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  1. What's your guys thoughts on NOD.? Sould I get am imo filling out the DBQ, then send it in for dro review? Help would be approached ! Thanks again
  2. Thanks Navy! Looking at my symptoms on the ratings scale, I think I'm going to shoot for at least 10%. Just not sure my next moves as of yet.. Thanks again for everyone's help
  3. Was updated this morning with 0% service connected for GERD on it's own and 0% "not service connected" for hypertension. I'll wait till the packet comes in to read it over, but I know I should have been at least 10% for GERD based on rating scale. What would be my next step now? NOD stating C&P exam did not ask about symptoms? Or is their another form to fill out for an increase in rating? Positive side of things is that the RO service connected my GERD, so that's at least part of the fight done... Thanks again for everyone's help!
  4. Yeah I'm on BP meds, but the thing that gets me is that she never took my BP, only my pulse by hand. Those readings listed are from another normal checkup listed on my records. Kinda a sham. This is the lack of detail that puzzled me from the start.
  5. Thanks, Gaston! Unfortunately that was not 3 different days. That was readings from my last visit from my records and they took it roughly 7 times to get a lower reading. I've submitted a slew of other evidence all through the VA records showing my BP through the roof. This just happened to be a low day at resting, lucky me! I haven't been to an outside doc for a long while, so the RO should have all my files from the multiple state VA's I've been to over the years.
  6. Even though I haven't received a rating, should I go ahead and write a statement up with my symptoms (That was never asked from the NP at the C&P)? My medical records show symptoms through the years, but I'm doubting the RO will do that much digging. Either that, or just wait to see what the RO states and file an NOD? What's your guy's thoughts. Thanks!
  7. Based on this I would say, no go on Hypertension, and possibly a go with GERD... We shall see what the raters think.. TITLE: C&P STANDARD TITLE: C & P EXAMINATION NOTE DATE OF NOTE: JAN 06, 2016@12:30 ENTRY DATE: JAN 06, 2016@12:34:05 AUTHOR: REMES,VALERIE NP EXP COSIGNER: URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED Hypertension Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: xxxx Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No ACE and Evidence Review -------
  8. Thanks for the heads up Vync! I'm anxious to see how it plays out due to how fast and the lack of detail that was given in the symptoms. My ebenefits was updated this morning with prep for decision, so hopefully in the next month or so Ill hear something.
  9. Just got back from my C&P exam for Secondary GERD and Secondary Hypertension that lasted all of about 15 min with a NP at Hines. She seemed to be a little ruff around the edges at first, then we somehow go on the conversation of the oxygen generating plants in her office which seemed to perk her up. She only asked a few questions: For both - Was I diagnosed in service?, was I diagnosed at the VA?, do I still have symptoms?, only treated at VA?. For GERD only - Did I have a upper GI? That was it..... Never deep dived into symptoms, but did shake her head at the end and tell me that my pulse
  10. Thank you both for your fantastic Ideals... John- On the meds, would I put that in my current increase or would I make a new claim? Also, if I put that on their will they take me off of them? I know I would be screwed without them and not be able to get out of bed most days due to the pain.
  11. Also, I do have an IMO coming from my chiropractor showing horrible ROM, decrease more than half of normal ROM.
  12. Thanks John! I've been on pain meds (Vicoden and Muscle relaxants) for about 4 years, also, about 2 years ago I was prescribed adderall due to decreased focus due to the pain and pain medicaion. I have since moved around for the last year and not gotten the adderall re filled by a phyc doctor. Do you think I have another claim, John? Whats your thoughts on how to start this?
  13. Also, is there anyway that she can reword anything to mean more or look better for my case?
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