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  1. Scheduled for the teeth extaction and bone graft Thursday but a little concerned in that I have called 3 times to confirm next steps. Told verbally the implants would be done at VAMC in Minneapolis. Oral surgeon says I should be ready for them in 5 months but would like a reconfirm that everything is scheduled before the oral sugery Thursday.
  2. I read an article the other day that said the issue is that if your VAMC dental does not do implants and bone grafts they try to steer you away from them. Mine does not and there was some discussion that I felt was an attempt to persuade me against the procedure. But the extraction and bone graft will be at a local provider and the later implants will be done at the VAMC in Minneapolis. a 4 to 5 hour drive one way. And yes, Seminoles, their use of students at the local dental school was the cause of my botched root canal that I am now paying the price for.
  3. This is several years ago but my RO treated my request for a copy of my c file like a new claim and pushed me to the back of the line. Fortunately, I had set up monitoring my claim status electronically and saw it right away. I rescinded the request and complained nationally, I eventiually won my claim but it was 6 long years. My advice is that all figure out how to monitor their claims online. It gives you an advance heads up on what is going on...
  4. I was an Army Spec. 4. Cannot figure out how this E8 Petty Officer was assigned...
  5. Saw the oral surgeon today. Extraction and bone graft April 27. After 5 months, dental implants at the Minneapolis VA. 4 and 1/2 hours away, I hope....
  6. Agree with Seminoles. The outside dental insurance has caps on coverage. I am guessing I might have paid up to 5 figures for bone grafts and then implants for the two teeth. But I think I was owed. I was sent to the university dental school by the VA and a dental student royally messed up the root canal that destroyed one of my molars and led to bone loss. I was a little unhappy to find out after 5 years the root canal was never finished after going to an outside endodontist.
  7. The outside endodontist they sent me to (after I reufused to go to the dental school) has recommended going to an oral surgeon in the city he is in. Then tooth extraction (2), a bone graft and, some months later dental implants, as I mentioned earlier. I suspect my VA dental clinic will try to get me to go along with tooth extraction and a partial bridge. If I understand the current choice program if I am more than 40 miles from the nearest dental clinic and the procedure cannot be done there I am eligible to use the choice program and pick one. But I have to call Choice today and get more inf
  8. I am a 100% TDIU veteran. I had a botched root canal through the VA sending me to a university dental school almost 5 years ago and, after a visit to an endodontist through the choice program, have been advised I should get extraction, a bone graft and two dental implants in the area where the molar is. My VA dental clinic has scheduled an appointment for next week to "review my options". I want the bone graft and dental implants. The endodontist said I would have a pretty wide area for a partial and they would have to crown the last molar for an anchor. Has anyone had this experience a
  9. I should have written moderate drinking is defined as MORE than one or two drinks a day.
  10. Here is the full article from which I referenced. Obviously it is directed toward claims at another government agency, that being Social Security. Any good workman's compensation attorney will tell you one of a company's first line of defense for claims of work related depression and anxiety is if they can show substance abuse on the part of the employee. Does this mean all are denied? No. Certainly some are successful depending on the circumstances, as the article notes. It is a question of risk to me. You might notice the statement about even moderate alcohol use as a cause of depression
  11. "Claimants whose disabling conditions are psychiatric or emotional in nature (for example, depression or anxiety) will have a harder time proving that their alcohol or drug use is not a contributing factor to their mental impairment. Most psychologists and psychiatrists believe that even moderate alcohol use contributes to depression."
  12. My guess is this occurrence may be a bellwether that the VA may be de facto raising the bar for PTSD diagnosis to mitigate the explosion in claims for it. I think someone posted here that the VA is no longer accepting IMOs for PTSD. As for noting a history of alcohol or drug use, the following is germane to Social Security but food for thought here. I think you have to be honest, but consider carefully your responses. http://www.disabilitysecrets.com/can-you-get-disability-with-drug-alcohol-use.html
  13. I also think Asknod was doing a tremendous service for veterans....
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