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  1. You have helped a lot Free Spirit. Going to bed now so I can call A Legion early in the morning. Hope they aren't furloughed! Thanks Again!!!
  2. OMG! You are the greatest. So far, I believe she is entitled to DIC but only effective from when I put claim in now! Looks like she could have been receiving for the last four years! I hope she doesn''t pass before she can get it. Thanks Again!
  3. Thanks so very much! I read all this but what I need to find out I guess is "Can his spouse and Mother both get DIC" I have a contact with American Legion so I will call in the morning. I never even thought about benefits for his mom! My husband passed away 4 1/2 years ago and his mother could have been getting DIC all this time?? How dumb am I? She really needs to go into a home and has very little income and is 90 years old. Thanks again Free Spirit!
  4. I'm asking entitlement from VA. I already get DIC as his spouse. Is his mother also entitled?? I can't seem to get a clear answer on VA website. Thanks!
  5. Hello, My husband (now deceased) was 100% disabled veteran. He received benefits for 5 months then passed away. I currently receive DIC benefits. Husband's mother is almost 90 years old and only has $1,700 in total income. Is there any benefit that she might be entitled to (Aide and Attendance especially)? She has no help, one granddaughter, and needs to go to nursing home very soon. Can someone let me know as soon as possible? Thank you in advance for your reply! Cindy
  6. I just read this today in the news (when Social Security gets Raise usually Veteran's do also)... WASHINGTON (AP) - Social Security recipients will get a raise in January
  7. My husband worked as a civilian employee at El Toro for about 10 years right before they closed (Department of Defense). My husband also has passed away and was receving VA compensation (100%) disabled service connection for Cancer of the Larynx. I am now receiving DIC benefits. Are civilians filing claims for El Toro? Thank You
  8. Thanks for the reply but nope, we never put in a claim before January 2008. I had just been wondering if there was something out there for Original Diagnosis of Sept. 2001. Happy Memorial Day to all our Veterans!
  9. Berta, This question doesn't come under Nehmer (I don't think).....Is there any benefit out there that can give retro benefits to surviving spounse for Original diagnosis of Cancer of Larynx? What I mean is that my husband was first diagnosed with Cancer of Larynx with cancer surger In September 2001. We did not file a claim until January 2008. We did not know of AO, claims, etc..,until January 2008. I was just wondering. Don't think so but never hurts to ask. My husband only collected benefits for five months then passed away last year. Thank you for your post.
  10. Pete, How did your daughter get Chapter 35 at 36 years old? Please explain. Are you saying my daughter might be eligible? Thanks
  11. With so many different laws and rules I thought I would check to see whether my daughter would possibly be eligible for Educational Benefits. She is 30 years old now. At the time of my husband's effective claim date (January 28, 2008) Sarah was 28 years old (birthday 01/1980). My husband passed away last year (April 14, 2009). I am now receiving DIC benefits. She is a single mother of 1 1/2 year old, unemployed, living with me. She is currently attending college part time (for the first time). Having of couse financial difficulties Does anyone know if she could possibly be eligible for my husband's benefits? There are all kinds of exceptions (I've read and don't understand) about ages, 26, and 31. Thought I would ask here to see if she might be eligible under some law that I don't know about. Thank You for any assistance you might give.
  12. Thanks Philip for clearing that up. I might not do anything about this just yet. I'm kinda caught in between my thoughts at the moment. I'm having a hard time because he took advantage of the VA and now he is taking advantage of his parents house and monies. But that is another matter. I will do what my husband would have done and that is sit back and let the system catch up with him.
  13. Sharon what does all this really mean? What are you trying to tell me?
  14. Pigdriver, Yes, this would be considered a “Straw Purchase” because Veteran never lived in the home. His son never “assumed” the loan and is still living in the home and has not paid the mortgage for about 6 months now. He is moving out in January and has purchased another home but in someone else’s name (because under his name too many people are after him) for other huge debts. I think I will leave this alone hoping that the VA and or the FBI will eventually catch up with him.
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