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  1. I received this today and I sent in my response. It is settled. Thank you for getting the correct information so I can get the statements I need. Please let the 800 # processing center know this info so my records are correct. We had a bit of an arguement yesterday and that was unnecessary. I was made to feel like I did not know my status. I called the 800# to get an updated statement with my married name..REED. I need a statement that I am permanent and Total so I can get a parks pass. fishing Lic. and to have for my Tax exemption on my home. Also I need it to get a Florida Veterans Dis
  2. Yes; and Carlie this scares me. I do not feel confident that they are keeping my records safe and information up to date.
  3. I did send my marriage certicicate in when I was married in 2007. I sent it in again this week. I just requested a statement with permanent and total noted with my married name. The 800# said I was not permanent. I wrote ISIS they wrote back asking for my social and are looking at my file. I faxed and mailed all my documants on being permanent /total that I have to St. Petersburg Regional Office. Copy of my ID card, last statement I had with my maiden name that shows permanent a note that my husband has ChampVA and I have tax exemption on my home. I just asked for something simple and have to
  4. You are right and made me laugh today. I need cheering up. It is just that my name has to match my drivers Lic. for state business. I am having trouble getting a permanent fishing Lic. right now too because my VA letter does not have my new name. I should know what to do as I was a DVOP for 10 years. It seems easy doing things for others and when it involves me my anger foggs up my mind.
  5. I have been asked on many occasions from the county etc. to get a more recent dated statement of disablity from the VA.
  6. Mine is dated for some reason. The one I have has my maiden name and I need one with my married name. I thought I saved a copy when applying for ChampVa for my husband and ID cards etc. I only can find the one with my former name. It is dated.
  7. Thanks Jbasser . I did send in an IRIS message today through the VA web site. What scare me is they will agree with the processing center even though I have the paperwork showing P/T. That may be silly but no one know what the other one is doing any more(it seems). I do not think I would have all these benifts if someone did not know or agree I was P/T. I do not want them to tell me all this info I have been told/given is a mistake and my benifts taken away after 10 years. Times are too bad now to have lost benifits.
  8. I called the 800# today to request a new statement showing Permanent and Total. I was told P/T is not in their records. I have had these statements before under my maiden name for 10 years. When I married in 2007 I sent in all the paperwork etc. My husband is on ChampVA and I got my ID card with my new name. My husband has an ID card. I get Tax exempt on my home here in Florida. This scares me. I usually write for any request to St. Petersburg. Today I used the phone and their info differs. They insisted I was not permanent. I did not want to argue and told the rep. that. I faxed. St. Pete(
  9. Hi Pete...Liz here... I would have time to adjust to the change and lower my living standards which are just average at best before I turn 65. I would have to sell my home for sure and just exist. I just can not imagine how vets with a family can just change without stress ...losing so much money. I am alone.. but vets with family members...I can not imagine..
  10. Can someone please tell me simply what is being said about being unemployable and receiving 100% benefits...Am I going to be losing any VA Comp payments when I turn 65 even if I am Permanent and Total? I am 80% receiving unemployability benefits at the 100% rate since 1998. I am also receiving Social Security Disability. Thanks for answering my question.
  11. Kathy ; if you do not mind sharing where you live maybe someone from here can keep you company so you wont be so alone and you can have someone to talk to in person. It is hard around the holidays...Just a thought...Liz
  12. You might get a little more peeved knowing she will get extra compensation for loss of a vital organ.. Do you think woman can just ask for this surgery? Something had to be be wrong in order to get this operation. You should be concerned for your friend not peeved. I had a hysterectomy on active duty . I am 20 years past the fact and still having problems. A hysterectomy messes up your whole body system for life. You should read up on what can/will happen. It is no picnic. You do not know how someone feels or what is going on inside their body. Please do not be so judgemental unless you
  13. Thank you for easing my anxiety...for the moment..Gosh..so many Vets would be in a real bind..myself included... if such a thing should come about. I would have to go and find a husband to supliment my lower rating :) ...kidding aside...I would be in a real mess. Liz
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