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  1. Nice pic Navy, did you just update your profile and now we have a pic or has my 'head been in the cloud?'

  2. Hey Buck, great pic, am I just paying attention now or did you just change your pic?

    1. Buck52



      yeah I just change it a day or so ago, was just piddling in my profile.

      of course thats me about 45 years or so ago..I am all silver headed now and a bit ''wider''



  3. Happy Birthday, Hadit.com...!

    ...1st like to thank Tbird for listening to her 'gut' and bringing into being this awesome website for all us Vets to come too in our time of need when we need assistance with our claims or when we just need to share what's going on within' ourselves and we can 'dump' it and receive allot of wisdom from our bros/sisters whom has experienced similar, if not identical symptoms, events, exposures, etc,,,!

    ...2nd thank you Hadit.com for being there for me back in 2008 when I needed help with my 2 claims, which are just now seeing some 'movement/action' within the VARO, and for everyones participation on this impressive site...!

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