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  1. That sucks, My case involves an appeal also, but I did get this after I sent a request for Hardship decision and contacted my senator.
  2. I had my wife write several letters regarding my mental condition, I wrote my senator for assistance, I pleaded with them regarding my SSDI which was awarded based on same illness and I had several examples of cases that where awarded 70 to 100 percent with higher GAF scores than mine. I recently wrote them regarding my employment prospects which a nil. I have applied for numerous jobs and never get a call or if I get interview no second interviews or call backs. As they had initially told me to be flexible regarding employment, I've been bending backwards, forwards, sideways, and upside down and nothing. Is this what I need to be doing??
  3. Anyone know how long it should take to get a decision once record is with appeal board at regional office after requesting DRO review for initial appeal.
  4. As I usually do, this time the person that normally responds responded to my question by stating that I was in the begining of the process and still needed to choose between a DRO or Judge, not sure what she was talking about as I chose the DRO back in January, I called two weeks ago and operatoir stated that my file was on a persons desk since the 14th of June, she was not sure what he did there. This is extremely frustrating and causes a great deal of angst waiting. Who would possibly have my file on there desk since the 14th of June and not have a response as they have 14 days to make a decision on claims to my knowledge. Anyone with any info or insight HELP!
  5. The person at the regional office stated that they were working on the statement of case, I had a number of issues that I was appealing. My question is, can they grant some of my requests and deny others on a statement of case.
  6. My TD 100% was from January 10th, 2008 until February 29, 2008 as I was in the hospital on the first of February. Bill
  7. Yes it was for over 21 days in hospital. I spoke with lady at Va she stated that she was working on both my claims. I waited about 4 months
  8. The deceased never filed a claim as he was not informed of his entitlement
  9. They stated that both my claims are in post determination. I had an initial request for increase in benefits and then I went into the hospital and had a claim for over 21 days in patient. The operator would not give me any info on what was approved, this bad??
  10. Called my senator and they got things moving for me for this payment. stated they can't help with the appeal for my increase in disability, but I will be getting this payment in 10-15 days.
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