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  1. John 999, Your right it should be a slam dunk, but it is far from it. They are suppose to give you a answer in 90 days It took mine 195 days. I was denied. I will appeal, but just because a Veteran is 100% does not mean they will get approved. I am 100% + Homebound. Because of covid they could not do the "interview" in person so they had planned on doing it through a VA media platform, but the VA Interviewer could not get his end to work, so he used his smart phone. The reason for denial was very vague, do not tell them you do anything for or by yourself, like brushing your teeth for at least 6 months. Good Luck. Papa
  2. I applied back last Oct and got my denial letter in March 2021. I am appealing, but you have to do it through the Patient Advocates Office because it is a Clinical Appeal. Papa
  3. You posted a question in 2012 asking about the TCE link and Parkisons.. well, it looks like they finally linked my exposure after all these years.. it still hasn't been rated, and more contentions to go... at least I can finally answer you with a better answer...

  4. Isn't it amazing how things in the VA can differ from one Vet to another!! Are you by chance rated Housebound? I would think this would help you qualify. I am 100% PT Housebound, but I know I do not qualify since I'm a Vietnam Veteran. I really wish I had some great advice to help you, but do not give up. Papa
  5. I have never understood this at all. How can they rate someone P&T, but put a timeframe on it? Has anyone ever challenged the 20 year rule, to maybe 10 years, or do away with it all together? PaPa
  6. It has been a very long time that I have been on the site. This topic caught my eye, as I personally suffer from it. I thought this was a hereditary condition. They actually thought that I had Parkinson's disease. A civilian Neurologist dx me with PD. So, I went and had a C&P done for PD, and was rated at 30%. I was sent to a "Specialist" to help me, and he dx ET. Then, I got a call for another C&P for PD. I thought they were going to take the 30% away, but I'm 100% P&T, so it would not matter. Surprised, they increased my rating to 80%!! If, anyone can figure out the VA.... My last Neurologist dx me with ET, and I am glad. ET can really affect ones life. My shaking is uncontrollable. I hope the VA will soon OK the brain stimulation to stop my ET. PaPa
  7. My mind isn't what it use to be, but I believe it was a BVA. The appeal was handled mostly at the Houston Regional office, but when they where not giving me the stuff I needed, and my lawyer did not respond I would call the VA HQ in D.C. If, I'm going to pay a lawyer 20% I expect them to earn it. I would never pay 33%. That's just me. PAPA
  8. When I decided that a Lawyer was the way for me to go, and did my research I selected one. We agreed on the 20% of retro. I had no problem with that. Then I found myself doing most of the research. They sent me a copy of the only letter that they sent to the VA. A fourth grader could write better. Well I did win my claim and expected that the 20% would be withheld. I was mistaken. In my package they did withhold the 20%, but would not pay the Lawyers because the VA said they did not earn it. The Law firm appealed, but lost, 9 months later I got the 20% in my account. PAPA
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice, but after I went through my C file, and found the information that I needed it would not be worth the fight. I did find the medical document showing that I saw a Shrink in 1968. This was before I went to Vietnam. The reason they sent me to the Shrink was the MDs could not figure out what medically was wrong with me, they just thought that I was trying to get out of a Tech school climbing telephone poles. I actually liked climbing, and working on the lines, but medically I was not able. But, the MDs could not see blood, I was not sick. After I got out and saw some real doctors, it was discovered that I Had Angioedema. Papa
  10. In 2012, I was awarded 100% P&T for PTSD, Housebound, both knees, back, nurophy, diabetes, Parkinson's, etc. My issue is that I have to maintain the 100% for 10 years before my wife can qualify for DIC. While no one can know when it is their time, you can look at my list, and see it is not good. Younger Vets may or may not under stand this, but most of the Vietnam Vets should. In 1973, I was having a very hard time adjusting, and my Back was killing me from an injury. I went to the VFW, and ask the guy what I would like to do, and he started crying like a baby, and told me to get the "F" out of his office, he was fed up with cry babies. Some people are very brave when they have 4 people backing them up. I finally got a DAV VSO to put the claim in for me, for emotional issues and for my Back. They both came back rejected because they were not in my record. They were saying that I had zero treatment. It took me 40 years, but I finally got the VA to admit that I did injure my Back in the service and was treated for it. I was also sent to the Shrink in 1969, since the Doctors could not figure out a medical problem I was having. Now, I'm honestly not interested in any back pay (I am not stupid however) all I really want is the change of the effective date to help with the DIC. PAPA Missed you all.
  11. Papa is still kicking. Papa
  12. I have private insurance, but have decided that I should try VA care. My civilian doctor is a goof ball, and thought about changing to another civilian doctor, but after reading about VA care, I thought that I would give it a try. However, useing the VA does make me nervous. I have always had it in my mind that they were the enemy, and just wanted to hurt the Veteran. Please reply with both positive and negative feed back. Papa
  13. Loose Cannon, When, I posted about the Terminal people telling me that the Non-Retired Disabled Veteran did not qualify for free flights. Your post may it seem like the Terminal people did not know what they were talking about. I may have miss read your post. But, it is what it is. Papa
  14. Loose Cannon, Please look at question 41 from your first link. Papa
  15. Do you have copies of all your military medical records? How about care you had at the VA? Civilian Doctors? They will be looking at what have you been doing since you got out of the military. Put together a package from 1989 on, and I believe that should work. I also live in San Antonio. Papa
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