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  1. Warren, Don't worry about it , you didn't start any arguments, this subject has been discussed over and over.. and we just have strong opinions, but not an argument just a gentleman's disagreement.....
  2. Yes but didn't you know that before you stated to watch the show, especially considering who's show it was..... and what channel it was on...
  3. You keep saying this......But Every claim a veteran opens is a "can of unknowns"....it doesn't matter if the veteran is 100% or 0% no one knows what the outcome of any claim will be and frankly you have no real knowledge about any "special cans of worms" you just keep repeating what someone else has told you..... Look, if a veteran has a valid claim regardless of his prior ratings he should not be afraid to put in another claim for any reason. I said it before but apparently it hasn't sunk in yet so once again....... If I had listened to this garbage.. After I was awarded TDIU in 1999 , I would never of fought for: adapted housing, housebound and later A&A, I would have never been rated for COPD @ 100%, I would still have no rating for sinusitis, hearing loss, tinnitus, or a second rating for my knee injury, I wouldn't be receiving adapted auto equipment, or my clothing allowance, I would not have been rated 30% for my eyes, and I would not still be fighting for an earlier award for Housebound based on Bradley v Peak.... To continue to talk about this so called can of worms, just because someone is already rated 100% or TDIU is really silly. Every claim carries unknowns, and no rating can legally be reduced because of one C/P exam or review of a claims file..unless there is a case of fraud which is very unlikely. Further, the VA doesn't have the time nor are they going to take the effort to review any old claim or award based on a new claim unless the new claim has anything to do with a condition that is already rated such as an increase for disability due to a condition getting worse, or a claim based on secondary issues of a service connected condition. It is one thing to tell a veteran that the VA will review the entire claim file when a new issue is opened ( they do this no mater what rating a veteran has), but it is another thing to say because someone is 100% or TDIU that they are taking a chance when opening up a claim... Because being 100 % or TDIU has nothing to do with how the VA reviews a new issue.
  4. For the most part the only hold up to DIC claims have always been the wait of the death certificate. My neighbor who's husband died in Feb 2012, waited three months for he death certificate and award ( her husbands death was due to a service connected issue).
  5. Teac

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Question About Tinnitus.

    I don't see the military or the VA tying a mental disorder to tinnitus ... but as was stated it can be claimed as a stand alone disease.. however, you are going to need to show that you have an MOS that lead to the tinnitus. Keep in mind tinnitus as a stand alone is usually caused by head injury or exposure to constant noise, ( doesn't have to be loud noise), so your Military Job is a consideration for an award of tinnitus. Tinnitus is often followed by loss of hearing. In cases were your are rated for loss of hearing an award of tinnitus is almost always granted if requested... Keep in mind there is no medical test for tinnitus, the VA is basically granting the Veteran the benefit of the doubt because no one can prove that they have it. In my case, I spent 6 years in the Infantry, then another 10 years in Computer rooms, I was granted hearing loss and tinnitus in 2003 based on a statement made by a VA doctor after I gave my military job history and described my symptoms...and was diagnosed with a hearing loss. I had fought for service connection off and on since 1986, so get a diagnoses and medical statement before you get out of service because it could be a long time before you can prove it was caused during service.
  6. Technically you can only be rated for one lung disease.. The VA just includes the name of the second or third disease as part of the first disease. As JBasser said you only get compensation for the disease that causes the most problems For example, I was rated for asthma from 1986 to 2005... for 60% Then the VA gave me an illegal rating of 30% for COPD secondary to the Asthma I filed a cue, and the VA then rated me for Asthma/COPD 100% ( see how the two diseases are tied together for rating purposes as if one disease) In my case I received 100% because of home oxygen therapy....but it could have received a 60% rating based on the asthma only, if I had not been on oxygen. For the record I was diagnosed with COPD in 1986 when I went through disability retirement from the Army so the cue actually went back to 1986. Now to be sure someone can be rated secondary to something and receive a separate award if the secondary condition is not affecting the same body parts. For example... I had a cataract secondary to steroid use due to my lung disease, I had surgery to remove the cataract and was left almost blind in the left eye.. I was awarded 30% for the cataract secondary to the steroid use because of my lung disease. I did not get any awards due to the blindness ( that is on appeal). There is one exception to the Pyramiding rule: You can have two separate rating for a knee injury . In my case I have two separate 10% ratings, one for limitation of movement, and one for lateral instability (arthritis) Why the VA allows this I really don't understand , but it is the only exception.
  7. When I was rated for the drop foot, it was not rated separately.. but as part of the award for my back injury. Since then, the va rewrote the rating schedule for back injuries and in doing so made it almost impossible for someone to get a 60% rating. Prior to the change there was a separate rating available for drop foot, but not when it was considered a residual of a back injury. Under the old guide when rated for drop foot there was only one rating no mater how bad it was.... Under the new rating guidelines, a separate rating is available for drop foot based on the severity of the drop foot, and a separate rating is available of sciatica and degenerative disc disease.... however as I stated it is now almost impossible to get a 60% rate for DDD. While separate rating are available for the residuals in most cases they never come equal to the 60% rating I have... and while I can request reevaluation for separate ratings it would not benefit me as a 60% rating leads to other benefits such as SMC's. I don't know of any case where someone has drop foot and doesn't wear a brace .. most loss of use awards are based on the assumption that the loss of use is equal to the actual loss or amputation of the foot. In many cases loss of use is not awarded because the foot with a brace can still serve a purpose......But I really think it is a judgment at the raters desk..... I don't get any compensation for AO and while I am aware of the many diseases that AO is said to cause, I don't know of any case of drop foot being caused because of AO. Please keep in mind I am basing my opinion on my own experience with drop foot.
  8. I believe any doctor that treats this condition can do a write up on the cause of drop foot. Many years ago before I even knew the difference between a doctor an a PA, I was treated by a PA at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center.. ( back then I trusted PA's) any way this PA wrote up the diagnosis .. for my back injury ,sciatica nerve damage, muscle degeneration, and loss of use of my left foot. I was rated 60%. I am set against anyone going out of their way and paying someone for an IMO. First most doctors will write an IMO for those that they treat, and it doesn't cost extra. I have had VA doctors, Military doctors and Private doctors write me IMO's and I have never had to pay extra for it... If you need an IMO trust the doctor that diagnosed the condition or see a specialist in your area. Also remember not only does the doctor need to review all current medical records, but also the active duty medical records, and he must base his opinion on the medical evidence and then justify the opinion based on those records. If he is rated for loss of use... it amounts to a K award.. about $100 a month.. drop foot has nothing to do with the ability to stand for long periods, drop foot is a condition that prevents the person from lifting their toes so that when the foot is lifted to walk, ( especially on stairs) they trip on the toes. I have had drop foot for years... I wear a brace, and with the brace I can walk with no problems do to my feet. I use a chair most of the time because of a back injury and lung disease. Also, there is no such thing as a high K award. I don't understand where you got that from.... If he is awarded a K award for loss of use he will also receive the automobile grant and lifetime auto adaptive vehicle equipment if he drives.. outside of what I mentioned he will not get anything else.. He may also be eligible for the adapted housing grant but that requires a separate claim, and specific disabilities... and a separate C/P exam. As far as his age.. I have had drop foot since I was 45.. many people get it at a young age so really his age has nothing to do with it.. based on your description of this problems, it doesn't even sound like drop foot to me.. it sounds like something more serious.....of course I am not a doctor, but I am speaking for experience....
  9. I have left drop foot, it was caused by never impingement on the spine at the L3-L4 Level.. I don't think any chemical exposure can cause this but I am no doctor. Normally injuries to the spine cause damage to the disc, which bulge or rupture and in turn cause the never impingement, kind of like taking a straw and crushing it at some point so that nothing gets to the other side... If he just has nerve damage and not ruptured disc that it is likely due to the diabetics. I think the VSO is giving bad advise.. you should submit all the medical evidence available and have the doctor write an opinion of what he thinks most likely caused the problem.. but to hide medical evidence is just not a good idea....
  10. Teac

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Does Filing For Smc S Jeapordize Rating?

    That's the first I have ever heard that.. you may be confusing the De Novo review process with the appeals process... While technically, the de novo review is an appeal, it is the only instance that I am aware of that when reviewed the award cannot be reduced. Any other appeal and reductions are always possible if the medical evidence warrants it. Now if I am incorrect and something changed that I am not aware of please share with us the references that indicate the va can't reduce on appeal. Also I would never go with an appeal where it is apparent the VA made a mistake.. Go with the CUE.......
  11. The Money they use for these conventions comes from all sources... Chapter officers usually get a free ride from Chapter funds, state Department officials use money from the Department, and National is using national funds.. When I was a Chapter service officer usually 5 to 7 people when to the state conventions.. it was a free ride money that should be use for veterans.. While some worthwhile stuff does go on at the conventions, business could be completed in one day.. not the three or 4 days they use.....
  12. I think in the big scope of things it doesn't matter. Wait get your awards letter and if your happy move on. The DAV even begs for money from its members... I just throw the stuff in the trash. The DAV should be helping its members not trying to take members money.... Every year they send their stupid address label and ask for donations, every year they send a letter saying a mobile unit will be in the area and ask for a donation.. it gets old...If you want to join .. go ahead but don't join because they did an hours worth of work for you.... I joined in 1986, before I was even medically retired, I was a volunteer service officer for some years, I had a lot of respect for the DAV, not so much any more,, its all about money....
  13. Only if the child was born in to a US Service Member, is it considered a birth of an American Child born abroad, in which case the US State department issues the Birth certificate at the same time a passport is issue. If not a service member, then the Baby is born a German Citizen which by the way is the only way one can be a German citizen. My son was Born in Heidelberg Army Hospital... so that is why I know this.. however things may have changed over the years, for example when My son was born SSAN were not being required for newborn babies. I would bet that all that this veteran needs to do is show proof that the child is his, born in Germany.. and that because he is a German Citizen he can't have a SSAN.
  14. I let the va do cataract surgery 3 years ago.. I am almost blind in my eye now. I had all the complications, and ended up with pigmentary glaucoma. I learned since then that the doctor was in training... so I have vowed never ever to let another VA doctor cut on me ... and if I ever need surgery again I will make damn sure the doctor is not in training and has years experience.. Not what you wanted to hear.. but don't believe it if they tell you its the safest surgery in the world.. that's what they told me, and while they recognized it as a disability I was already rated 30, which is the highest rating I can get since my right eye was not screwed up.. ... I had an exam today, bad eye optical nerve is getting worse , good eye is also having problems so got new prescription.. but didn't get a copy of the prescription so I don't know how bad it was.... Anyway best of luck hope things get better.
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