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  1. Thank you for taking your time to write all this information. Much appreciated. Liz
  2. I am not seeking to increase my disability. I was just wondering if there is a possibility that my discharge from the military was wrong. I received severance pay and now I see where my military doctor before actual discharge stated I was medically retired. I was not medically retired. I was discharged with severance which the VA recouped.. I went through all the claims process like most of us here when I got out of the military. I had no further benefits from the Air Force. Everything was a VA issue. * I was questioning if it is reasonable or not to question the VA or military about my discharge status.* It was such a mixed up situation just before my discharge. I was not even at my home base and when I got there I was "out on the street" in a short time. I was just wondering if what the Air Force doctor wrote in medical records at Davis Monthan Az. about being medically retired was possibly correct because he was in contact with the Army doctors that I saw at William Beaumont in Tx( who said I need to be discharged and I met a medical board there.). Possibly info did not get to personnel at Davis Monthan Az. in time to have a correct status on my discharge papers?, Is it to my benefit or not to question my military discharge status.? I am home a lot and this is anxiety and other issues working in my head. I do not mean to take up others time unnecessarily. Honestly really sorry . I am 100 percent compensated due to IU but at 80% s/c. through the VA. Permanent and Total. since 1998. This was gradual over 13 years of filing up to 1998. I am now 19 years out from my IU P/T Decision. I have not worked nor can I work. I have enough everyday just taking care of me as a job. My husband is kind and supportive. I see a psychiatrist and other doctors regularly for S/C issues and am getting into another VA group next week.
  3. I am not sure what to do about this or if I should do anything. I was discharged for panic disorder in 1985. I received severance pay and told to go to the VA. I never met an AF medical Board nor had an AF. Medical Exam. I was at admitted William Beaumont Army Hospital in TX. That was the closest hospital to deal with my panic attacks. Plus the 5 different drugs that the AF had me on that I needed detoxed to make me able to function. I went through terrible withdrawal and had a stroke or Bells Palsy. No mention in my medical records. The Army doctor was scared he did wrong not slowly getting me off the prescribed medications. Abruptly did me damage. Anyway...no help found for me so the army medical board said I need to be discharged. I went back to Davis Monthan for discharge. Had no physical. Just stayed home 3 weeks til my discharge. I received 20k severance and told to go to the VA. I did go to the VA and spent 5 months there. Applied for VA benefits at Palo Alto VA in CA. through the DAV.(1985 and part of 1986) Discharged from hospital Feb of 1986. Moved to New Mexico. Sought out VA Rep. to continue claim. Moved in 1986(Nov. to Rochester New York.). Was so messed up on prescribed medications did not ask for records to be sent from New Mexico. I was house bound but worked through it with help from VA. Do not know how I was found but received letter I was granted 70% s/c and got a little back pay. To make a long story short. My Rochester New York VA doctor did not want me working although I did last 3 years at the Post Office and 6 years as a veteran Rep. for the Dept. of Labor. He said I worked when I shouldn't and others do not want to work when they should. He demanded I stop to care for myself. I did and received P/T IU at the 80 percent rate. (Since 1998). I recently received records from St. Louis that I requested . I have at least 6 other s/c issues that I never filed a claim for. Anyway I do not want to rock the boat but wanted to have the documentation just in case IU is taken away at this late date. I am almost at 20 years. In this batch of paper work from St. Louis I see that my Air force doctor in 1985 said he recommended TDRL and that I WAS MEDICALY RETIRED. I never knew that. Could that be true and I was severanced instead by mistake? I had a total of 13 years with prior service. Should I be concerned at this point as I receive 100% compensation benefits through the VA.? Any input appreciated. Not sure if I am in the correct forum for this topic. Thank you. Elizabeth USAF-IDMT IU P/T
  4. My civic association needs a notary for occasional verification of forms. Can I take the class online and help with this or is it best not to with employability issues and being compensated for this through the VA for 14 years?
  5. I received this today and I sent in my response. It is settled. Thank you for getting the correct information so I can get the statements I need. Please let the 800 # processing center know this info so my records are correct. We had a bit of an arguement yesterday and that was unnecessary. I was made to feel like I did not know my status. I called the 800# to get an updated statement with my married name..REED. I need a statement that I am permanent and Total so I can get a parks pass. fishing Lic. and to have for my Tax exemption on my home. Also I need it to get a Florida Veterans Disabled card. Thank you for helping me...Elizabeth Reed. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Response (Department of Veterans Affairs) 05/12/2010 04:57 PM Dear Ms. Reed: This is in response to the inquiry you submitted on May 12, 2010, to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Thank you for your patience. We have heard back from your regional office and they have in fact verified that you are Permanent and Total. We are happy to assist you with your request, will you please respond to this inquiry and let us know what letters you are looking for, is it just the tax exemption letter or are there other letters you are requesting? Once we have heard back from you we will be able to be of further assistance in this matter. Thank you for contacting us. If you have questions or need additional help with the information in our reply, please respond to this message or see our other contact information below. Sincerely yours, E. J. Kruse National IRIS Response Center Manager mab
  6. Yes; and Carlie this scares me. I do not feel confident that they are keeping my records safe and information up to date.
  7. I did send my marriage certicicate in when I was married in 2007. I sent it in again this week. I just requested a statement with permanent and total noted with my married name. The 800# said I was not permanent. I wrote ISIS they wrote back asking for my social and are looking at my file. I faxed and mailed all my documants on being permanent /total that I have to St. Petersburg Regional Office. Copy of my ID card, last statement I had with my maiden name that shows permanent a note that my husband has ChampVA and I have tax exemption on my home. I just asked for something simple and have to go through all this to get something that should be easy. I have been P/T for 10 years. I came from Rochester N.Y to Florida. N.Y made my determination and sent my file to Florida. I know they must have all this info as I have not had trouble before with St. Pete; but I sent copies of what documents I have anyway so they see I am telling the truth. I did not like the arguement I received when I called the 800#. I was treated like I did not know my own situation.
  8. You are right and made me laugh today. I need cheering up. It is just that my name has to match my drivers Lic. for state business. I am having trouble getting a permanent fishing Lic. right now too because my VA letter does not have my new name. I should know what to do as I was a DVOP for 10 years. It seems easy doing things for others and when it involves me my anger foggs up my mind.
  9. I have been asked on many occasions from the county etc. to get a more recent dated statement of disablity from the VA.
  10. Mine is dated for some reason. The one I have has my maiden name and I need one with my married name. I thought I saved a copy when applying for ChampVa for my husband and ID cards etc. I only can find the one with my former name. It is dated.
  11. Thanks Jbasser . I did send in an IRIS message today through the VA web site. What scare me is they will agree with the processing center even though I have the paperwork showing P/T. That may be silly but no one know what the other one is doing any more(it seems). I do not think I would have all these benifts if someone did not know or agree I was P/T. I do not want them to tell me all this info I have been told/given is a mistake and my benifts taken away after 10 years. Times are too bad now to have lost benifits.
  12. I called the 800# today to request a new statement showing Permanent and Total. I was told P/T is not in their records. I have had these statements before under my maiden name for 10 years. When I married in 2007 I sent in all the paperwork etc. My husband is on ChampVA and I got my ID card with my new name. My husband has an ID card. I get Tax exempt on my home here in Florida. This scares me. I usually write for any request to St. Petersburg. Today I used the phone and their info differs. They insisted I was not permanent. I did not want to argue and told the rep. that. I faxed. St. Pete( processing center gave me the wrong fax# too). Not a good day. I sent them my last P/T statement received and a copy of my military ID card showing permanent That the VA authorized. I asked that they straighten out the processing center. I mailed the same info and I sent a message via the VA web site. I covered all my bases. I just get scared when my benifts are messed with. I am just venting...Did I do all that I can do???
  13. Hi Pete...Liz here... I would have time to adjust to the change and lower my living standards which are just average at best before I turn 65. I would have to sell my home for sure and just exist. I just can not imagine how vets with a family can just change without stress ...losing so much money. I am alone.. but vets with family members...I can not imagine..
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