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  1. they to just try that say i put in a nod. got letter in the mail say they are process my nod file may 2 2012. had to go down and get that take care just got letter again on this . but no letter for the grant issue. and wht could i nod i dont have a claim wth ro. that crazy
  2. i hear you it is as if my granted issue has disappear. i have nothing in my hand even say they working it. call 1800 today told decision mail out may 18 still nothing i am lost. if i dont hear something by the first i am calling news guy that help people out. you no iam on my last hope. or i guess a writ of mandus would work. got to get more info on this tho.
  3. i still have not rec anything this is crazy.. had a nice trip tho. will see wht happen next week.
  4. now i went down there today talk to same lady was told someone look a my folder and tho i put in a nod. so i ask her on wht. your claim is for eed is wht she say i say no the bva award for my appeal. she leaves a comes back and tell me it on some one desk been worked told me two week. had me sign a statement again. but all in all i was told nothing. i just left before i lost it. last she say you have a big retro it needs the director to sign. i say the bva judge has already sign it just process it and walk out. i am go away for a week to relax. maybe 2 when i come back i should have a letter or some thing.
  5. i am on fire right now do you no they have started appeal i look on e benfits it in the first stage. i get a letter say they rec my application for benfit and it will tae time to develop. i just when 5 years at bva got granted. now the va has open a appeal this is crazy. i m goin down there. i might go to jail,. this is a granted fro bva how can the ro do this. on decision granted iu 1993-2001 bva wht is the ro doin
  6. i believe the same. i have big retro due from them. and because of there mistake now there goin to hold up my payment i sse it. i went in there a when the lady put in my number it was like she seen a ghost. lol i have a trick for this to my congress man has follow the case at the bva thet send him and me a copy of the granted decision. call his offices yesterday about to go there and put him up on this can see them playin after the phone call from his office. it been to long i dont have one letter after it was granted. all i got is alot of he say she say from 1800. no one say there workin it letter. thank for letting me venting.
  7. deanbrt have you rec anything from va on your granted appeal. i when down to va told a complete different story now told they got it may 2. i have the iris and bva iris to them told i am just wait on letter. now told it could be a month. this is bull now i have to still fight to get pay. they owe me 8 yr retro 100% when they made a mistake and pay me 100.00 for 8 yrs why i could not work. now its back with the people who mess it up nd i got to play there games again. this is mind games
  8. i was told today that the notifcation letter was done on apr 18 i still have not rec anything. told it take 14 day to process. but we will see. if i dont get anything by the 3rd i will make a trip up to ro. it has been month with not a letter say we rec your claim and will be workin them . i could noy really say there bak at the ro beause i havenot rec anything.
  9. i did a iris two week ago to bva . told folder at ro and they will forward iris to ro have not rec anything. did iris to ro 7 day ago still nothing crazy.i am goin to give them this week next i will go to ro to get some info.
  10. i have still not rec anything this is nuts. guess it will be 3 months any one no were i can find the 1994 pay table.
  11. i look on e benfits it say my folder is being return to va medical center. they dont handle retro. my cases was advance due to hardship the remanded came from amc to bva it was done 30 days. now wait three more month for them to send a folder to wrong place. the games va play. well why typing this i get return iris from bva say my folder at the ro now. and they forward my iris to ro. call 1800 after told this. now my folder got to ro apr 11. guess i was just bugging out. 3 yr of there games can do this to you lol.
  12. i got the the decision from bva on apr 2 there is nothing say who will handle the retro. i been two week and not a letter say anything. am i trippin no letter from amc or ro we rec your folder nothing is this right appeal gone off e benfits. or is this a long process two
  13. got the decision but not award letter or anything from amc or ro its like they granted it and i dont no how is to process my retro. look at e benfits i has tae down my appeal and say file is een send to va hospital. it looks liek they are still play game. now it will be with my folder i will bet u anything. it get granted why not send it to amc to process. the hospital doesnt process claims. man i believe this is going to be a long draw out process to get my retro i see it. nothing on decision about who goin to process it.
  14. rob if u were rated for ptsd when u apply and they did not look at the ptsd i would cue that iu decision. they must look at all of your services contected issue when apply for iu. not if you say it. its the law. this will get you that effective date back than. not the same as if you reapply it will be the date you put in the papers.
  15. berta my cases is at the courts to. a judge has it since dec. . when bva remaned iu claim they granted 10% for neck from 1993-2001.and granted my elbow. see the 10% for my neck had to be appeal to court 120 day something like that. and the court could look at the iu see as i was granted it 2001. bva hope i did not no that. it would have kill the neck issue. they hope i with draw the cases so the court will not dog them. basically the court are goin to granted the 70% from 1993-2001 not the 40% bva is try to give me
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