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  1. kw34

    May Roll Call

    I am here 91 degrees today. WoW!
  2. It is legit it is down for maintenace until 7:30pm.
  3. I recieved a letter about this and registered but there was not much info there I will log on to see whats up and report.
  4. Things are slow but they are moving I got my C&P for Psuedo and the examiner stated "This Veteran has documentation of problems in the service with pseudofolliculitis barbae and had a shaving profile the majority of his military career. It is at least as likely as not that the pseudofolliculitis barbae began with the chronic pseudofolliculitis barbae treated in military service". I think I am in good shape with this one.
  5. kw34

    April Roll Call

    Here, 85 degrees in Indiana today.
  6. §3.326 Examinations. For purposes of this section, the term examination includes periods of hospital observation when required by VA. (a) Where there is a claim for disability compensation or pension but medical evidence accompanying the claim is not adequate for rating purposes, a Department of Veterans Affairs examination will be authorized. This paragraph applies to original and reopened claims as well as claims for increase submitted by a veteran, surviving spouse, parent, or child. Individuals for whom an examination has been scheduled are required to report for the examination. (:) Provided that it is otherwise adequate for rating purposes, any hospital report, or any examination report, from any government or private institution may be accepted for rating a claim without further examination. However, monetary benefits to a former prisoner of war will not be denied unless the claimant has been offered a complete physical examination conducted at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital or outpatient clinic. Hope this helps.
  7. I think it is good for the vet. I am no expert but it sounds like the examiner did not do his job and they have called him/her out. They now need to provide background for the decision they made.
  8. I am a little confused 06/02/10 has not arrived yet. If your claim was closed (meaning no appeal within 1 year of denial) and you submitted eveidence to reopen it. The effective date of the claim is the date it was reopened.
  9. I order when my meds arrive and in about 90 days the next supply appear in the mail box .
  10. Doc stated as a result of surgerys to remove cancer vet has constant pain in leg is unable to do things he once could he has anxiety that the cancer will reoccur avoids sunlight fears bug bites and injury do to inability to fight off infection his lack of activity has brought on excessive weight gain. There is a lot more along those lines but that is the jist of it.
  11. Mac, I am have some of the same issues I leave the house only for work up half of the night no motivation. I have a bum leg not able to do half the things I used to I am in pain and constantly worried about a relapse. Good luck I hope it all works out.
  12. Update on this one saw my PCP his assesment was Neuropathy of the upper thigh and of the lower leg as a result of surgery to remove melanoma and to remove positive lymph nodes. He also perscribed a medicine for the pain and schedule the nerve conduction test. As a bonus he DX' ed the edema in the leg and perscribed medicine for it also. Submitted this info to the RO.
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