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  1. Got decission letter today,SC granted for gall bladder 0%, SC granted for scar 0%. The resadues were denied. I thought for sure I'd get at lest 10% for the scar! I know others have. I'll check with my VSO after the 1st of the new year. mrstix Retired Air Force 25 years Msgt 70% SC
  2. I had my C&P Thursday for my gall bladder surgery went well.When the Doc seen my scar he said whow that's a big scar, how long where you in the hospitel, told him nine day's with complacations, he said it looks like you did???? He asked me about the feeling I have around the scar, he said it was nerve damage. Then he measured the scar with a tape 7 1/2". Then he asked me about my acid reflex, constapation and hemeroids. He more or less said these are common side effects of this type surgery. So all in all I think the C&P went pretty good, he did a lot of writeing and asked a lot of questions. So I guess time will tell. I'll let you all know what my decission is when I get it. Thanks take care , mrstix
  3. Thanks for your replys everyone, have agood day. mrstix
  4. Thanks for your reply,huskerfanfl. Is there anyone here with this type claim? If so what was your outcome? If you don't mind me asking. Thank you, mrstix
  5. When I was in the Air Force, I had to have my Gall Bladder and stones removed at my local hospital "Emergency Operation". I was full of paranites on I V for 4 day's befor the Doc could operate. There are 4 pages of this in my SMR's. This was done Sept 11th 1989, is it to late to file for it? The Doctor said it was to risky to try and make it to Wright Patterson AFB. So they did the operation here.I have a 10" long scare and still to this day I have weird feeling there, and suffer from IBS, and constapation.I got my C- file and ran across this and was thinking if I could file a claim on it. Thanks to all mrstix Msgt USAF 25 years Retired 70% SC
  6. Hello all. Here is my case in question. I am 90% all service connected disabilities. With a total combined rating of 70%. 1st is 40% DDG Lumbar spine, 2nd is 20% right lower extremity, secondary to lower spine. 3rd is 20% left lower extremity secondary to lower spine. and 10% right knee DJD Viet Nam injury. My question is can I get I/U? " Quote " If there are two or more disablities, at lest one of them rated at 40% or more and sufficent additional disablities which bring the combined total to at least 70%. BUT I do work ONLY two days a week, my VSO says I do not optain a substantially gainful employment so he filed for I/U for me and it's in the works. He also asked me if aproved would I be willing to quit my job, and I said SURE would.Just working those two days a week are getting hard on me. My VSO is retireing in August after doing this for 25 years he has do so much for us Vets her in S/W Penn. Thank you for your replies. mr stix, Msgt U S Air Force 25 Years Retired
  7. Got it today granted 10% SC back dated to Sept 1st 2006, I am pleased with the dicision.I am now 90%,total, with a combined rating of 70% SC. thanks for your replys. mrstix USAF Retired 25 years Msgt
  8. Finally after over 100 days with the rating team, there was a decission made and my claim is at the Post Determenation Team, How soon do you think I'll get my decission letter? It's been a LONG wait. The decission was made yesterday the 22nd. and I found out today. Thanks for your input. mrstix 25 years retired USAF Msgt 60 % SC
  9. I did not know how far back you could in years that is to file a claim on! This happen in 1972, and I still suffer with it to this day. I went to the ortho clinic at the Pittsburgh VA hospitle, doctor said I may need TKR later on down the road I sure am glad it was still written up in my SMR's, I think this is what won my claim hopefully that is, still no dission on it yet soon I hope. Thank's you all mrstix
  10. No they are NOT requesting another C&P, as a matter of fact it is at the rateing board now. I just called the 800# very good info from the guy talking to me.He said here at Pittsburgh and other RO'S they are trying to work off claims that are over 1 and a half year's old!! Also said I should hear something in LESS than 30 day's we will see about that. Thanks for your replys mrstix
  11. I'll filed this claim June of 2006.I had my C&P Sept. 2006 claim for right knee was deferred for medical opinion on May of 2007.This is the doctor's opinion *I feel that in compairing the patient's orthopedic consult from Sept. 19th 2006 with findings of medial compartment arthritis, as well as the patient's very specific complaints in 1972 and 1973 of a locking sensation, pain and catching, it is at least as likely as not that his current knee condition is related to the treatment noted in the service medical records." How does this sound to you guy's? A Go or No Go? Any idea on a rateing for knee that's in pretty bad shape going by my C&P exam. xray's show DJD PRETTY Bad. Thanks mrstix 25 years Retired AF MSgt 60% SC CRDP
  12. Vike17 and Berta what do make of this status the kind lady gave me?? Read below please.8 july 2007 thank you both, mrstix
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