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  1. Thank you for taking your time to write all this information. Much appreciated. Liz
  2. I am not seeking to increase my disability. I was just wondering if there is a possibility that my discharge from the military was wrong. I received severance pay and now I see where my military doctor before actual discharge stated I was medically retired. I was not medically retired. I was discharged with severance which the VA recouped.. I went through all the claims process like most of us here when I got out of the military. I had no further benefits from the Air Force. Everything was a VA issue. * I was questioning if it is reasonable or not to question the VA or military about my disc
  3. I am not sure what to do about this or if I should do anything. I was discharged for panic disorder in 1985. I received severance pay and told to go to the VA. I never met an AF medical Board nor had an AF. Medical Exam. I was at admitted William Beaumont Army Hospital in TX. That was the closest hospital to deal with my panic attacks. Plus the 5 different drugs that the AF had me on that I needed detoxed to make me able to function. I went through terrible withdrawal and had a stroke or Bells Palsy. No mention in my medical records. The Army doctor was scared he did wrong not slow
  4. My civic association needs a notary for occasional verification of forms. Can I take the class online and help with this or is it best not to with employability issues and being compensated for this through the VA for 14 years?
  5. I received this today and I sent in my response. It is settled. Thank you for getting the correct information so I can get the statements I need. Please let the 800 # processing center know this info so my records are correct. We had a bit of an arguement yesterday and that was unnecessary. I was made to feel like I did not know my status. I called the 800# to get an updated statement with my married name..REED. I need a statement that I am permanent and Total so I can get a parks pass. fishing Lic. and to have for my Tax exemption on my home. Also I need it to get a Florida Veterans Dis
  6. Yes; and Carlie this scares me. I do not feel confident that they are keeping my records safe and information up to date.
  7. I did send my marriage certicicate in when I was married in 2007. I sent it in again this week. I just requested a statement with permanent and total noted with my married name. The 800# said I was not permanent. I wrote ISIS they wrote back asking for my social and are looking at my file. I faxed and mailed all my documants on being permanent /total that I have to St. Petersburg Regional Office. Copy of my ID card, last statement I had with my maiden name that shows permanent a note that my husband has ChampVA and I have tax exemption on my home. I just asked for something simple and have to
  8. You are right and made me laugh today. I need cheering up. It is just that my name has to match my drivers Lic. for state business. I am having trouble getting a permanent fishing Lic. right now too because my VA letter does not have my new name. I should know what to do as I was a DVOP for 10 years. It seems easy doing things for others and when it involves me my anger foggs up my mind.
  9. I have been asked on many occasions from the county etc. to get a more recent dated statement of disablity from the VA.
  10. Mine is dated for some reason. The one I have has my maiden name and I need one with my married name. I thought I saved a copy when applying for ChampVa for my husband and ID cards etc. I only can find the one with my former name. It is dated.
  11. Thanks Jbasser . I did send in an IRIS message today through the VA web site. What scare me is they will agree with the processing center even though I have the paperwork showing P/T. That may be silly but no one know what the other one is doing any more(it seems). I do not think I would have all these benifts if someone did not know or agree I was P/T. I do not want them to tell me all this info I have been told/given is a mistake and my benifts taken away after 10 years. Times are too bad now to have lost benifits.
  12. I called the 800# today to request a new statement showing Permanent and Total. I was told P/T is not in their records. I have had these statements before under my maiden name for 10 years. When I married in 2007 I sent in all the paperwork etc. My husband is on ChampVA and I got my ID card with my new name. My husband has an ID card. I get Tax exempt on my home here in Florida. This scares me. I usually write for any request to St. Petersburg. Today I used the phone and their info differs. They insisted I was not permanent. I did not want to argue and told the rep. that. I faxed. St. Pete(
  13. Hi Pete...Liz here... I would have time to adjust to the change and lower my living standards which are just average at best before I turn 65. I would have to sell my home for sure and just exist. I just can not imagine how vets with a family can just change without stress ...losing so much money. I am alone.. but vets with family members...I can not imagine..
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