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  1. i go to the one here in phoenix,arizona. thanks for the warm welcome
  2. thanks a lot. my life has been hard and still long fought since i got out. i really felt that no one wanted to help disabled VETS. i didnt even know about this site until today. i hope to maximize this site to the fullest. and from one vet to another "THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY"
  3. i am still very new to this so bear with me. i have been getting denied for compensation of hearing damage to my right ear, lower back pain on my right side, right ankle stiff and constantly sore, and severe head aches (2006); shrapnel to the right side of my face, torn rotator cuff and labium of my left shoulder, and severe head aches (2007). :( I have all the required evidence they keep asking for but they keep denying me. plus they still havent answered my appeal letter. i have people who are still in and who got out sending me letters and proof, i have the medic sending me a letter that he treated me while in iraq as proof, and i have proof from private sector doctors. and yet the VA is till doing me wrong. :D what should i do to get them to REALLY listen to me? i am from Arizona and my congressman is John McCain. i was even considering calling his office and going to the media to let them know i am sick and tired of their crap. any info for this newbie would greatly be appreciated!!!
  4. This is the story of me. This is who I am and who I shall be for years to come. My name is Idris smith, but I primarily go by Smitty. I was in the U.S. ARMY for 9
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