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  1. it feels oh so good to finally win one when i always thought bad luck was the only thing on my side
  2. everyone says never give up when it comes to the v.a. and thats what i did i kept on plugging away and had a great v.s.o. who was right there filing all of my paperwork for me, the v.a. even had me deceased at one point in my fight but luckily i caught it before it got to far along, but yeah some give up the fight, persistence pays off in the end if you have enough hair left to pull on.
  3. I got it. it took me three years from start to finish, but i got IU finally, and in the mean time i got social security. what a relief. I thought my my anexity and ptsd was going to go through the roof many times, i want to thank everyone here at HADIT for posting, as i was lurking, reading and learning it all helped me out alot.
  4. Still here roaming around, hope everyone is doing good.
  5. Halos2, I quit work in april as my panic attacks became to severe and for my job description its a miracle i havent went over the deep end before now, but april was when i worked last, I did apply for ssdi but was denied, so since i have hired an attorney to help on that part, i also filed a claim for iu i should know hopefully with a month what my answer is on that. I did get off ship when we was in the gulf in saudi arabia and was caught in a sand storm that lasted 3 days, we were also involved in operation resorte hope off the coast of somolaia where civilians were brought on board plus my ship had went through a Self Life Extension Program(SLEP) before we deployed to the gulf so i think i was exposed to contaminates going thru thatbut that will come at a later date. thanks for the reply i was hopeing others would see it in a good light as i did but the more i looked the more i doubted myself and what was written thanks wholesale for your comment also
  6. I got my latest results from a c&p exam that was conducted on the 16 june but I cant figure out if it is a good c&p or bad or neutral, anyone please help me with his wording, and any idea what a rater would think of the way it is stated. OPINION: In my medical opinion, sleep apena, headaches, arthromyalgia, and shortness of breath are as likely as not (50/50) related to his period of service. Rationale for opionion given: SMR reveal some of the symptoms of complex arising in service. Congitive testing by BH will be required to form an opionion on memory loss. Other comment: The veteran's panalopy of conditions: sleep apena, headaches, fibermyalgia, respiratory problems, and clamed cognitive deficits are consistent the GWS. However, his service aboard ship and pre-symptomatic exposeure to environmental agents are not consistent with the usual precedent conditions for GWS.
  7. Yes my friend is still working but is having a hard time due to alcohol issues stemming from his ptsd, carlie he asked the 800# guru and they said he wasnt able to make his own c&p appointment is there something i can tell him, i think he is going to as his v.a. psych about this and if she could do anything but he hasnt schedualed one, i dont really know that berta he was in gulf war 1 as a tanker crewman with a shitty crew that ganged up on him, during the war he even got a hair line fracture in his ankle when he came off a tank and was denied any ankle claims so sounds to me like they just threw his stuff aside and one day they (rater) was in a bad mood and put denied on everything. his claims are in 05 tinnitus which he did have a c&p for and was granted, ptsd denied, ankle issues (dont know exact wording) denied, there was another issue i cant remeber what he said but it was denied also. sorry this info is limited
  8. Yes my friend has a civilian dr's statement and also the v.a. system pysh dr.'s and councilers statement or reports, he has had a GAF score of 58 ever since his intital claim in 05 but never had a c&p, I told him that it was unusuall that they had never set him up with a c&p, his claim is in the hands of a DRO and of course he is unable to scheduale one for his claim so I guess we will wait for the denile again. just recently with in last month or two he has gotten his local congresswoman involved but still no progress.
  9. My friend has a claim for ptsd since 05 and has never had a c&p exam, he called the 1-800 number and they say it isnt neccessary to have one if they have enough evidence to rate it. which of course the claim was denied. can anyone help explain this to me I thought it was a protocal or something for being rated.
  10. Thank you to everyone and your posts, yes pete you are very correct lots more than winning your claim, friendships that will last a lifetime, and a person who is in need of friends like me who dont have many that is a blessing in its self because there is someone out there who knows what you are going thru and that is very very important to make you feel like your not alone. Thanks cg I dug deep when my emotions were running high from posting from on another topic and it just spilled out. B) Thanks acrile (lol) i never knew what a monumental task it would be with the red tape involved and all the steps involved to win a claim, but I sure do now and it hasnt completely fully set in as of yet but it is begining to, of course if anyone has ever been like me and thought ok this is a dream or when are they going to take it away in the bad sense, your always expecting it not to turn up the way you want it. THANKS TO ALL AGAIN YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU HELPED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I want to address any new people to this site, I am a male victim of Mst/Ptsd for service in early 90', I wanted to address you because less than a year ago, I had came to this site just as you have now with all sorts of questions on what claims are? where do you look for info? how you fill out forms? what abbreviations of words mean just as MST is Military Sexual Trauma? I want you to know that since my active military time I have lived in a fog that has left me wandering around aimlessly looking for answers to questions that I didnt even know yet, direction in life? as what do I do now? what is my carrer path? among many many others. I have had a profession if you call it that, that I have done for 13 years now I cant remember 1/4 of the things that I have done in the last 13 years, but one thing that I will remember is this website and how you dont have to ask questions on here or make any comments on here the Answers are here! It is how bad you want to learn and look to find the answers. I filed a claim in 04 didnt have a clue about anything of what I was doing when I did, I was turned down flat out on all claims, I figured that this is nothing new it just goes with my life things never turn out the way I want or hoped it would so it is one down turn after another, I had gotten used to it after so many years. I filed another claim in feb 08 thinking im am getting worse as I grow older and that I will try again, after talking with a friend about the V.A. system, but I was not ready to commit my medical needs to the v.a. system because of the lack of care I recieved in 2003-04 time frame, but my friend kept encouraging me (vietnam vet) that the system is changing and has changed for the better you should give it another try, so finally in July of 08 I went back into the v.a. system, after no info on any claims that I had filed, my friend encouraged me again, file again for the other things that is service connected, and I thought I am going to get committed to this and so thats when I found HADIT and all the folks here, I searched out how to file and how to proceed after filing and thats just what I did I filed on my behalf I did any follow-ups on my behalf I search endlessly on HADIT for information that resembeled what I needed, low and behold I was service connected 80%, with 5 or 6 issues that have been deffered for further medical evidence, so believe me I have been where you are I know you questions, I am here to tell you that the people here are here to HELP. are you have to do is be committed to your cause and claims you will here it here that YOU are YOUR best advocate to the information that the v.a. needs for service connected conditions. I Finally have one thing that I can be proud of is filing following thru with my own claim after 15 years of being in the fog. you can do it I believe in you and I believe there are many more who does also here on this site. Thanks to everyone who has posted here on this site all of your information weather good or bad is usefull, and I am not at the end of my personal battle with the v.a. over my service connected conditions. I might be on the road to recovery because of HADIT and its influence's on me. THANKS AGAIN.
  12. I am a service connected vet for MST/PTSD and I am a male, I actually went back into the military to attempt to find who did this to me,(obiously with no avail), of course this is when i was mentally stronger than when this happened, this happen when I was in a unconcious state before my ship went on a west pac cruise, and I was in a don't ask don't tell military,late 80's early 90's, believe me this person doesnt need to be anywhere where she can spout her mouth off like the commander in chief did back then and to see what a fiasco, that it turned out to be, so as someone said "stupid is as stupid does" in this case "stupid is as stupid says" people need to be held accountable. I am not the same person after as I was before and it took me 15 yrs just to tell 1 person what had happen. What I see this woman tring to do is to get off of the "spotlight" of the word rape and to shift to anywhere and everywhere she can. So that recruits are not turned off by the word rape or sexual assualt., sorry I got wrapped up in memories and my own anger and emotions I lost track of where I was going but maybe you can get the hint of where I was going. If i can sit and let my anxiety attack calm down maybe I will get back on track.
  13. I second what carlie said, it will level out and to me it will put me to sleep but it doesnt last through out the night, you may try and give it some time and see if it does the same to you, just a suggestion.
  14. This is my 2 cents worth it may not be of much help but I at least wanted to say my peace with this subject. I am 80% on my first claim's filed feb/oct 2008, since I my last claims was filed 2004 was not service connected I dropped out of the v.a. system out of disgust. I believe that any rater or the v.a. in general is attempting to made a difference in the way it has worked in the past, and any info from anyone wether it be good or bad is still info of what may happen. and as everyone knows knowledge is power, it for my purposes more knowledge. So weather you like what the subject is or not take it for knowledge or an FYI to pass on to other vets so this wont come back to haunt someone in the future. thanks
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