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  1. I am sorry if I chose the wrong post. I am a 46 yr old woman married to a 100% vietnam veteran for 22 yrs I have been a stay at home mom and I am interested in becoming a Veteran's service officer. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Thank You
  2. Jim goes Wed for a PET scan at the Va to check the tumors on his lungs, I think that when we get the results back we will decide where to go from there. He is already 100% TDIU I'm not sure how a rating would change anything. We have guessed AO all along for the fact that he hasn't smoked in over 33 years We'll see what happens. Aimee
  3. I wonder how this new information will help my husband. He filed for SC COPD due to AO about two years ago and got denied. Aimee
  4. I would be glad to share with you. First it has to be ordered by the Dr. and why it is necessary, that order is sent to the prostetics dept. They are the ones that handle the HISA grants. We went to prostetics and got a small packet of papers with a very small one page application. We were told to get 2 estimates from contractors with very specific instructions. We turned in the applications with the estemates and in about 2 weeks we were called from the prostetics supervisor and told to give the contractors the go ahead and start. When they were finished, Jim had to go in to the VA and sign off that he was happy with the work. The VA proceeded to pay them immediatley by credit card. Now keep in mind that he had tried to do this 2 years ago and the guy working in prostetics, said that they could not do it and gave us the runaround and of course out of discouragement we gave up. Something told me to try at it again. This guy in prostetics was so very nice and helpful. Thats about it. Aimee
  5. I just want to let everyone know that my husband got his grant through HISA approved. We had a central air conditioner installed, an electronic aircleaner, and a humidifier for the furnace. We also had a new breaker box installed as we had the old fuse box and it would not accomodate the air conditioner. We were told by the VA at one time that they would only do window air contioners so now we have found out different. My husband is 100% SC P&T but this was for non-SC COPD. Aimee
  6. There is where the crazy thing comes in. He was rated in 2003 at 0% SC for hearing. The guy that tested him show him a paper today that said that they had denied his claim and showed him that he was not rated at 0%. We have a rating from Cleveland from 2003 that said that he was 0%. We even got the free life insurance based on this NEW claim. Someone is really screwed up Thank you Aimee
  7. Ok here we go, husband is 100% TDIU & P&T. Went for a hearing test in 2003 and was rated by the Cleveland Regional Office, SC at 0%. Went for a hearing test today and was told that he had a paper that said he was denied for SC and showed him where he was not rated at all for his hearing. He also had Jim's services records from when he was discharged where it stated that he had significant hearing loss. His hearing tested fine before entering the service. Jim has never seen these records. Now where do you think we should go with this? The guy that gave the hearing test seems to think that Jim should have been SC all of these years for his hearing. Thank you Aimee
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