want to thank you all for your help and good suggestions. I will pass it onto him & wish him well. I really apreciate you alls help!!! I always feel like I am a brother here, and i am.
  6. Hi! I had a vet move in across from me and he says he didn't know he had cancer when he enlisted. At some point he had a complete induction medical exam. Several months later while in boot camp the military discharge him on medical grounds of cancer. The VA claims even though he had the exam, the short time period served is not enough for benefits or connection. Ever hear of a vet being denied after having passed an induction exam and serving in the military? The VA has got the guy believing he has nothing coming, even though he served for a short while.
  7. Thank You Bertha! Looks like not, but will give her the info anyway. Thank you again.
  8. Hi Brothers & Sisters. My life has improved so much thanks to all of you! A slight tear there, sorry. ;) One of my brother veterans died with his power of attorney assigned to his wife. He was wounded in Nam in the leg and received disability benefits for leg wounds & PTSD. He died of cancer before I could get him A/O connected (was filing the paperwork on presumption). His rate for leg wounds never increased over his lifetime. The VA has since cut his wife off from any VA benefits. Is this correct? Here is a women who endured a PTSD veteran, and cared for him dying of cancer in her home. Is she entitled to anything? Pension or VA compensation coupled to power of attorney? Thanks for your help in advance. Banchie VN 67-68'
  9. Hi, as some here know after a 39 year paper battle with the VA I won my 100% PTSD claim. I was at 30% disability, then I got a C&P exam that bumped me to 50%. I immediately appealed, and using the only evidence I was allowed to submit (Three witness letters of behavior), I was given the 100% disability rating with NO further C&P exams. Well it just got better. I had a heart attack in 1997 in a VA Rehab program & I have contended that according to the Code I suffered an "injury" and should be compensated. Although the VA finally paid the bill well over $100,000. for surgery, they have been denying that they held any responsibility. The DAV has notified me that the VA has now accepted responsibility, "Service connection for ischemic heart disease, status post-coronary artery by-pass, congestive heart failure and ischemic myopathy is granted with an evaluation of 100% effective March 2005." The VA also caved in and recognized "entitlement to special monthly compensation based on housebound criteria being met is granted from December 29, 2005." I doubt the VA would have given in without me having won the 100% PTSD claim in the first place. Ultimately, when I die from heart related problems this will insure my wife is taken care of. The 100% also means I am now entitled to some medical treatments previous denied by the VA.
  10. 1.Hi! Yes, there is a stapled package containing a Chapter 35 of title 38 US Code about dependents edu. assistance program. 2.Another stapled package states "100% Schedular rating granted." 100% PTSD 3.Another stapled package is a BVA for ISSUE: Evaluation of PTSD - Then toward the end: DECISION: PTSD increased to 100% It has a form to appeal, but I don't see why I would do that. I'll call all of these people tomorrow and try to get the ducks in a row, and call my DAV rep.
  11. Hi! Thanks for the nice comments about my successful 100% PTSD you all contributed to. Yep, I have a VA document saying 100% schedular rating granted for service connnected compensation Dated July 10, 2006. Today I get a C&P Exam notice dated July 13, 2006, as a request from the VA Regional office. Exam date July 25, 2006. I thought once they awarded you 100% comp., that finallized it, and they don't bug you with anymore exams?????????????? I also received another VA notice letter dated July 11th that they received my application for benefits and deciding if they want additional evidence. ps. Maybe they are just trying to give me a heart attack so they don't have to pay me benefits :(
  12. Yes, its a victory for me. I fought the VA since the day I got home from nam on this PTSD. Several months back they mailed me a box with 28 pounds of paper evidence and said not to re-submit it anymore, it has been reviewed. I had a C&P in 2005 and they moved me from 30% to 50% last year, and in that letter they explained what they would accept for 80% & 100%. I sent off an appeal in Jan. giving them a description with examples for everything they had on their list for 80% & 100% that was the same as my PTSD symptons. Today I get a letter, they gave me 100% PTSD with no C&P exam, nothing. As for me, it is about time, and 40 years late, as nothing has changed in my behavior in that time. I am astonished, simply in a friggin daze. My Vietnam war is finally over, I hope. Thanks for the support given here. Banchie
  13. Hi! I have been in and out of Hadit site for several years, and I have learned a lot. B) I haven't won a 100% with the VA for PTSD yet, it has been years, and it is slow coming. I am now at 50% and still crazy as a loon and heavily sedated. B) But the good news is I won my social security claim largely because of my PTSD, and the good hearted judge will make them pay me all the way back to 1990! I am not getting my hopes up, and a month has passed now without the check, but I figure it must be around (1000mthX12X16yrs) $192 thousand dollars. Maybe they can't count that high. Then I guess uncle sam tax's takes his near half, and luckily most of the medical treatment has been paid by the VA, so a little social SDI medical to repay. In any case, it is a sunny day in my dark bunker. For years I tried doing it alone, and finally I found an advocate to help me. Otherwise I would have given up again, so I owe my success to them and all the records I have maintained to support my claims. The judge ordered two hearings in my case, and the people who were to defend SS, both sided with me. In any event, thanks to all the peoples input from T-Birds site, I am still learning things here.
  14. I got my two minutes of C&P. I vaguely remember him asking me if I was in combat and marriage problems. I think the way to approach these guys is to take a shopping list and either leave it on their desk so they have to enter it in the record, or insist the guy listen to your story. I moved from 30% to 50% in 2 minutes. Now I will go after my other 50% & unemployabiity. I think I told him I was disabled since 1990. Not sure. I have the DAV doing my case and set about a rebuttle soon. Like the new board!!
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