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  1. I've been TDIU, since 2004, and last year, I knew my son was coming up near college time, so I pursued filing for an increase, and to ask for P&T. It's been a long haul, and I put it off for awhile, because, well, went through a divorce, and I helped some vets at a Vet center, and in the end, I remembered the stress of fighting with the VA, but I knew that I had to do this for my son. The state representative tried to persuade me not to push in case I got reduced. Told him I wasn't worried about it, as my health had gotten a lot worse. Well as soon as he digs in, he thinks I have a CUE
  2. Honestly, I don't think you can get the 100% for PTSD if your still working. If you look at the criteria for 100 PTSD, it's pretty much "you're a hermit, you can't leave home, you can't function with other people, you probably can't handle your own finances". Just my opinion, but one that I've heard over the last 10 years though different counselors. I wish you the best with it.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Berta. I do have the vets permission to post his denials. I will try to do so this weekend, but I'm also waiting for him to bring me in the rest of his records as to what SS granted his disability on. As for the lead level in the blood, it's a pretty much given that the lead in his body has elevated his BP and cholesterol, he was shot in '79 so given the chronic issues of it and the fact that it is still at a level of 13 out of a possible 20, is still pretty alarming. Half life for lead is 75 years in the body, supposedly. I will post the full denials this weeke
  4. So here is the situation. I'm helping a Marine, who was shot in the ankle in November of 1979. He was boarded out, and currently gets 40 % . He receives SSDI as well, and he recently filed for PTSD only to be denied in December of this year. Here's where it gets interesting, he's trying to pay his child support, so he looked into doing the Ticket to work program through the SS. They told him he was ineligible because of the findings that gave him his SSDI, standing restrictions and different things. But come to find out when he was seen by a private dr. That helped to get the ssdi, it wa
  5. Your forgetting, that some people can get to 70, 80 or 90 percent, and still capable of working. When your talking about PTSD, that's a different ball of wax, but I know some guys with TBI and PTSD, as well as some guys who have lost limbs, and they get their disability and are still working. I have no problem with the aspect of TDIU, but I agree, if the severity is there they should rate it P&T. I have a friend that works at SSA, and she told me that with my award from them, that I'm not scheduled for a review, so in essence, they granted mine with the idea that it was a permanent cond
  6. Okay guys, I found the VA 21-4138, thank you Carlie. Please look at this letter, and see if that is succinct enough, or if I should change. Sorry I need my hand held on this, but it is causing me some anxiety, or maybe it's the coffee this morning, :). I am writing to ask for a rating of Permenant and Total as it pertains to my current rating of 80% TDIU. I have been at this status for 10 years now and have shown no improvement. I have been through two in patient programs for my PTSD, the latest being in Dec. of 2011. I also was awarded Social Secutirty DIsability in 2007 for my Post
  7. Hello everyone, hope it's a good morning whereever you maybe. Low Down, I was awarded TDIU back in '09 dating back to Oct, '04. I have been through another in patient for PTSD since then, and was awarded SSDI as well for my PTSD. I recently moved to upstate NY from Virginia, and want to go ahead and apply for P&T. One, what do I need to do to do that, just file a SSOC, since my claim has been closed for 5 years now. Two, should I submit my form to the nearest RO in NY, or should I go ahead and just submit it to the RO that did my original claim, Roanoke VA, VARO. Any advi
  8. Thanks everyone. I wasn't infantry but was attached as an artillery guy to them. Therefore I had to use my awards for my stressors, but these guys have the CIB. I just wanted to make sure something didn't change. I know he will have to get evaluated by the C&P doc, and also mental health records. but I just wanted to verify before I contacted my friends mom. He's been off the grid some, so I'm sure little setbacks will get him spun up. Just wanted to check my p's and q's before advising.
  9. Hello all, it's been too long since I've been here, but I have some combat buddies who I served with 20 years ago, that are finally being slammed by PTSD. Most of these guys were awarded a CIB for our actions in combat, along with other various awards, but it seems someone at the VA is telling my friend that he needs buddy letters to support his claim. I thought that a CIB one was a no brainer because only awarde in combat to infantry, and the fact that we were awarded a Presidential Unit Citation, would at least approve him for 0% rating at worst. I have to contact his mother later as he h
  10. okay, an update, the paper that soldier signed for the CO was about not re-enlisting, but was in fact for misconduct, or a possible pattern for misconduct. Sorry to confuse. but I just got this today. I dropped out some after fighting for my benefits so hard, but I am still getting my care at the VA, and I am starting to feel that i can help other Vets now, without getting dragged back into my past. I'm just trying to live my life now, but like a lot of you, there is nothing that inspires me more than a fight with the VA. After proper vetting of course.
  11. I sent this Mom, here to ask for advice. Told her about the wealth of knowledge on here. Herein lies the current situation. unfortunately the soldier did sign the paper denying himself re-enlistment because of a Personality Disorder. So now we aer at the point of how do we stop the process. Soldier signed the paper, doing what he had been instructed to do by his commanding officer. For enlisted personnell obviously when the Captain has you in his office you lock up, do what he asks and step out with a quickness. Soldier already goes for treatment once a month to mental health, is there
  12. J92Mike, be glad it finally got out of Roanoke. They are a complete clusterf*$# now since they have moved into the other building since Poff Building is under renovation. I'll be amazed if they don't lose at least 10K claims folders. they have had a 52% increase in backlog since '09. Jeez.
  13. Honestly, if this is the event, that you know, causes the most pain, if you want to be serious about your claim. You need to detail it. That means siting down and spelling it out. Not allowing yourself to say, I don't want to remember this. Mine runs back at me weekly, but I wrote it out, and I had no problems with getting a Service Connection. It took me 8 type written pages to get through it, but it was somewhat of a catharsis for me as well. It allowed me to recognize, that what i went through was very traumatic, and to see why it was bothering me. If you want to try and skirt the
  14. Congrats on the proper finding. I hate calling it a "win" (but when you have to fight for it so long, it definitely is one), but it is a well deserved recognition. Just take your time with it, after a win like this reality can set in, so make sure you have your network of friends ready.
  15. Thanks guys. definitely no improvement, and just did the advanced in patient PTSD program back in december for 5 weeks. I had held off on pushing anything since I know there a lot of vets who need their claims done, and had a friend that was working at the RO that told me I wasn't eligible for P&T a couple years ago, so never pushed it. I will start up the old gears of motion this weekend, LOL. Toothbrush in hand, I will battle the windmill again....... In requesting P&T, should I just send a letter, including the info diagnosis from my latest VA in patient PTSD program along w
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