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    ????????????????????????????????? too get va like thay did me .tey turnd my increase down ete cp level.

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  1. raytaylor

    April Roll Call

    present but not counted out,thanks too hadit
  2. raytaylor

    Is The Dav There To Help Veterans Or The Va?

    :D ihad too do all the leg work on my claims4rys and many many hours on pc and hacit was the best help,u can get annswers here. wish u luck p.s but dav will take all the credit and want u too take and join there club$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4for life.
  3. they help me they yant all my22 teethout and gave mesome rattlers nice thats beforei was100.now icant were them i chock,my out side dentist lovd me i paid for his vacation more than once
  4. thanks,i was trying too find deers id card, when ya get 100%.kool
  5. it helped me ,i had 6 issues 2 sc but you have toohave sc be the worst,good luck.
  6. theyput the same wording on mine last week,congats we are lucky gis
  7. raytaylor

    C & P

    that was smart thinking,make feel good and hopfully they will give ya agood report,piss them off and we know what happens, good luck onthat cp.
  8. raytaylor

    Claim Decided On

    must have luck,i just got100%ul,pt took me 4yrs but it was worth all the hell,thankshadit foall the help.
  9. here in kcmo we have the dom-levenworth ks. if i was homless again igo there hope the best for ya it took me4yrs to get ssdi.and 70% fromva o va math 60%u almost have live at a va.
  10. raytaylor


    thats the way the did me and then,thedav turn it dowwn ,now 40%after two mabee threeyrs.
  11. raytaylor

    2 Cps This Wk 4 This Yr

    :D thanks for info,you almost have too be a dr. to be disabled.huraaaa
  12. ihave two c @p friday for eerg-emg -secondary pain to back,saterday for mental deppresion secondary back lumbar 1,2,3,ddd,annlus tear,spondy at3-4 already sc 40%after 4 yrs fighting w \va-tuesday-go for 3rd facet injections,thank god for viciton. p..s. give me some in put please my fellow vets ,i know the system pretty good, because of this site .huraaa hadit.com

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