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  1. Just wanted to provide a followup on the Mission Act for Dental Care I mentioned in this post. Everything I have read doesn't mention anything about dental care. Well today I received a call from the Chief Dental doctor at the VA Hospital I use. He told me he will allow outside dental care for me, but VA will need to find a provider in my area first that they will approve. We'll see how that goes.
  2. GeekySquid Thanks for all the help, information and expertise. My skin condition is not secondary to anything, It is a stand alone SCD. The screen shot from ebenefits is exactly as it appears. Minus the 100% blue circle. The letter I received the other day from the VA states 100%, records show you are not unemployable. Not sure how the VA can jump to that from TDIU not employable. So from being rated now at 100%, SMC-s is a moot point?
  3. GeekySquid This is what and how it is listed on ebenefits now as of the 100% award. Prior ebenefits screen a few years ago under TDIU may have been different, I’m not sure what that looked like then. Notice Related to column is blank. Yes I was 90%TDIU than bumped to 100% after the 50% feet award. Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date 0% Service Connected 01/31/2001 0% Service Connected 07/28/2010 40% Service Connected 10/10/2002 10% Service Connected 08/28/2003 50% Service Connected 03/06/2014 0% Service Connected 04/12/1978 60% Service Connected 03/07/2012 50% Service Connected 04/28/2004
  4. GeekySquid Good Morning, I was just reading over my award letter from 4 Nov. 2014, retro to 1 Oct. 2011. Which granted me 100% TDIU from my 90% rating. In the decision it states that all of my service connected disabilities were considered in my award. I have 8 separate SC disabilities totaled up to 210%. plus 1 SMC-K. Does this mean that I can not use the 60% plus my now 100% rating to file for SMC-S? Since the 60% was used in my combination total TDIU award. 0% Service Connected 01/31/2001 0% Service Connected 07/28/2010 40% Service Connected 10/10/2002 10% Service Connected 08/28/2003 50% Service Connected 03/06/2014 0% Service Connected 04/12/1978 60% Service Connected 03/07/2012 50% Service Connected 04/28/2004
  5. GeekySquid "In effect, based on what you say here, you have a STATUTORY right to SMC(s). " So from what you said (above) the VA should have automatically awarded me SMC(s) from 2011 when I was rated TDIU or when I was awarded 100% around 2015. Is this why you think this is a CUE claim?
  6. Everything posted is correct. I just don't know if I can pull stuff together like I use to. I haven't filed a claim that amounted to anything in 5 years. Since my 50% award in 2014-2015. Once I received my 100% rating I kinda felt, Ok now I'm done. This SMC(s) has peaked my interest.
  7. GeekySquid Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to file the regular route. I don't feel confident enough to file a CUE.
  8. Thanks for all the advise. I'm going to get stuff together and file for SMC(s), via the 60% rule. Can't hurt to try.
  9. I have looked at the SMC-S before but saw there was form for "house bound" that needed to be filled out by a doctor. Are you saying that is not required if you have a 60% rating for one disability? Why wouldn't the VA grant SMS(s) automatically knowing that I qualified for it?
  10. GeekySquid Yes I just check the Letters on ebenefits and it shows 100% P&T, and no future exams. No where do I see the TDIU list anymore. I do also have a single 60% rating for one of my disabilities. But I don't feel I meet the standard for SMC-S.
  11. Fee Base is provided when the VA allows you to be treated by and outside Dentist or maybe something else, that they per approved. The outside Dentist needs to agree to the VA payment schedule for covered treatments. It take a week or so to set it up unless the VA already has a provider approved in your area. They don't like using it a lot. They stopped mine after a few visits. I liked it, I guess that's why they stopped it.
  12. Called the VSO and they were no help at all. I know why I didn't use them much in the past. So I placed a call to the VA directly and asked if my TDIU was Mooted. She looked over my file at the dates I gave her and said yes, you are not listed as Unemployable anymore. You are now listed as 100% permanent and total. She said once you receive the 100% rating the TDIU goes away. I asked for a letter on VA letter head that states that and within 3 hours I had one emailed to me. She told me that many Veterans rated at 100% are working part time and full time with no issues. Hope this helps someone else. Thanks On a side note: Does anyone know why the VA has not put Dental into the Mission Act? I've had so much trouble with the VA Dental allowing me to receive fee based care. I travel almost 2 hours per appointment. The Chief Dentist told me on the phone a few years back, if you don't like the care here you can go on the outside and pay for it yourself.
  13. Yes on e benefits my rating shows final 100% degree rating too. Do you know anything about spouse receiving DIC for 100% P&T rated Veterans? I believe I was told that in the past. If a Veteran passes before the 10 years to receive DIC it has to be from a service connected issue. But after 10 years they can receive DIC.
  14. Buck52 Thanks for the reply. I do use e benefits, but I don't see anything marked EOB in the search area. It does state on VA letter head e benefits allows you print that I'm still P&T and no future exams. I see nothing about TDIU, just 100%. When I was first rated TDIU, I was rated at 90%. After my last award of 50% it changed to 100%.
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