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  1. I worked in fuels with JP4. I have similar symptoms to what you described regarding your husband. You said you had research can I ask what that was

  2. My husband started a claim in 2000, we fought it until he died in 2007. He worked on the flight line in Lakenheath AFB in England, working in the jp4, developed diabetes mellitus, then heart condition, neuropathy, hearing loss, etc. The last condition he developed was dementia with balance control, staggered gait, loss of speech, died in 2007. Kept the claim open, our VSO incomptetent, the whole lot of them was fired a couple of months ago, new group brought in but was advised to take files to Houston VSO office which I just returned from there. Husband had gotten a remand few years ago, VSO talked him out of dropping it. VSO in Houston has requested a hearing and says with the supporting documentation we have that I have a good case. An internal medicine doctor had written a letter stating it was more likely than not that his condition was service related. Have supporting research that confirms all his symptoms. Anyone that has any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm 64, can't get a job.
  3. Hello everyone. I had posted this in introductions and was advised to put it here. My husband was a jet mechanic in late sixties at AFB in Lakenheath, England. He contended that he worked on the planes that came from Vietnam and had AO. However, he had diabetes, later heart disease, neuropathy, then after several years of disturbing symptoms such as personality change, staggered gait, loss of balance and falling, slurring of speech, he was finally diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia where he finally was unable to speak. He finally passed away february 2007. We had two doctors who looked into his military records and felt that the jet fuel he was exposed to was the cause of the ftd and the screw up in his brain. After his death, the VSO did change the claim for me as well as filed for widow's pension. I received the award letter for the pension yesterday. I had almost given up and was in the process of writing to the Texas state senator and rep and had the letters ready to go about the case when the award letter showed up for the pension. I had been told it would take years to get the pension and probably never would get the claim filed on behalf of my husband so I guess I should feel lucky to have gotten the pension after a little over a year, huh?
  4. Hello to everyone. My husband was a jet mechanic in late sixties at Lakenheath AFB. Few years later he was dx with diabetes, then heart disease, and died last year of frontal lobe dementia. He had started a claim in 2000 but kept being denied. The claim is still open as he had letters from two doctors stating his condition was more likely than not caused from inhaling the fumes from the jet engines. VSO wanted him to get buddy letters stating he worked on the flight line but haven't been able to find any buddies. I filed for a pension last year but haven't gotten it. Is there any advice or help?
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