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  1. Thx all. Just to fill out info. Hubby has been diabetic since his 20s. No diabetes in family...still. Already he was 80% scheduler for diabetes, depression and other secondaries to diabetes. Can't remember specific breakdown. He was IU also, which is now moot. His chemo and radiation did not improve his condition. However the growth hasn't spread. That's about all we can hope to accomplish. He is being setup on a chemo regimen every two weeks to try to contain. We've known this is terminal from the getgo. Just hoping to buy additional time. It's hard to accept but we must. I'm just glad to have this aspect resolved. Gives him peace of mind about me. Nancy
  2. fanaticbooks


    That is great news. Nice to see you get what you SO deserve Fanaticbooks
  3. Unfortunately Tonio, his cancer is terminal. He's had chemo and radiation that basically kept it from growing. They are now putting him on a chemo plan every two weeks to keep it contained as long as possible. No other options are available at this time. Nancy
  4. Hubby just received decision letter on claim for cancer submitted in Aug. 2012. 100% Scheduler Pancreatic Cancer secondary to Diabetes 60% Anemia Written: You claimed pancreatic cancer secondary to both Agent Orange exposure and to your diabetes melllitus type II. Although pancreatic cancer has not been found to be related to Agent Orange exposure, a VA examiner provided the opinion that it is at least as likely as not that your pancreatic cancer was caused by your longstanding service connected diabetes mellitus type II. Looking at the Evidence list, there were two clarifications concerning the medical opinion and one the examiner. Looks as if they were thorough so shouldn't have any adverse problems. He was 80/100 IU so going scheduler means I am protected from hereon in. He's happy about that. Nancy
  5. Welcome. You might want to look at my website. It has a section on Active Service Personnel that has info to help you while still in the military. Getting your ducks in a row and DOCUMENTED is very important. I wish you good journey. fanaticbooks
  6. I know some stuff is outdated. Right now helping hubby fight for his life. Can't update at this time. Hope to get to it by summer. Thx for mentioning a possible improvement. That and DBQs will be on my list. :) Fanaticbooks
  7. Maybe my site can also help with veterans creating complete claims. I'm just a wife of a disabled veteran but put this together from a secretarial side. I hope it helps those of you who are the champions of veterans by providing more organized claims for you to then submit and polish. Thank you for helping. Our VSOs have been a big help also. Fanaticbooks
  8. Autumn, You don't necessarily need a form. Just a letter requesting will do the trick also. Take a look at my website, Step 10. I think it will offer additional help. fanaticbooks
  9. Chuck, Take a look at my website (signature below). Look at Step 8 for sure. I think it will get you started. fanaticbooks
  10. Rodin, A couple of things come to mind. Check your Credit report. You can go to annualcreditreport.com and request a free report. Check that no one has opened an account or done a request on you. Someone could have seen your personal id and maybe stolen it. My hubby just this last month had someone use his SS number to open an AT&T account. How they got it we haven't a clue. You might also check with your local police and possibly file a report of this with them so you have back up in case your identity is used. fanaticbooks
  11. Hedgey, Look in the list. there are other listings for PTSD. Look for those three words to know which is which. Edit: missed your comment on finding. Mental is also part of the exam trio from what I can tell. Using an iPad which gets interesting. Lol
  12. Welcome Drake 2B, There are a lot of knowledgeable people in here. Just mentioning another resource. It isn't posted in the Training & Fast Letter forum yet, but a link is posted in there for TL 10-04 (revised 2/2011). This is the Nehmer Guide concerning IHD, Parkinson's, Leukemias. It slips you over to the Veterans Benefits Network topic that gives you the whole document the VA uses as a guide. It might help you to understand the process. Here's a direct link to the VBN topic: TL 10-04 REVISED 2/2011 NEHMER, IHD, PARKINSON'S, LEUKEMIAS in VA Policies and Procedures Forum My website might also be of use, perhaps not now but in the future if you have to file a NOD. Take a look. It is free (see signature) Berta as you have already been told is a WOWSER when it comes to making the VA jump to her command. I am in awe of what she has accomplished. If you do a search for IHD and her name comes up, take time to read her posts. It might help. I wish you good journey. fanaticbooks
  13. It worked fine for me and I used the one inside your Reply Quote. I have this on my website. It is an excellent resource for veterans. It never hurts to re-inform people. Many who are new coming into here don't realize stuff like this is out there so don't think to look at every link posted on hadit. There are a LOT of links posted. This is one to not get lost. fanaticbooks
  14. Thanks Berta. I wish I could get on a list somehow so I could find these. I do searches but rarely find them. fanaticbooks
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