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  1. Ebenefits Hacked?

    My bank is Navy Federal Credit Union. They didnot receive my direct deposit for May. According to the the VA, the change was made on ebenefit. They customer service rep changed my direct deposit back to NFCU and advised me to lock my ebenefit account, which I did. Now I have to wait for a decision from the fraud department at the VA. I have never heard of the Bancorp.com before this happened to me.The credit union has done nothing wrong the problem occurred when someone changed my direct deposit on ebenefit.
  2. Ebenefits Hacked?

    The password on my ebenefit account was changed. When I got in it showed my direct deposit was going to The Bancorp.com. I never heard of them. The VA sent my check to that bank. They are investigating. I have no idea when or if I will get my money back. I have locked my ebenefit account. I doubt I will ever use it again. I also don't know if it has happened to anyone else.
  3. Ebenefits Hacked?

    I did not get paid on May 1 because my direct deposit had been fraudlently changed on ebenefits. Has this happened to anyone else and how long before the VA fraud department authorized the money back to your correct account? Customer service at VA says it could be at least a month before I even hear from them. This is unacceptable!!
  4. No, I am not rated for any mental disability, although it is now evident that I suffer from depression secondard to my secondary to my service connected disability. Yes, I am rated for both lumbar strain and thoracic strain. The ortho C&P said I may be unable to work at some type of job secondary to my service connected disabilities. It like everyone is on the fence.
  5. Applied for unemployability...denied by RO...remanded by BVA for industrial survey.... results.....yes to problems with activities of daily living...no to total occupational and social impairment due to mental disorder...no to deficiencies in judgement, thinking, family relations, work, mood or school...yes to reduced reliability and productivity. Currently rated at 90%....thrombophilia 60%...lumbar strain 30%...bursitis of the right shoulder 10%...meniscus tear of the right knee 10%...thoracic strain 10%...osteochondroma of the left hip 10%...retropatellar pain syndrome of the left knee 10%...and neuropathy of the upper extremities 10% bilaterally. What are the chances for approval.
  6. Has anyone here ever won a claim for Lichen Planus?