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  1. Well as of today....the AMC told me that my claim has been rated and was waiting in predication (I think that is what he said). Anyone the gentleman told if I have not heard anything in 30 days to call back. I think I am almost done?
  2. Well as of today....the AMC told me that my claim has been rated and was waiting in predication (I think that is what he said). Anyone the gentleman told if I have not heard anything in 30 days to call back. I think I am almost done?
  3. So my appeal was granted and went to the AMC to be rated. This was as of the 7th of July. I have a few questions....1. What are some of the timelines others have had getting the rating and receiving back pay. 2. Will ebennies be updated with anything else now that it is at the AMC.
  4. Ok let me see if this makes since. I was 40% from 1 sep. 06 till 1 jan 08. Then 50 % for a year and have been 60 % since 1 jan 09. Was told by the RO a few days ago I will be rated at 70% from 1 sep 06 till 1 jan 09 and 80% from 09 till the present. Married with no children. I am a 20 year retiree so the first fee years I was getting 2 checks. One from dfas and I from the va. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. Yes Berta. That is me. And yes got a call from the RO saying it will be dated to 1 sep 2006.
  6. BBE received and my claim for sleep apnea was granted. Been denied since Mar 2007. Still cannot believe it. This board offers so much help. I know everyone says it on here. But never give up!!
  7. Well 4 years after filing my appeal at the BVA I finally reached the Decision & Claims File Dispatch phase as of today. It says my file went back to the RO. I thought that your file goes back to the AMC. I think I won my appeal but will not believe anything till I get the letter. So if I indeed win...what happens next?
  8. Just got off the phone with my VSO and have received a decision on my BVA appeal. But the system shows that it is in quality control. He is not sure why that is. Anyone know what is going on ? I am optimistic as it looks like it was granted but will quality control change that decision?
  9. I am just wondering if these OSA changes will affect appeals with the BVA as well.
  10. Harleyman When you say they are cracking down on sleep apnea claims...what does that mean? I am waiting on my BVA appeal on a sleep apnea claim. Does that apply to the board as well? Was diagnosed with OSA 89 days after I retired. Nothing in smr.
  11. My claim has been at the BVA since 1 feb 2013. Ebennies shows it had been with the VLJ since the 8th of feb 2013. The BVA status line says it had not been picked up by the judge yet. Has anyone's date changed on ebennies while you were in stage 4? I checked ebennies a couple of times a week and have wondered if that date changes once the VLJ actually picks up my file and starts working it.
  12. My dependency claim was put in may of 2011 and granted in oct 2011. I still have received no retro from may till oct 2011. DFAS h did the audit in dec 2011. We are talking 455 bucks. Have no idea when and if I will ever get it!!
  13. I have a July 2010 docket number. Already did my face to face with judge sep 2012 and my file has been at the BVA since feb 2013. I have already seen docket numbers later than mine on the BVA web site. Seems they do not do them in order? Plus ebennies says my file has been with the VLJ since feb 2013 but the judge has not even picked it up yet. Just ready to get an answer one way or another. Will the date change on ebennies when the judge actually starts working my claim?
  14. Thanks for the info. I know they are working July 2010 docket numbers. The lady on the status line told me my place in line also has to do with my hearing date which was sep 2012. Not sure what that means.
  15. Here is my timeline. Form 9 filed July 2010. Certified feb 2012. Had face to face with judge on sept 2012 at Atlanta RO. My file had been at the BVA since the 1st of feb 2013. It shows with VLJ since the 8th of feb 2013 but the BVA status line says it has not been picked by a judge yet as of last week. My question is when it does finally get picked by the judge will there be a date change on ebennies or do I have call the status line to find out? The lady on from the stays line said they have nothing to do with ebennies and if I want to get the "real" status just to call.
  16. I was told that they are going by the original docket number of feb 2012. Not sure if that is true or not.
  17. Yes I have a vso and I have a copy of the transcript. It was done about 30 days after my hearing.
  18. Thanks Carlie...so do you think I am getting close to a decision??
  19. Just some quick background. Claim certified and sent to BVA feb 2012 remanded back to RO in May 2012 because I was not given a hearing with judge that I had requested. Had face to face hearing at RO with judge sep 2012. File sent back to BVA feb 2013. Ebenefits shows with VLJ as of 1 feb 2013. How close am I getting to a decision? My VSO said that they will go by the original docket number. Plus does it go to the same judge that I had my hearing with? Just getting anxious....been waiting 7 years for this claim.
  20. I acutally do have dependent issue still unresolved. I put in for my twins in May of 2011...claim awarded in Oct 2011...audit done with DFAS and sent back to VA Dec 2011...still no retro pay from May 2011-Oct 2011....Been waiting a long time for like 400 bucks!!
  21. A weird claim showed up in ebenefits yesterday. I have not been on that site in a while and under the C&P section it shows a claim opened on the 12th of nov 2012 and closed 2 days ago saying under type of claim, "Eligibility Determination"....what the heck is that?
  22. I did receive a copy of my transcript in the mail on Friday. My file is not at the BVA yet. My biggest question is....how does my file get to the BVA? Does the BVA request it? Does the RO just send it when they get to it? Can someone please shed some light?
  23. Thanks Capt.... I did talk to my VSO today and she told me that the transcript was done. I asked her if my file was at the BVA. She told me that I had a temp file at the VA and that my file did go to the BVA. She also tried to open the copy of the transctipt but for some reason it would not open for her. She asked if I wanted a copy and I said yes. She also told me that a copy should have been mailed to me. Been waiting 7 years for this to get done. Basically I am tyring to prove that I had sleep apnea in service. I was diagnosed 89 days after I retired. I have been denied the whole way. When I had my hearing, I brought my wife with me as a witness. The judge asked her alot of questions and she hit it out of the park. I did not feel good after the hearing, but she said that I did well and that I had a real good shot of getting service connected.
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