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  1. Will SC Veterans be able to go to commissary & exc if they have 0-99% sc beginning in 01/01/2020?

    1. vetquest


      No, there is an issue with security that the DOD has not worked out yet.  Therefore it might be some time this year when that happens.  Please see.


    2. broncovet


      We dont know.  I do know that my base exchange told me they were "behind on orders" because new Vets are now eligible for BX purchases online.  

      The obvious solution is to order from the Bx online.  They will deliver to you so you dont have to go on post.  

  2. I am 100% + 60 disable.Can my spouse be used as a care giver. If I am qualify, what papers do i have to fill out. Should i go see the VFW to get help since i am a member? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am Charles Wright. I am 100% disabled vet since 2004. I am about to adopt my grand daughter and will the VA pay for her college education?
  4. I am 100% with MDD plus 60, 100%+60 will the va pay my wife for homecare
  5. Is Medical marijuana legal in Louisiana? Can my PCP (personal doctor) prescribe it for veterans?
  6. Is medical marijuana legal in Louisiana for veterans?
  7. On 08/04/2017, I received a text message from my PCP doctor sayiny " Tramador is a narcotic/opoid medication so the VA requires certain things for that to be prescriped, such as a pain agreement to be signed and regular urine drug tests.. We do this for all of our veterans on narcotics". This is the reasons why I was called in for a regular urine drug test, I don't remember signing this agreement but I have no problem with this so I agree with the reasons they had me take this test, I want to thank all the veterans who had the time to reply to my message.
  8. Thanks Vync, what u are saying make a whole lot of sense. I will call a pharmacy & text my PCP at the VA & ask why, just as u stated. I will get back with the answers when I finish my research.
  9. I got a call today from VA Medical. I asked what the call was about & she said that since I am taking Tramadol, they want to do a urine drug screening test on me since I am taking Tramadol for pain. I asked her why are you all doing this and she said she does not know, " I am just following orders". Yes I am taking Tramadol for pain but I never heard of this before. I got to go give my urine for a drug screen within the next two days. Anybody out there have had to do this or heard of any veteran had to do this? I am wondering why's the VA doing this? What is this for?
  10. I got my money of 1528.60 for my back & knee last week. I live in New Orleans and I don't have any problem with the medical center here i
  11. To john999: Thx for the info. I was told to call the Pulmonary Dept who handles UARS and make an appointment with a pulmonologist. UARS is the beginning of OSA. Thx, now I can get the ball rolling.
  12. Does the VA provides oral appliances for veterans who's dx with upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS)? Thx
  13. What about depression? My depression is rated 100%, maybe depression can cause sleep apnea. I've been dx with sleep apnea and is about to get my cppap machine and mask.
  14. Can you get the disorder call "sleep apnea" as a secondary service connection? If yes, what would be your primary service connected disability?
  15. Dr Bash has done at least 2 IMO's for me. Beginning in 1978, I tried to get SC for my left knee & thigh but to no avail. In 1994, I found Dr Bash online. I paid him $4,000.00 for a IMO for my knee & thigh and was given 30%. I paid him $5000.00 for secondary SC for several disabilities in 1998 and received 160% T&C. I have received over $30,000.00 retro pay. What I paid him was worth it many times over. He is worth every penny I paid him and then some. Being 100% I get to stay at military motels all over the world for $39.00 per nite. I shop at any military commissaries, exchanges
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