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  1. No the Enemy, you seem very knowledgeable. Thank you for your response. I am going through a similar situation. I have a three Fully Developed Claims with three DBQs submitted. It moved really fast to Preparation for Decision (even skipped a couple of steps). Now, it has been sitting at Preparations for Decision for about a couple of months. My date for completion is 1/31/2017. Any chance of that coming to fruition? Coach Edgar, I am truly sorry and do not intend to "thread jack", but I am just a little frustrated (for lack of better terms) with my claim thus far. I would have thought it would have been quicker, but if it takes this long and I am granted an increase, I would be happy! :-)
  2. Ok. So, QTC called me last week and told me of a routine QTC exam that was this week. I said ok, I can make it. I understand that the V.A. can do this because it has been about 6 years since I started getting disability and I am under 55. So, I go in eBenefits just to take a look and it says that I have an open claim since 3/31/2015 and then it lists just two of my disabilities out of four. The two that are not part of the QTC exam are rated at 10% so I understand. The thing that has me wondering is that when it lists the two disabilities that they are checking they have "(increase)" after each. I want to think I know what it means, but I want to ask those that have been through this already. Thanks, all for your assistance.
  3. Without disclosing personal information, can any one give me an example of how I should complete the New and Material Evidence?
  4. Thanks, all, for your responses. You all are truly a big help. So, she should file a Reconsideration Request? I believe she had already filed a NOD, which was denied. So, she should file a Reconsideration Request for the back and what should she "re-file", if anything, for her breast cancer?
  5. Hello all! My wife was in Desert Shield/Storm. She hurt her back while serving during that time. She even was on quarters (in her tent) because of this injury. Well a few years ago she filed for disability for her back and was denied. She showed how she was on pain medication and receiving epidural shots for the pain. She also had a statement from another soldier that served with her that was a witness. They still denied her. Proper documentation was not documented because we were at war. She injured her back while making sandbags and carrying and exposing human waste. Well, this past weekend while looking through storage containers for pictures, she found an official form that had her back injury documented on it when it had actually happened! Also, while in Desert Shield/Storm, my wife was exposed to Chemical Warfare Agents (the letter was attached with original claim) which had been well documented as a possible cause of cancer. Well, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2005 and even had a mastectomy and she had to have plastic surgery. That was also denied on the same request. In her last letter from the VA, it stated that her case was closed unless there was new evidence. Well, this is new evidence, right? What should we do now in regards to the back pain and her breast cancer? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!
  6. Thanks. So, I need to submit a new claim for the Alpha Delta sleep disorder. I also need to refer to the analgous ratings with my submission, correct?
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