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  1. I was reading that there is a bill trying to be passed allowing space a travel for disabled vets. Has anyone heard if this bill was passed or may get passed? Also, are we allowed to use billeting on bases or places like Bellows Beach in Hawaii? Vicky
  2. It's called A/A, but I don't much of anything about it. I posted below you and want to know more also. I need to know the qualifications. Vicky
  3. Skunk, I totally understand how your feeling. It is frightening! My husband is battling stomach cancer and is going through chemo. He was diagnosed this past sep 08. The doctor removed 75% of his stomach and 22 lymph nodes. I'm mentally drained and depressed but I try my best to not show it. We have been together for 33 years. Hopefully your wife's tumor is not malignment. It took 3 admissions to the hospital for them to find it. The doctors said it was irritable bowel syndrome. What a joke. They do make mistakes so get a second opinion if you feel like you need one. My suggestion is to pray, pray, and pray some more. I truly believe that God was there with my husband and got him through so far. Also try to find the best doctors you can find. Luckily some great doctors fell in our laps (Again God). MD Anderson in Houston suppose to be the best cancer institute. Best of luck, Vicky
  4. I'm 100% p&t and my husband is disabled with stomach cancer. I applied for his social security and it was approved in 3 weeks. Does anyone know if I would qualify for the extra A/A pay for him and what exactly is this anyway? He is going through chemo now and is basically unable to do anything for himself. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Vicky B)
  5. If you have your injury in your records then that should be enough. Where are you applying for your compensation? I receive compensation for my back and many other injuries. Did you get a letter from the regional office stating you did not have enough proof? If so, then you may need to ask for another review or appeal. I appealed and got it, but it took forever. Vicky
  6. Hey guys/gals, I got my 100% pt and my age is 51 and the these are some of my health problems: major depression/ocd, back injury with sciatica, migraines, fibroymyalgia, sleep apnea, arthritis, carpal tunnel in both hands, sever tmj, heel spurs, left knee injury, right thumb limited motion, and high blood pressure. I think I left some others out. Do you think I have a chance of getting SSD? Do they consider all of my conditions together as a whole person? I have not filed yet. Oh yes, I just got approved for my Arkansas Teacher Retirement Disability too. Can ya give me some advice? Your help would be appreciated, since you were so helpful with my 100%. Thanks, Vicky
  7. I use Little Rock Women's Clinic and North Little Rock Fort Roots Mental Health and at both I have medical doctors. I don't think it has anything to do with gender, but staffing problems. Vicky
  8. What are my chances of getting social security disability now that I'm 100% permanent and total? Vicky
  9. I had my BVA hearing in Little Rock on Dec 4, 2007 and got my letter from the BVA Mar 5, 2008. I got my letter from Little Rock RO yesterday giving me 100%. The wait is not near as long as the wait for the hearing. But, once I received my letter Mar 5th it seems like it has been 2 years! lol Good luck, Vicky ( I haven't got my money yet!)
  10. Hey goofy, I feel your pain. I have fibromyalgia and I know exactly how you feel. I use Fort Roots North Little Rock Mental Health Clinic. I filed for depression in 2002 related to pain from my service connected disabilities and mainly my back. Well, I got my letter yesterday for 100% P&T. It took two appeals to BVA to get it. The RO denied my claim for depression because of pain in 2002 and then I appealed and won and got 50% and I wasn't happy with it so I appealed again and received 70% in Mar 08. Combined with my other ratings now I'm 100%. Don't give up. File a claim and and appeal it if necessary. I represented myself on both of my appeals and won both. I don't give up and don't you either. Do you have some other disability that you can connect your depression too? Dr. Oakum at LR Women's Clinic doesn't believe that fibromyalgia exists even tho the VA does. Figure that! I use Dr. Trigg at Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic and she is wonderful. Without her I could not have gotten my first appeal won. She treats me for my arthritis and fibromyalgia. She sent me to a sleep clinic for sleep apnea. I have it. She say's that sleep apnea makes fibroyalgia worst. It takes about 6-8 months to get an appointment with her, but it is worth it. Good luck, Vicky
  11. This was my second appeal on the same claim which I filed June 2002. It has been a long hard road but it's worth it. Vicky
  12. Thanks everyone for all your support and help. Please excuse me double posting this message. I clicked too many times. Vicky
  13. Pete, Thanks. Yes, I was. I will definetely hang around and try to help as much as I can. Your advice and knowledge sure helped me. I will be happy to help anyone that needs it. Vicky
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