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  1. I am a 66 year old retired Connecticut educator who has been rated 100% TP for over 10 years. My wife is a 64 year old active Connecticut educator. She presently uses her Champ VA as a secondary to her medical plan provided by her board of education. I am under her medical plan, and I also utilize some VA services out of the West Haven VA. She will retire soon after 42 years of service. Connecticut teachers lose their medical plans after retirement, unless they choose to buy it themselves at 100% cost (between $16,000.00-$20,000.00, depending on the dietrict's cost). I usually have a handle on all our needs, but I am presently confused on what medical coverage we will need to purchase (when she turns 65. I am presently 66) beyond the free Medicare Part A and the purchase of Medicare Part B. I know I can use the VA, but I am battling 2 active cancers, and I prefer to maintain my present doctors. I realize that my wife will use her Champ VA as a secondary to Medicare. Are there any Connecticut teachers out there, rated like me @ 100% TP, who could assist me on this medical covrage issue? Michael
  2. I have been living in Connecticut all my life. I am 100% T/P service connected. My wife and my daughter are have discussions with me about selling our home in Connecticut and moving in or around Beufort, South Carolina. Are there any brothers and/or sisters out there who know the area, or are aware of the quality of the VA services and South Carolina state services. Thanks Michael
  3. Good Day: I just received a letter from West Haven, VT VA, requesting that I sign a release so they can bill my private insurance for recent treatment. I am a 100% T/P rated vet(past 6 years). I have received all my treatment from this VA. 1. Should I sign this release? 2. Can VA bill my insurance with my type of 100%T/P rating. 3. Any other advice on this issue? Michael
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