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  1. I get regular injections for my knees, the diagnosis is for chonromylacia. I had a re-exam and my knees went from 0 - 10% each so along with my other claims I am now at 50%. The DR at the VA at my last inject suggested that I really should have my right knee scoped, the MRI comes up negative but the crepitus and poping are both audible and feels really nasty so there is something going on . If I elect to try surgery and presumebly something is going to be taken out or fixed are they going to put me back at a 0% for that knee? Also if they are taking parts out like cartilage it never grows back so it is going to degenerate over time which I know means another claim. My biggest concern is that they get in there and decide to do nothing so I just spent a couple days away from home, (about 6 hours) loss of wages, hotel for familiy (Wife, 5 children) and hten they tell me its nothing major (I dont htink it is) and decide it shouldnt be bothering me that much. Also At my last injection a couple days later my knee really started to hurt, like almost cant walk hurt. I am calling today to get another apt, I am concerned the the injection that was done by a PA had a bad stick, i.e. being a anatomical needle stick tha she knicked or ripped somehting up with the needle. Anyway kind of windy but basically, if they do the surgery I presuem I go temp 100% until recovery, will they then do a re-evaluation or will I have to request one? also how long does the rating take to go into effect? And will they pay some kind of perdiem for my wife to come with so I can get home Id rather not drive afterwords. Thanks for the help
  2. My wife round this site for me. I've got to say that this is by far the best place Ive found for information. I get better answers here than with my VSO. This site is great and I will be telling all of my fellow vets to some to this site
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