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  1. Hi,

    I saw a post of yours from 2008 that said you had called the Appeals Mgmt. Center about your claim.  I've tried to find their number online but have not been able to.  Could you please let me know what it is or where you found it?  Thanks so much!

  2. Man I was exploring the option of living in another country at one time the law and order thing is what had me worried ,know what I mean . I got in jail in Mexico one time and that made a believer out of me just for drinking a little too much.Needless to say my money was divided right in front of me ,but I had the most in a sock and they didn't look here hit the state line as fast as I could.
  3. Ok sure sorry about your loved one ,you must have reaaly loved her just like I do my wife ,she has cancer however they said the last surgery she had they got it all but they said that on the first surgery ,something happen to her I just dont think I could take it . I will google map what you said .
  4. Wow I would love to live like that !!
  5. Hi josh I was wondering what you mean by larger target is it not safe there in columbia ???
  6. I sure am praying she can stay cancer free and thanx . I haven,t filed for tdiu I just told them that I wanted to be evaluated anywhere from 70% to 100% whatever the evidence would bear. I am getting 50% now and it has taken some internal fortitude to file this claim as I know how sneaky they can be and possibly reduce me just because they can. Yes that is one of my goals to get my wife on the champ va hospital bills are killing us. I am retired but was on ssi before i retired my wife is still my representative payee and has to file a report every year .
  7. Thanx and I will see what I can do I did send in the records from my last stay I downloaded them from myhealthevet with the blue button.
  8. Only thing got me worried is a reduction but I got my first award that went back to 2002 and before this claim is settled I will be 67 yrs old what my chances of a reduction ,I just don't see how they could do it.
  9. Well from what I know the department of veterans affairs can get my records from a VA hospital anytime they want and I did tell them to retrieve records all way back to 2009 when I got my last increase from 30% to 50% .I have done this before but been long time hard to remember exactly what to do.
  10. Ok I told them I think , i have just filed this claim about a week ago .
  11. Well all my records are at the VA in Memphis TN and that is the only place I go . Sorry I gotta get used to using this forum.
  12. You have reached the Board of Veterans Appeals. Your file is located at the Jackson Regional Office. For your convenience I will forward your inquiry to the regional office and provide contact information below. Jackson Regional Office 1600 E. Woodrow Wilson Avenue Jackson, MS 39216
  13. What a crock finally was able to get through ! They do this deliberately to confuse and discourage you as much as they possibly can !
  14. I just have tried the new iris it is a flop ,and i am mad as hell ,why screw with somethig that works , hate the b-trds !!!!!!!!!!
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