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  1. She is a Pharmacist whose specialty is Diabetes. The VA psychologist was using everything I said to minimize my situation. I decided to not use them. My paranoia and anxiety was much worse after seeing her. I already take the meds, and they wanted to zombie me. I do have a private sector doctor I do trust. When I initially saw a Psychologist in 2002, it took 6 months to open up to him. After 4 months he told me I was giving him nightmares. He dropped me as a patient.
  2. While I agree that getting help is important, I am not sure the VA counselors are who I am willing to see. I can’t open up to some of the professional staff. I was asked by my Pharmacist Diabetic doctor why I can’t use the VA psychology folks. I shared a little with her of my personal trauma, to which she freaked out and asked me to stop talking. I trust this lady. She has not brought it up since. When I worked at the VA I was treated like a head case.
  3. Mine was remanded from CAVC, but since you got a grant that is great. Mine was initially 50%. Which I felt was a lowball starting place. I appealed to the DRO at the RO, and was granted 100% P&T three years later. I hope the attitude at the California RO is better than some of the other places.
  4. I have the same thought. I do think in the future the Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be doing the initial rating work.
  5. Same here. Fighting them for 18 years about everything, now the VA doctors are shocked I am alive. Too crazy.
  6. I don't really know the circumstances of your PTSD, but I would try to use the opportunity to increase it to 100% P&T. I would recommend you contact Jonathon Mangold, PhD. HSPP Psychology He is in Indiana. CCK uses this guy. Contact me direct for the specifics if you want them.
  7. When you were medically discharged, did they give you a percentage at that time?
  8. I think that some people will have access that others do not have. They are letting people with a CAC card in (theoretically) with a PIV PIN #. It also looks like they are attempting to have other people log in as well, but like Buck said they are making it complicated. I sent a secure message to one Doctor via the Secure messaging system, only to have a PACT nurse share my information with another Doctor that I had the complaint with.
  9. I recall being told by someone to make sure things got documented. I still had to fight like hell.
  10. A lot of attitudes towards sexuality has changed in the last 2 decades in the military. I think we have served with people from a variety of backgrounds. As I have said before a crime is a crime. If it is unwanted, it is a crime.
  11. Personality disorder is designed to legally keep the VA from paying anyone benefits. It also places a horrible stigma on that person. The military likes to live in a peculiar denial that anything that happened could cause someone to have issues. It has happened repeatedly, and many people just want out, feel helpless, don't seek legal counsel. The Military counts on that.
  12. I was going to mention the Sheltered & Protected Employment. It is not the same as other employment situations. I would push for 100% P&T. Never stop fighting. Good luck with the Service Dog, I would love one....but my Springer Spaniel would be pissed if I brought another dog in to share me with.
  13. I thought my 18 year fight was long, but truthfully it was a blip compared to others out there. What an adventure it is.
  14. I think men and women that are attacked are not likely to come forward due to the memories, feelings of shame, guilt, anger, so often they need a caring person to pick up the torch for them.
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