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  1. Help...I am so out of my league on this one,,,I will post on EFFECTIVE DATE OR IS CLAIM LOST...I tried to post info here but when I trued to hit enter all was lost,,,So frustrated,,,This site will not let me in to view personal info...get error messages...Thank you. Check post if I can get info to show up there,

  2. I am so lost. I even used 2 different computers thinking a virus must have invaded my computers therefore not allowing me to find the normal site. I am lost...I went back to find my email user name and loggin from my olderr sites I saved...I am lost...Even this post has a line drawn through the middle of my message...saddened...
  3. I hope he put in a NOD and appeal within the 30 day period to not loose his previous awarded amount granted. Other wise we all know he will be reduced and stay that way for years till his appeal NOD is place post 30 days, for years...What good is retro a few years from now when you have to eat, live, exist now!!
  4. Reading your post is similar to some I have read before...You are 70% disabled but are being paid at the 100% rate because you are unemployable. There is a section of www.ebenefits.va.gov where you can generate a letter which basically prints what you are stating here. If one logs into this site and(you have to register first). Once you are logged in scroll over to the 3rd option(topic) Access my documents. Then click to topic download VA letters. Got to step 2 and Select a letter from the following list. Benefit Summary-Veteran Benefits. Military Service Information...Includes boxes to che
  5. Been helping a VV vet since 07 with claim...first 30% then over a few years getting worse, another C&P and raised to 50%. Progressively gotten worse. Terminated from job and put in new claim and he did a claim for SSA in Nov 2010. Went into hospital PTSD Treatment program almost 2 months, inpatient stay all days and nights. Continued to receive SSA and 50% VA. No info received from VA...VSO says no movement...requested new C&P exam...waited...finally got in touch with Congressman. Within 3 months new exam C&P for PTSD scheduled. Went to exam and approximately over 1 month granted
  6. Check that bank account every day and glad you will be receiving your granted %. Seems you are very busy with a lot of hobbies, remember the VA looks for Good Days in your life. Be careful what you say and write to them. They can take 1 good day out of 365 and they can try to reduce your award...or try and jack with your claim.
  7. Anytime you put in for an increase you can be subjected to someone thinking your condition has changed for the better, they can propose to sever or reduce your rating. If you receive a letter stating so, make sure you reply before the 30 day time limit. Even if you get a letter with a date on it of 2 weeks earlier, remember 30 days from the date of the letter. You need to follow through with your notice of disagreement asap. That will hold them off from this action at this time. Then get all of your info as to why they propose to do this action. Get verification your condition has NOT improved
  8. Missouri does same too! Free 1 set to 100% and TDIU. But you have to get a new tag every year? Just need to drive there for it. Strange but that's the way they do it!
  9. Tonio, This was a great read today. I needed to read another veteran was awarded his true earning. With all of your health problems and if mental too you will be able to have some breathing room now. The problems will remain, but some of the stressors eliminated with not having to worry about how you will take care of your family and responsibilities. Glad you can breathe a little easier now. Congrats and make them pay by living a long long life!
  10. If you arrive at the appointment and they say sorry we cancelled it, you get travel pay. But you only have maximum of 30 days to request this. I arrived at my appointment and when I checked in they said sorry your appointment was cancelled as your Dr called in sick! So I said well I am sorry but here I am, so I need my travel pay, they said no problem, if you arrive and we cancel your appointment you are entitled to your travel pay.
  11. Vet put in claim for ED as a side effect from medication for PTSD in 2008. No exam done just denied claim. Vet did not send in NOD for this eitherbut did discuss with Psychiatrist the problem with his medication side effects to which she noted in progress notes in his medical records. Vet encouraged to put in another claim for ED related to side effects of PTSD medications in 2010. Dedied in 2012 and this time he put in for a NOD post the denial. He waited...and waited,,, then in Jan2013 he had an exam for this problem.( This was after he contacted his congressman a few months earlier to
  12. Did thay make him wait the whole year and then finally discharge the loans? My disability years back di not result in any adverse actions during the year, till they discharged it...That might have been when I was SSDI 100% granted 2 weeks post SSDI exam...nothing like the VA wait. So then did the Govt discharge it right away with vet 100% ? Glad you have one less thing to worry about.
  13. Any win a vet can get is wonderful. The varo's play too many low ball games and denial games. Greatful for your award and remember you can always appeal.
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