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  1. Hello Hadit members, it has been a while since I posted. I believe that my last post was regarding an Earlier Effective Date NOD that I filed in 2015. I received the SOC last year, submitted my Form 9 this year, returned it and am now waiting to be certified to the BVA. A little background: https://community.hadit.com/topic/63190-70-service-connected/#gsc.tab=0 https://community.hadit.com/topic/63830-what-evidence-is-needed-for-an-eed/?tab=comments#comment-386303&gsc.tab=0 I sent a letter requesting a discharge upgrade in 2015 at the same time that I submitted the NOD. However, I did not file the proper form and never got a response. This year, due to another process that is going on, my General Under Honorable - Personality Disorder discharge came up again. At that moment, I realized that although its seems that I have not been affected by the stigma attached to that reason, when it comes to official business, it does harm veterans. The same day that I submitted the Form 9 for my appeal, I took the initiative to make copies and submit almost identical paperwork to the Board of Naval Corrections to have my discharge upgraded. On June 11th, “in the interest of justice” a decision was made and I am now an honorably discharged veteran (characterization). The narrative is being changed to Secretarial Authority and the reinlistment code was changed to RE-1J (Eligible to reenlist but elected to separate). I did not receive the letter because it was sent to my old address, but after many calls, bad numbers and full mailboxes a wonderful lady took the time to speak to me and personally forwarded me the information last week. I just want to say that I have spent countless hours online here at Hadit and other sites, reading BVA cases, reading WARMS, 38CFR’s, speaking to other veterans and watching Chris Attig and other videos on YouTube to get a good understanding of how the various processes work. I have decided that if I win this EED appeal then I will believe that I am able to help other veterans with their claims. I have done my share of sharing websites, videos and posting information on social media but I do not have the confidence to help on a larger scale. I am afraid that I will mess something up. Will I ever be a VSO? Probably not but at least I will be able to guide someone in the right direction. I just wanted to write this to encourage others to never give up and keep fighting for what’s right. I know that we all have had struggles with the VA but do not give up. It took me over 21 years to get service connected and over 26 years to get up the nerve to apply for the upgrade. Please please do not give up. I have been a member of Hadit for almost 10 years and although I do not post much I am always on or sending others this way for help. Love and hugs, txcooper aka 1994 and counting
  2. My doctor was in private practice and is no longer practicing. I may try to reach out to her if she is still around somewhere. She left the area in the 2000's for academia or something similar. Thanks Pete
  3. HI Pete, thanks for your feedback. I put 2008 eed on my NOD as I figured it wouldnt be approved any earlier than that. Prior to the 'change' in diagnosis, from 1994 to 2008, I claimed depression and was denied twice. I have only been treated for the depression since 2002 at the VA. I cannot locate my treatment records outside the VA prior to that. The claim that was finally approved is entitled --Depression (Now claim as PTSD with depression due to Military Sexual Trauma) (Reopen)--. I copied that straight from Ebenefits.
  4. Broncovet, thanks for the response. I forgot to mention that my NOD is only asking for the EED back to 2008. I may pursue an IMO based upon what answers I get here. I trust you guys that much. My PTSD and secondary MDD are due to MST. MST is not a diagnosis but the event. I learned that in therapy. Thanks so much. PS yes the 2002 claim was denied and that is how I ended up at the BVA.
  5. Hello everyone. It took some time after finally having my claim approved for me to get this question ready. I appreciate any input that you may have. I was finally approved for my PTSD/MDD due to MST claim back in July. I immediately filed an NOD for an earlier effective date. Although the MST happened in 1989 and my original claim was from 2002, I was not diagnosed with PTSD until 2008 and started treatment off and on for the MST after that. What kind of evidence should I submit to back this up? I have the entry from Blue Button from July 2008 where the Psychiatrist diagnosed me. But that is all I have so far. The psych notes and therapy notes were part of the claim so I dont know what else to provide. NOTE: My claim for depression was denied at the BVA level back in June 2008 prior to the change to PTSD diagnosis in July 2008. I was so done with the VA at that time that I didnt file a timely NOD. Any help is greatly appreciated. As stated before, Hadit members have helped me in more ways than you can imagine. I truly thank you for your support.
  6. When my claim was nearing the end (review of evidence to prep for notification, I rarely checked it before then), it seemed to update around 1630 CST. Not scientific but I typically waited until after that time and would see changes. Between pending decision approval and prep for notification, it updated the same day. Hope that helps. PS I am one of those that checks it daily btw. I know we are told not to but I rarely do what Im told.
  7. Great thread with lots of information. I filed my NOD for an EED last month after finally getting rated 70% for PTSD w/MDD due to MST. However, I was diagnosed with PTSD due to MST (changed from depression) while my claim was on appeal at the BVA in 2008. I was denied for Depression but no mention of the change in diagnosis anywhere. Thanks everyone.
  8. I am in a similiar boat. I will be watching this thread. Good luck DustyAO105.
  9. That is great! Stories like yours give me hope and the strength to keep fighting.
  10. I pray that all went well for you. I know how stressful it can be.
  11. Thanks Andy and yes it did, although Im confused on the amount I have to say yes. I pray the same for you.
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