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  1. I have had MS for more than 30 years and would be happy to chat with you.
  2. I will definitely get copies of the exams as quickly as possible. I am very fortunate to have such a great NSO.
  3. Berta - I previously posted that my VSO went to bat for me before my last denial was promulgated (I was denied twice before this). He was apparently successful because the RO has now requested C&P exams for all of the conditions I have claimed as residuals or secondary to MS. So it looks like service connection for MS is in the bag. As a matter of fact, I am getting 7 exams done this Thursday. Once those are done I will be scheduled for an MH exam. My VSO who is very cautious about not setting vets up for a big let down had me submit claims for SAH and adapted automobile grants last
  4. Congratulations on your rating, Tami! I also have MS which I anticipate a rating for within the next few months. When I filed my claim, I included a lot of my residuals and secondary conditions. It has been a 2-1/2 year battle getting the MS service connected, but I'm quite confident now since the RO has finally scheduled C&Ps for the residuals and secondaries. My MS is secondary progressive and I am totally disabled. I am certainly no expert on VA claims, but I would suggest that you file for all of your residual conditions as well as filing for IU. It may be possible that your
  5. I am not sure, but I would guess any treatment just provides symptom relief. I don't have CFS, but have debilitating fatigue from MS. You might get an answer faster if you start a new topic with your question.
  6. Thanks Pete, So I suppose you're saying that fatigue is rated under CFS. It looks like I fall in the 100% category as it is one of my conditions that is being treated by a doc, and I do spend most of most days in bed.
  7. I suffer from well documented chronic fatigue due to my medical conditions. I have not been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I'm wondering if fatigue would be rated under CFS? I have noticed a number of people have been rated for fatigue and am hoping someone will have the answer. Thanks.
  8. In that respect I was pretty fortunate. The examiner started a little stand-offish, but really 1-1/2 hours later, she was rubbing my back and telling me to hang in there. I brought along some documents, including my specialist's opinion letter, and she was more than happy to take what she felt would help her with the report. Not only was my daughter welcomed into the exam room, but my 7 month old granddaughter was, too, and the doctor really enjoyed her. I suppose it's a real crap shoot on what to expect from these C&P doctors.
  9. Yeah, I found that out when I didn't receive a response from the Doc. Oh well! Maybe it is a moot point now that C&Ps are being scheduled for the secondary conditions.
  10. UPDATE: I called the 800# today and found out that the new C&P exam request is for opinions on 4 of my secondary conditions, and that no opinion has been requested for MS itself. I am very hopeful that this means MS is being granted since it would otherwise be fruitless to order the exams for the secondaries. Could I be right in my assessment?
  11. I don't quite understand. I do have some cognitive deficits so it may be that my brain is just not working right now. If you would, please break this down a bit for me. Thanks.
  12. Today I found out from the 800# that a new exam is being requested. I wasn't able to get any info on what type of exam. I'm wondering if the VA would request yet another opinion on service connection after recent events, or if it may be an exam for secondary conditions.
  13. Berta, thank you so much for responding. You always have incredible insight to lend to members of this forum.
  14. Has anyone tried contacting the C&P examiner to clarify the exam report? The reason I ask is the examiner stated to me at the time of the exam that she had no doubt as to onset of my condition during service, and specifically said that she was going to write her report in such a way as to ensure that I get what I need. Yet the report had the dreaded "mere speculation" statement. However, in the report she seemed to suggest the the RO should defer to the opinion of my VA doc who is a specialist (the examining doc is a GP or internist). Well, the VARO used the C&P exam to deny servic
  15. Before having the C&P, I already submitted a likely as not opinion from my neurologist.
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