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  1. Halos2 here again! I have been off site for a while having some more pain issues than prior. Hope all here are doing well. Took me a while to get reconnected in as kept getting disconnected... Anxious to see how all have been. Hope all have been gaining positive actions with their claims too.
  2. Oh My Gosh Berta thank you so much for responding... I wanted to write that first but was so into this National Association of County Veterans Service Officers info I found on the net..."The Appeal Process" So can he request this prior to sending to BVA?
  3. I googled VA Form 646, and on page 26 right after the form 9 page it states; If for some reason, you want the RO to look at the claim again..."the claimant or claimant's representative requests in writing that the agency of original jurisdiction initially review such evidence." Just write this: If after considering this new evidence in total with all evidence submitted, you cannot grant my claim, my appeal stands." (This gives the RO one more chance to grant the claim...) How to submit evidence after you've filled the Form 9...confusion (they accepted the info he wrote in a narrative) But We don't know how the VA is going to write the "regulations and procedures" for this change...standby... SSOC If additional evidence was submitted with the Form 9 or the RO makes a 'partial grant', the RO will issue a Supplemental Statement of the case (SSOC). Continuation-veteran's appeal continues Partial Grant- veteran wins; if award is satisfactory you've avoided the lengthy BVA process Note: if the RO 'grants' the claim in full, it will write a NEW DECISION... So can he request this before it going to the BVA?
  4. Never even saw one before and now vet friend will most likely have to file one. Need serious help.( Actually VSO just told vet they filled it out...needs to see it before anything goes cause do not know what to do...) Vet was under assumption claim was staying at local and being reviewed)..Vet was excited having heard from 3rd in charge...
  5. Berta, I save everything also. In fact my family say they think I am a pack rat. I have cabinets full, totes full and boxes full. Good thing the kids are all out of the house as I have more rooms to put these in. I really need to take the time and do a better job of accounting them properly. It has gotten out of hand as of recent though more so. I did go through 1 big bag and found some duplicates...must have been between printers. I am on my 4th now. Plus I save web helps to. This Epson seems to use more in then my others did. Gets pretty expensive, but in the long run it will all be so worth it.
  6. It is so great to read another vet winning their claim. The road will most likely be long even though a few may get their result early, the main thing all must do as the elders preach here is never give up.
  7. I sent an email to Secretary McDonald last month and to Under Secretary Hickey VA this morning...Under Secretary Hickey responded a few times this morning...Next this afternoon another email was received from a National Veterans Service Officer which basically stated...A faxed statement in support of an appeal containing the necessary information can be accepted in lieu of a Form 9...can be accepted as your substantive appeal....YIPEE!! Appeal will be reinstated. I knew there were still some honest people who would help us all out there. Thanks to my fellows/gals hadit people and especially to Berta! Now comes more hard work but at least there is a good chance now!
  8. I will tell my vet friend to send an email to her as he has not heard from Secretary McDonald at all. I know he said it was over a month of waiting too, and after reading others info of responses maybe he will have luck this with route, Thank you for posting this.
  9. Sorry no one in office of VSO till 01/05/15 in above post for date. Sorry.
  10. LOST...VSO VFW says fax received on 01/02/15 and no one in office till 01/01/05/15 so claim is closed. Was to be in by 01/03/15 for 60 day span...Never received Form 9 as stated on 7 pages faxed...as well as stated wanted continuance as sent info regarding decision...VSO says they were closed on 2nd Jan 2015 so not timely and now they say VARO was open on the 2nd and vet should have faxed info to them. Vet did not have fax @# to VARO and has always used VSO VFW for all claim issues. Vet has emails stating in the past VSO has filed Form 9 a few years ago, as he states he has vets POA and he does that...so why didn't he do it this time? VSO types back works 6-7 days a week and had under 2900 vets he is working with...AND??? how does that work with me now...I am sure he has had many vets all this time too,,,anyhow Ebenefits site has claim is closed. What is vet to o? Does not have VARO ST LOUIS MO number...and who does he address this to? Fire VSO who is down the hall from the VA as he stated in an old email he personally walked down the hall 3 times to hand deliver a claim to the DRO in the past for this vet. They do not want to go back to official date of claim and gave vet 70% last year plus has sc10%. They will not go back to original date of claim as VSO wrote DATE OF LAST C&P WHICH SHOWS VET IS WORSEN AND THAT IS THE DATE TO USE...date of last C&P exam REALLY...it was like over 3 years for the exam as vet complied with appeals all along. Something is not right here at all!! Why did VSO write to vet he filed Form 9 a few years ago on a claim and yet did not do so this time? Vet used a lawyer on his SSDI claim and won and got retro and they used VA FILE info and exams for basis yet here we go VA and VSO are screwing this vet...Lawyer wants to check over info and help him on this claim too...So what should he do? Fire VSO and go with lawyer as he is fed up with VSO or what? He is almost 68 and has severe PTSD and am not sure he could proceed being civil...No reply's for Bob McDonald either sent over a month ago. Tick tock tick tock....
  11. Help...I am so out of my league on this one,,,I will post on EFFECTIVE DATE OR IS CLAIM LOST...I tried to post info here but when I trued to hit enter all was lost,,,So frustrated,,,This site will not let me in to view personal info...get error messages...Thank you. Check post if I can get info to show up there,

  12. Great news to read about your success with this issue. BTW how long did it take for you to get an answer from Bob?
  13. Sweet! Kuddos to your work with Hadit's helpful vets!
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